Summer Beauty Musings

Posted by:  Jordan


Summer is incredibly almost half over and we’ve been doing a lot of traveling to see grandparents, swimming, scooter-ing, and playground time.  Simple summer pleasures with a 2.5 year old.  Summer is also a time for a more relaxed beauty routine.  Here are a few things I’ve been loving this summer.

Beachy summer hair 

Josie Maran Bohemian Waves Argan Hair Mist I’ve been growing out my hair for the past year and this texturizing salt spray with argan oil from Josie Maran is, hands-down, my favorite.  (Honorable mention goes to John Masters’ Sea Mist with its lovely lavender scent and PreGame Texturizing Spray from A Beautiful Life.)  I just spray my hair with the salt spray of my choice.  As I mentioned, the Josie Maran one seems to work best for me, giving my hair a little extra volume and texture.  I then either let it air dry, or blow dry with a diffuser.  Once dry, I apply a little (and I mean a LITTLE amount…it’s heavy and can weigh hair down; especially fine hair like mine) Intelligent Nutrients Styling Pomade to the ends.  Finally, I spritz and scrunch the waves with Intelligent Nutrients Perfect Hold Hair Spray.  It’s the best natural hair spray I’ve found!  I’d love to try all of the styling products from Intelligent Nutrients, as I’m won over after trying those two.

Intelligent Nutrients perfect hold hairspray


Sunscreen, of course

My bag is packed with 3 different types of sunscreens for me and my daughter when we’re outside all day during the summer.  My favorite body sunscreen is still the traditional SPF 30 cream sunscreen from The Honest Company.  I was ridiculously excited to get my hands on the new spray sunscreen from Honest, but I’ve been a little underwhelmed.  It feels (and looks) like applying white spray paint to my daughter’s arms and legs.  There’s nothing terribly wrong with it, it’s just not as convenient as I was hoping.    My favorite must-have sunscreen for my bag is the new Refill-Me Refillable Loose Powder Brush which I like to fill with the Powder Me SPF Dry Sunscreen.  It’s the ultimate in convenience for a quick on-the-go sunscreen touch-up on our face, chest, shoulders, and my stroller-pushing hands (“Don’t forget to put sunscreen on the tops of your hands so they don’t get old-lady sun spots all over them, Jordan” my mom is constantly reminding me).

Jane Iredale Refill Me brush


Hope everyone is having a safe and beautiful summer!  Looking forward to getting a little more “done up” this Fall, but for now I’m definitely enjoying Summer’s easy beauty routine.  Please share what natural beauty products you’ve been loving this Summer!

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RMS Volumizing Mascara: In a Word, Perfection!

Posted by:  Jordan


“Stop whatcha doin’, cause I’m about to ruin

The image and the style that ya used to” -Digital Underground


RMS Volumizing Mascara  I’m pretty sure the Humpty Dance isn’t anywhere at all relevant to mascara, but for some reason every time I put on RMS Volumizing Mascara that phrase pops into my head.  Because THIS STUFF IS THE ULTIMATE NATURAL MASCARA!  So now that I’ve rapped and shouted at you, I’m pretty much done with my review.

Really, there’s not much to say other than buy it!  Try it immediately and I promise you’ll no longer be on the never-ending quest for the ultimate natural mascara.  It truly is perfection.  Smudging?  No (well, ok, maybe after a really sweaty workout, a little).  Flaking?  Nada.  Does it do the disappearing act like some other natural mascaras I’ve tried?  No, it really does last all day!  And it’s wonderfully dark and volumizing.  I really can’t say enough about this remarkable mascara.  Thank you, RMS, for answering all my natural beauty prayers!

The brush is soft and full, and applies the mascara evenly.  I still like to use my Jane Iredale mascara primer that I’m addicted to when I’m wanting an extra oomph of drama on my lashes, but it’s not necessary for staying power like it was with other natural mascaras that I was using.

