Winner of Jane Iredale Starter Kit!

Jane Iredale Starter Kit

Congratulations to Jaime C. who was randomly chosen to win a Jane Iredale Starter Kit in her choice of color!  Thanks to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for more giveaways soon!


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PJR Outing: Jane Iredale “Magic Hour” Launch + Giveaway!

Posted by:  Jordan

Jane Iredale The Golden Hour collection

Last week Emily and I had a fun night out when we attended the launch of Jane Iredale’s new Spring makeup collection honoring their 20th anniversary, the Magic Hour, which refers to the golden  hour of light just before sunset.  Think warm, shimmery colors–just what you’re craving this time of year!  The event was a garden party theme, complete with lawn games, makeovers, Spring-y hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, and beautiful flowers and glowy candlelight everywhere.

Jane Iredale Magic Hour event

The new collection, available in early March, is out-of-this-world stunning.  I’m honestly in love with all of the products, but the new Jelly Jar inky gel eyeliners really stand out as something special.  They’re completely natural and even STAY PUT on my lids, which is something I’ve been searching for in a liner for a long time.  The new angle eyeliner brush makes applying the nearly waterproof gel eyeliners a breeze.  The In Touch cream-to-powder highlighter in the beautiful new golden coral color known as Comfort is gorgeous on cheekbones and just under the eyebrows–it’s glowy rather than glittery, so you won’t look like a disco ball by using it.  Plus, it smells faintly of honeysuckle.  Unexpectedly, I’m really digging the new Lip Fixation stain & gloss.  I didn’t think I’d be such a fan of this product, as I’m usually turned off by the moisture-sucking texture of lip stains (it usually reminds me of applying pretzel dust to my lips).  And, I really can’t stand sparkles in my lip gloss.  Combine the two, and I just didn’t expect to like these lip products one bit.  But, to my surprise, I’m using them every day and loving how they look and feel!  The stains stay put but don’t make my lips feel dry.  The gloss is on the tackier side of glosses, but doesn’t feel gluey.  It just feels like the gloss is going to stay on longer than if it were the watery feel that some glosses have.  The two new stain colors are gorgeous: Compulsion is a pretty berryish mauve and Craze is a perky, bright coral.  I like to mix the two stains together to create a coral-y berry color.  Sounds ugly, but unless my bathroom lighting is really off, I think it looks nice.  Correct me if the next time you see me and my coral-berry stained lips look totally unflattering.  I haven’t used the eyeshadows much yet but here’s what Emily had to say about them:  “Appropriately named Golden Girl, these are the most classic, classy eye shades, ever. I often avoid eye compacts or palettes because they always include some juvenile blue or green I have no use for, but these three shades are mature without being the least bit boring. They are rich and lush and flattering on everyone I can possibly imagine using them. If you’re hesitant about eye shadows, this would be a great starter set. If you’re already a big eye shadow user, this will be your new go-to.”

February 2014 101

Here are some (surprisingly entertaining) video tutorials on how to use the new collection to achieve three different looks:

Edgy Evening Makeup

Pretty and Polished

Romantic Makeup

February 2014 102

Emily getting her makeup done with products from the new Magic Hour collection

Having fun in the photobooth after getting our makeup done

Having fun in the photobooth after getting our makeup done

PJR Jordan and Emily Jane Iredale garden party

Jane Iredale Starter Kit

But we’re not going to just make you jealous by ooh’ing and ahh’ing over all the great new products we got to try out.  We want to share the love!  If you’re not already a fan, we’d like to introduce you to this wonderful makeup line by giving one reader a Jane Iredale Starter Kit (worth $55) in your choice of 5 colors.  Included in the perfect little cosmetic travel case are:

  • Smooth Affair–a luminizing primer that nourishes and prepares your skin: it brightens and moisturizes while makeup goes on more easily and lasts longer.
  • Multi-tasking Amazing Base and PurePressed Base, which have earned The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation, each provide four important functions in one: foundation, concealer, sunscreen and active skin care benefits.
  • POMMISST hydrates, conditions and protects your skin. Use it to set your base and plump the skin.

To enter, simply leave a comment below by Sunday, March 2nd at midnight EST.  Winner will be announced on Monday, March 3rd.  Continental US residents only, please.  For bonus entries do one or all of the following and let us know your FB or Twitter name in the comments:

*like Product Junkies Rehab on Facebook

*like Jane Iredale on Facebook

*Follow PJR on Twitter

*Follow Jane Iredale on Twitter


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Winner of Splurge “Winter” Body Scrub

Congratulations to Lulu who was chosen at random to win a free Splurge “The Rub” body scrub in their lovely limited-edition Winter scent!  I know you’ll fall in love with their scrubs just like we have, Lulu!

Splurge Skincare The Rub


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Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Splurge Body Scrub

Posted by:  Jordan


Happy Valentine’s Day!  We have a special giveaway from Splurge Skincare to celebrate this fun, loving holiday today.  We’re giving away a limited edition “Winter” scent body scrub from Splurge Skincare The RubSplurge!  As you know, we adore this body scrub–adore, as in, it’s the best out there, y’all.   What’s so rave-worthy?  The seasonal scents, the perfect texture (not too oily, thereby making your shower a hip-breaking-hazard), and it transforms your rough, flaky skin into glowy, smooth, beach-ready skin (I’ve been using it all week in preparation to get into a bathing suit for my annual Puerto Rico trip!).  The new Winter scent is just beautiful, too.  Lavender, vanilla, and anise essential oils leave your skin smelling subtly sweet and sexy.  Treat your skin to a little love this Valentine’s Day!

Comment below to be entered to win.  Contest ends Wednesday, 2/19/14 at midnight EST and the winner will be notified on 2/20.  Continental US residents only, please!


