Have/Love/Want: Tinted Moisturizer with SPF

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Have: True Nature Botanicals Pacific Everyday Sheer Coverage, SPF 20

I just ordered this tinted moisturizer and I haven’t tried it yet, which is the only reason it’s in the “Have” column and not the “Love” column yet. I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it! I got a sample of True Nature’s Pacific Face Oil and it’s just so lovely! It smells SO good, I wanted to use it as perfume, but it felt so good on my face, I had to use it there! And before I knew it, I’d used up the tiny sample bottle. I hope the tinted moisturizer smells as good!!

So when I noticed I was running low on my current Tinted Moisturizer with SPF (see below!) I decided to order True Nature Botanicals’ version for comparison’s sake. (I’m a junkie, I can’t stop trying new products!!)


Love: Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream Tinted with SPF 30 non-nano Zinc Oxide

I’ve mentioned it before, but this Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream Tinted with SPF 30 non-nano Zinc Oxide is pretty fantastic! It’s a little more pricey than True Nature Botanicals, but it offers more SPF. It goes on very smoothly and is a great moisturizer. I still have to add a little concealer under my eyes, because the tint is very subtle, but it is a fantastic primer for makeup.

Plus, all January, if you spend $70 or more on JoshRosebrook.com, you will get a free Active Enzyme Exfoliator mask with purchase! Act fast to get this special $60 value!



Want: Au Naturale Creme Foundation

This is a little bit of a cheat because it’s not exactly a tinted moisturizer. It’s technically a foundation, but with an SPF of 15 and all the yummy organic oils in every Au Naturale creme product, I’m going to put it in this category. Apply it with your fingertips over a light, non-tinted SPF moisturizer, and you’re good to go!

I love that Au Naturale has so many shades from which to choose, and that they offer samples on their website. For $5.50 each you can order several shades to try in the comfort of your own home.

*****GOOD NEWS if this last one is something you want, too: We are hosting a giveaway! Thanks to Au Naturale for offering one of our lucky readers a $50 gift card! Read all about it and enter here. You could buy so many foundation samples! Or this rose-gold creamy bronzer that I love. Or two multi-tasking Lip & Cheek Tints! *****

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Posted by: Emily

Back in August, you might remember, we attended Product Junkie Heaven, aka The Indie Beauty Expo.

We were introduced to so many incredible brands there that we are still working on posting about each one. Do not see it as a lack of love or enthusiasm that we’re only just getting to write about Farmaesthetics now– it’s, hands-down, one of my favorites!

Here are three products from this non-toxic, luxury, sustainable, 100% natural and from-the-farm company that we absolutely adore, and think you will, too.

Nutrient Dense-800x980.jpg

Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil There are a lot of facial oils out there these days. Some have a thousand ingredients, some have only 3. Some make outlandish promises, or cost hundreds of dollars an ounce. Some come from local farms, some flown in from exotic locales all over the world. Some are so thin or gentle that they leave you wondering “did I moisturize my face?” ten minutes after applying.

And then, there is the Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil. Man, I just love it. It has 9 ingredients, 7 of which are certified Organic, and it is the most aptly-named product I’ve used. It’s not a particularly sexy word, but this oil is, in fact, dense. In a good way!

The packaging is minimalist, utilitarian, whatever, but that is also very appropriate, because it is what’s inside that you’re really paying for, and that you’re going to love.

This is the most moisturizing oil I’ve found in a long time, and yet it also absorbs well enough to wear during the day under makeup or without. I use it night and day, rain or shine, and it’s divine.


Fine Herbal Cleanser

I almost wrote this off at first, because it’s so simple, but now I cannot imagine living without it. It’s the most gentle-yet-effective cleanser I’ve tried. It has glycerin so it foams up a tiny bit, and it smells so refreshing and pure. It removes makeup without drying out my skin. I especially love to use it as a step-two in double cleansing, after an oil cleanser.

I bet it would work well following the Eyebright Eye Makeup Remover and Treatment Oil or the Calendula Remedy Oil, both of which I haven’t tried yet but want to!


Nourishing Lavender Milk

It seems from the website and other reviews that many people use this as a facial moisturizer, but I’ve been using it on my hands, and I’m pretty sure it’s cured my eczema! I can’t promise or prove it, but I’m fairly certain, and truly grateful. The scent is natural and soothing, and the consistency is perfect. It sinks in right away and leaves absolutely no greasy residue, which is what made me think of using it on my hands in the first place. I can put it on and then go about my life without leaving greasy handprints all over my home, computer, and children. And did I mention that I think it really cured my eczema??


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The Au Naturale Glow! (+Giveaway!)

posted by: Emily

I cannot think of a single thing I don’t love about Au Naturale.


More positively put,

Here’s a top 10 list of the reasons I love this cosmetics company!

10. The products are top-notch. Organic, fresh, small-batch made. 10727349_183341395354411_993326114_n.jpg

9. The prices are GREAT. $20 for an eye shadow that will last months and months. I’ve been using mine for 4 months already and I’ve barely made a dent, plus they’re still fresh as can be!

8. The pigments are rich and long-lasting. Hello, Coffee (my favorite eye shadow that I also use as a lip color!)


7. There’s so much variety. Name a color. Seriously, dream up a color and they’ve already made it!                          12407505_446607375542140_609469281_n.jpg

6. It’s good for your skin. Organic ingredients include: Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Mica, Wildcrafted Candelilla Wax,  Jojoba Seed Oil.