Emily is in agreement with me on this perfect mascara, too.  She actually bought hers at J. Crew (who knew they started selling great beauty products?).  I have to share this hilarious text she sent me one evening:

“I’m loving this RMS mascara!  Like, it gets me out of bed every morning because I’m so excited to put it on!!  And then at night washing my face is so much easier!!!”

Take our word for it…it’s amazing.  See if it gets you out of bed every morning, too!

RMS Volumizing Mascara sells for $28 (and it’s available on Amazon Prime.  Order today and get it by the weekend!)



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All My Problems Solved Forever

Posted by: Emily

*yes, I stole that title from an episode of The Mindy Project. I hope you’re watching that show– sooo good!222_mindy_carousel-carousel-1400x386

Okay, it’s impossible that something could solve ALL my problems– how boring would life be if that were true?!– but for years, a big problem in my Product Junkie life has been The Great Shampoo And Conditioner Dilemma. 

I just couldn’t find one that was “green” enough AND effective enough. And Jordan was no help: every time I complained to her about my Great Shampoo And Conditioner Dilemma, she would casually mention the amazing Weleda shampoo she’d picked up in Europe a few years back. Yup, a great product by my favorite brand that WASN’T AVAILABLE IN THE UNITED STATES. Not helpful!

So I’d look longingly at Jordan’s smooth, bouncy locks, dreaming of the day when I could go to Europe and grab a lifetime supply of that magical Weleda shampoo and conditioner. At this rate, that trip to Europe will have to wait till my daughter finishes high school, and that’s a lot of hair-washes I have to get through in the next 15 years!

I was delighted a few months ago when Weleda announced they were launching haircare lines in the U.S. Delighted doesn’t even come close!– elated. Ecstatic. Overjoyed.


But for months I couldn’t find it anywhere. Then, one day, at Whole Foods Brooklyn, while replenishing my supplies of Weleda diaper cream, baby face cream, and baby body wash, I saw it. In the baby section: Weleda Oat Shampoo and Conditioner! The elusive bird!

I bought it. I used it. And it’s perfect. All my problems solved! Forever! (But I still want to go to Europe!)


What I’m using:

Oat Replenishing Shampoo: I only wash my hair once a week, but I think this would work daily for dry hair. It’s classic, simple, foamy, and has just the right amount of “clean” scent.



Oat Replenishing Conditioner: Not too greasy, not too dry. Just right! I think this would be good for ALL hair types, even though it says it’s for dry hair.



Oat Replenishing Treatment: Sometimes I use this instead of the above conditioner (not in addition to!). When I need a little extra moisture, this Treatment is perfect. It’s not all that much heavier than the regular conditioner, but just adds a little bonus for coarse hair like mine once in a while.




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Go for the GOLD! Or BRONZE!

Posted by: Emily

So apparently, the winter olympics happened a few months ago. I’m sad to say I largely missed the fanfare. We rarely watch live TV anymore to begin with (thanks, Hulu Plus!!), and I felt like I got the gist of the games from my Daily Show/Colbert watching, and didn’t really give it much thought beyond that.


However, the idea of all those shiny medals definitely got my attention. The nice folks at Jane Iredale sent us some 24-Karat Gold Dust, and suddenly, I understood what all those Olympic athletes were competing for!

Being olive-skinned, I first went for the Gold, using it as a highlighter, eye shadow, and sometimes, mixing it with lipgloss to get a shimmery shine.


The Rose Gold is a nice substitute for Nars’ Orgasm line, something most natural product converts admit to missing once they go green! I use it (sparingly! It’s super-pigmented and a little goes a long way, which is awesome!) as a blush or over a lip tint to punch it up.


I was hesitant at first about the Bronze. Third place, right? And unlike other bronz-y shadows I’d tried, it was less brown-gold and more brown-silver. I tossed it in my drawer and kind of forgot about it.


Cut to a week or so ago when I realized I hadn’t really tested it yet, I busted out the Bronze. I had already applied my W3LL PEOPLE Nudist Colorbalm Stick in 6, which is lovely and moisturizing, but very subtle color-wise, and thought I’d just try some Bronze on top of that. Well, the result was transporting!