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Winners and Losers

Posted by: Emily

Well, we have a winner for our amazing Restorsea Giveaway! Chosen at random by, the winner is… Mary Ann C.! Hooray, Mary Ann! We are so excited for you.


There are no losers in this contest– you are all winners to me, and if you didn’t win, order free samples here– but the loser this morning was… my shower! Allow me to explain. I tried an all-natural DIY project suggested by a post on Whole Foods’ blog, and made an energizing scrub using coffee grounds, coconut oil, and cinnamon. Well, I tried it this morning. Let’s say this: my legs feel great. I smell great. My shower looks absolutely terrible! (Do check out the blog post, though– some great ideas, and written by makeup artist and friend-of-the-blog Kristen Arnett!)

One should note that, if trying this scrub, do so in a shower that has a removable shower-head that can be used to hose down the walls and floor after, and preferably, a shower with dark tiles. Our shower head is not detachable, and the shower is all white tile. There are tiny specs of coffee grounds in the grout and white tiles! I guess I will be spending my daughter’s nap time scrubbing down the shower today. Sigh.


Gorilla Coffee. My favorite to drink, and also made a lovely, if messy, scrub.

But other than the shower debacle, I do recommend the coffee/coconut/cinnamon scrub! Supposed to be good for cellulite and rough skin. Since I’ve only done it once (and probably won’t again as I fear for our brownstone’s sensitive pipes!) I can’t attest to any long-term benefits, but my skin feels moisturized and even though I finished my morning coffee hours ago, I am reminded of its scent every time I move, thanks to the scrub scent left on my legs!

Come back to the blog tomorrow for a fantastic Valentine’s Day giveaway from Splurge Skincare. Hint: It’s a scrub that will leave your skin in the best shape ever, and your shower in much better shape than my homemade coffee one!! Good timing.


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One last chance to win our biggest giveaway ever!

Posted by: Emily

In case you missed it, we are so excited to be giving away a full-sized Restorsea Restoring Night Cream  (worth $175!!) to one lucky reader. Want it to be you? Here’s your last chance: you have just over 24 more hours to enter. This is my new favorite skincare line. It really, really works.


Enter by a) commenting below, b) commenting on the original post, c) posting a link to this blog entry on your Facebook page or Twitter feed, or d) emailing us at

Continental U.S. Entries only. Contest ends at 11:59 pm Pacific, on Tuesday, February 11.

Good luck, and stay tuned for more giveaways coming up from Jane Iredale and Splurge Skincare!


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Restorsea Giveaway! *Worth $175*

Posted by Emily


When I first heard mention of Restorsea, I admit I just rolled my eyes.

My mom and my aunt were trying to tell me I’d love it because it’s “all natural.” This is one of my pet peeves– people are constantly recommending products to me that they think are green– because they are advertised as such– but are actually just green-washed. (I have one friend who thinks that everything purchased at Whole Foods is going to be my “new favorite organic product,” when often, they contain PEGs, preservatives, and “fragrance.”)

As we’ve discussed on this blog many times, everyone is entitled to his/her own comfort-level of what is “natural” or “organic” enough, but I do try and go as natural as I can. And for me, this has meant forgoing many perceived luxuries. I didn’t think I was ever going to find a prestige brand skincare that was also actually natural enough to satisfy me.



My aunt had some samples of Restorsea and was kind enough to share with me. I took them to be polite, and then read the ingredients. I could not believe what I was reading. Its ingredients, with one exception (fragrance), are pretty natural! No parabens, no phthalates, no PEGs, no chemical peptides, no silicone, no mineral oils.  I mean, this cream wasn’t whipped up in a hippie’s kitchen in Brooklyn (too bad!) but it’s as darn close as a super-high-tech, luxury, super-effective line is ever going to be! Do I wish they made an option without fragrance? Sure. But until then, I feel like that is one compromise I, personally, can make.

Anti-aging wasn’t a big concern for me when I started using the cream. I am in my 30s, and I’m sure my skin had signs of aging, but I had bigger problems: acne. My acne is entirely hormonal, which means that no amount of willow bark, tea tree oil, juice cleanses, antibiotics, or anything like that was going to fix it. BUT I have found that Restorsea, because it increases cell turnover, makes my breakouts fewer, they go away MUCH faster, get less red, less irritated, and are less noticeable. A miracle for me. Seriously life-changing.


Here’s a piece of the story from Restorsea‘s website: Read the whole thing here– it’s not that long and it’s fascinating!

 Reluctantly participating in a hike through the pure fjords of western Norway, Patti landed herself on a tour of the country’s largest salmon hatchery. She became transfixed by the hatchery workers’ hands; while their faces betrayed their true ages, their hands looked much younger. Because the workers’ hands were consistently submerged in water, Patti knew where to look for their secret.

Patti in the above clip is Patti Pao, who “boasts an illustrious beauty background, having launched over 400 products for lauded brands such as Avon, Elizabeth Arden, Guerlain and Peter Thomas Roth.”

And, bonus: Restorsea donates 5% of sales to Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program. Wow.

So, here are a few ways you can try these great products:

  • They give out samples on the site to new customers.
  • You can purchase them at
  • OH, and WE ARE GIVING AWAY ONE full-size RESTORING NIGHT CREAM! Comment below to enter. (US entries only).

There’s so much more I want to say about these products (I’ve tried-and-loved the Night Cream, Day Cream, and Eye Cream) but this post is already getting long. So please post questions in the comments section and I will answer them as best as I can. Every question counts as an entry to win the Night Cream! If you don’t have a question, feel free to just post that you want to win. If you share the link to this post via Facebook or Twitter, you’ll get a bonus entry!

PS Regardless of if you win this or not, you can get free samples of Restorsea here:


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