It took me back to high school (in a good way!) when I had this lipstick from the clothing chain store Express– yes, at some point in the early 90s, they made lipstick for a hot minute– and I loved that color so much I kept that lipstick through college and into my adult life, even though at 10+ years old it was definitely not good anymore! I shudder to think of the lead and chemicals that were in that lipstick, but it was the most amazing brown-silver color, and putting it on made my whole face come alive in this magical way. It was my signature.

I had forgotten all about that Express lipstick. At some point in my 20s, someone told me I looked “Goth” with dark lipstick (despite my brightly-colored clothing, blush, preppy style, and bouncy, shiny hair, but whatever) and I sadly gave up on darker lipstick for the most part.

But now I’m all about the Bronze. Third place? Feels like first!

Here’s a list by Jane Iredale’s beauty experts of 20 ways to use 24-Karat Gold Dust! Enjoy!

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Have/Love/Want 3.20.14

posted by: Emily

It’s Spring! It doesn’t feel like it, it doesn’t look like it, but I can tell it’s coming, and that makes me soooo happy.

So, I wanted to celebrate with a little Have/Love/Want.

HAVE: Organic-Nourishing-Lipbalm_1024x1024

You all know I ADORE Alima Pure. I particularly loved their Lip Tint in Fig, a shimmering bronzed plum. I think it’s really universally flattering. They updated their formula a few months ago, so I bought a new tube. The new Lip Tints are bigger (yay!), same great color (yay!), but have a new scent (hmmm….). They’ve swapped out the mint I loved for a chocolate scent. Well, I love dark chocolate– some might say I’m kind of obsessed– but I don’t know how I feel about it in my lip products. I like to eat it, not smell it all day. Luckily, this scent fades pretty fast, and you’re left with the gorgeous color and long-lasting moisture. So all in all, not such a bad change, but I miss the peppermint! Rumor has it that some people are allergic to mint in lip products, so Alima is just trying to help out the greatest number of customers, but I wish they made both, so one could choose either mint or chocolate scented lip balms…

LOVE: Hero_facial-cleanser_grande

The CEO of Nourish Organics, Rob, personally sent us the new facial line to try. And I instantly fell love with the cleanser. All the products are good, but the Moisturizing Organic Face Cleanser is just PERFECT! It’s creamy AND foamy (!!!) which is a rare combination. It removes eye makeup, including my non-natural waterproof mascara (see below for follow-up on that one, though!), and it leaves my skin feeling clean but not *too* clean. We all know now that squeaky-clean is not actually good for the skin. At $13.99 it is my new passion. I currently alternate using it and John Masters Organics Rose Foaming Facial Wash.


I’ve admitted in the past that the one thing I couldn’t give up was my waterproof mascara. It was the last holdout. I even embraced natural deodorant a year ago (Bubble and Bee cream deodorant has changed my life!), but I could not manage to even think about parting with my waterproof mascara. But recently, I decided I had to give it another try. I mean, my eyes are a pretty sensitive, open, delicate place to be using this chemical product.

And my timing couldn’t be better: 3 of my MOST FAVORITE brands have just released mascaras, and I want to try them all:

Alima Pure atural-Definition-Organic-Mascara_grande-1

RMS Beauty mascara1_resize

W3LL PEOPLE home_mascara

Stay tuned– I’ve requested samples from all of them, and I’m ready to take tiny steps away from Cover Girl and finally become completely natural in my beauty routine! I’ll keep you posted. Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any of the above mascaras and how they fared!

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Winner of Jane Iredale Starter Kit!

Jane Iredale Starter Kit

Congratulations to Jaime C. who was randomly chosen to win a Jane Iredale Starter Kit in her choice of color!  Thanks to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for more giveaways soon!


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PJR Outing: Jane Iredale “Magic Hour” Launch + Giveaway!

Posted by:  Jordan

Jane Iredale The Golden Hour collection

Last week Emily and I had a fun night out when we attended the launch of Jane Iredale’s new Spring makeup collection honoring their 20th anniversary, the Magic Hour, which refers to the golden  hour of light just before sunset.  Think warm, shimmery colors–just what you’re craving this time of year!  The event was a garden party theme, complete with lawn games, makeovers, Spring-y hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, and beautiful flowers and glowy candlelight everywhere.

Jane Iredale Magic Hour event

The new collection, available in early March, is out-of-this-world stunning.  I’m honestly in love with all of the products, but the new Jelly Jar inky gel eyeliners really stand out as something special.  They’re completely natural and even STAY PUT on my lids, which is something I’ve been searching for in a liner for a long time.  The new angle eyeliner brush makes applying the nearly waterproof gel eyeliners a breeze.  The In Touch cream-to-powder highlighter in the beautiful new golden coral color known as Comfort is gorgeous on cheekbones and just under the eyebrows–it’s glowy rather than glittery, so you won’t look like a disco ball by using it.  Plus, it smells faintly of honeysuckle.  Unexpectedly, I’m really digging the new Lip Fixation stain & gloss.  I didn’t think I’d be such a fan of this product, as I’m usually turned off by the moisture-sucking texture of lip stains (it usually reminds me of applying pretzel dust to my lips).  And, I really can’t stand sparkles in my lip gloss.  Combine the two, and I just didn’t expect to like these lip products one bit.  But, to my surprise, I’m using them every day and loving how they look and feel!  The stains stay put but don’t make my lips feel dry.  The gloss is on the tackier side of glosses, but doesn’t feel gluey.  It just feels like the gloss is going to stay on longer than if it were the watery feel that some glosses have.  The two new stain colors are gorgeous: Compulsion is a pretty berryish mauve and Craze is a perky, bright coral.  I like to mix the two stains together to create a coral-y berry color.  Sounds ugly, but unless my bathroom lighting is really off, I think it looks nice.  Correct me if the next time you see me and my coral-berry stained lips look totally unflattering.  I haven’t used the eyeshadows much yet but here’s what Emily had to say about them:  “Appropriately named Golden Girl, these are the most classic, classy eye shades, ever. I often avoid eye compacts or palettes because they always include some juvenile blue or green I have no use for, but these three shades are mature without being the least bit boring. They are rich and lush and flattering on everyone I can possibly imagine using them. If you’re hesitant about eye shadows, this would be a great starter set. If you’re already a big eye shadow user, this will be your new go-to.”

February 2014 101

Here are some (surprisingly entertaining) video tutorials on how to use the new collection to achieve three different looks:

Edgy Evening Makeup

Pretty and Polished

Romantic Makeup

February 2014 102

Emily getting her makeup done with products from the new Magic Hour collection

Having fun in the photobooth after getting our makeup done

Having fun in the photobooth after getting our makeup done

PJR Jordan and Emily Jane Iredale garden party

Jane Iredale Starter Kit

But we’re not going to just make you jealous by ooh’ing and ahh’ing over all the great new products we got to try out.  We want to share the love!  If you’re not already a fan, we’d like to introduce you to this wonderful makeup line by giving one reader a Jane Iredale Starter Kit (worth $55) in your choice of 5 colors.  Included in the perfect little cosmetic travel case are:

  • Smooth Affair–a luminizing primer that nourishes and prepares your skin: it brightens and moisturizes while makeup goes on more easily and lasts longer.
  • Multi-tasking Amazing Base and PurePressed Base, which have earned The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation, each provide four important functions in one: foundation, concealer, sunscreen and active skin care benefits.
  • POMMISST hydrates, conditions and protects your skin. Use it to set your base and plump the skin.

To enter, simply leave a comment below by Sunday, March 2nd at midnight EST.  Winner will be announced on Monday, March 3rd.  Continental US residents only, please.  For bonus entries do one or all of the following and let us know your FB or Twitter name in the comments:

*like Product Junkies Rehab on Facebook

*like Jane Iredale on Facebook

*Follow PJR on Twitter

*Follow Jane Iredale on Twitter


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