5. They like shimmer as much as I do! (Hi, Palma!! Soooo great!)


(and there are many items without shimmer in case that’s not your jam!)

4. They’re sold on Amazon.com as well as on their own site

3. Woman-owned business! Made in USA!

2. You can join the mailing list on their site and receive 20% off your first order! (You should try this lip gloss!– I bought it in Deep Coral)


And the best reason of all….

1. They’re doing a GIVEAWAY! Enter here to win a $50 gift card to Au Naturale and try out whatever your heart desires!

That’s right, you could win $50 to choose anything from their line! To enter, follow these 2 steps:

  • comment below and tell us one thing you’d try
  • share this post on either Facebook or Twitter (and tag @pjunkiesrehab and @aunaturaleglow)

U.S. Entries only. Winner will be randomly selected next week. Good Luck!!


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Winner of the Strange Invisible Perfumes Giveaway!

And the winner of our Strange Invisible Perfumes giveaway is….


SI perfumes-of-the-zodiac



Thanks for entering and being a devoted reader of our blog, Ginger!  She chose the Lemon Neroli scent for her body lotion and she’s a Capricorn so she’ll be receiving a zodiac perfume in that scent (great bday gift for you!!!)!  Ginger, please email us your mailing address so you can test these beautifully scented products out and let us know how much you love them!

Stay tuned for another giveaway from a new favorite brand later this week!

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Little Bites

posted by: Emily

Here are some tiny little things I want to tell you about today:

  • I’m obsessed with this. The cinnamon smell is BEYOND.bio_extreme_lipgloss_gold_1.jpg
  • My new favorite thing: Josh Rosebrook SPF tinted moisturizer DayCream2_1024x1024.jpg
  • Gave these out at the holidays to people I love: HB_LipButterSet_01_grande.jpg
  • Can’t get enough RMS Solar. I use it on lips, eyes, everywhere. solarweb2_1024x1024.jpg
  • Still loving this more than any scent, ever!     HB_Jasmine_GlowingHydration_JasmineBodyOil_01_grande.jpg
  • How cute is this? Great value, too!                                               imgres.jpg
  • Both Jordan and I used this non-toxic nail polish for New Year’s Eve Zoya_Nail_Polish_in_Tomoko_450.jpg
  • Have you entered our big Strange Invisible Perfumes giveaway yet? You have till tomorrow night…  strange-invisible-perfumes-body-wash-lotion-travel-size-z

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Welcome, 2016!

posted by: Emily

Hey, there, 2016! We’re pretty excited about you. It’s gonna be a good year– both Jordan and I have exciting things planned.

The year isn’t even 2 weeks old and we have so much to report. First of all, if you haven’t entered our GIVEAWAY yet, you should stop reading this and go do that RIGHT NOW! It’s pretty amazing. Fragrance doesn’t get much better than Strange Invisible Perfumes, and the prize is worth $200!

Now, on to 2016 news! Here are some things we’re trying, loving, buying, and lusting after!

  1. Vintner’s Daughter


In case you’re been living under a rock or ignoring all things green beauty, Vintner’s Daughter has been hailed as “the face oil to end all face oils” and is basically reported to be the cure for acne, aging skin, fine lines, dullness, and pretty much any other skin affliction you can imagine. I first read about it here, but I wasn’t about to go off and buy it, because, oh yeah, it costs $185. Yeah. What’s a girl to do? Well, enter…

2. Beauty Heroes


Literally heroic, I saw that Beauty Heroes, a monthly subscription service for all things green and healthy beauty, was featuring Vintner’s Daughter in December. I wrote to the company, asking how big the sample was. The reply? It’s not a sample. It’s a full-sized, $185-worth, actual bottle of Vintner’s Daughter. YES, PLEASE! So I signed up, paid my $39, AND GOT MY VERY OWN BOTTLE OF VINTNER’S DAUGHTER at a tiny fraction of the retail price! I know!! (Review forthcoming– I haven’t tried it yet!)

The best thing about Beauty Heroes is that you can put your membership on hold and then decide month-by-month if you want to receive the featured product(s). For example, January’s is Osmia Organics, a company we met at Indie Beauty Expo. We loved these awesome ladies from beautiful Colorado, and they gave each of us several products to try, including the Black Clay Facial soap that’s one of the full-sized products Beauty Heroes is sending out this month. Since I already have, use, and love Osmia’s products, I kept my subscription on hold this month. Easy!

(Spoiler alert: both Jordan and I love it, AND both of our husbands love it! Win!)


3. I won a giveaway! from JoyProvisions.com, a brand-new green beauty luxury retail website!

Yes, bloggers enter other bloggers’ and websites’ giveaways, too! And, unlike Jordan, who has a gift for winning awesome stuff, I rarely ever win. But this time, I did! And I got $50 to spend at JoyProvisions.com to celebrate their grand opening.

What did I buy? EcoBrow defining wax and their defining brush. Review coming soon!

Eco-Brow-Defining-Wax-600x600.png Eco-Brow-Defining-Brush-600x600.png

4. Weleda Facial Care is on sale this weekend!


You’re welcome!

5. Last but not least, one of my big resolutions for 2016 is to conquer/care for the eczema on my hands. It always flares up in the winter, and it’s far worse since I had kids, since now I wash my hands about 87 times a day. This year, I’m not going to let it get so bad that I need medication for it. Last year, it got that bad, and I had to use all kinds of toxic, petroleum-based chemicals for it (thank goodness for modern medicine, but still!), because it was so far gone. This winter, I’m staying on top of it.

My dermatologist said the only thing to do is to Moisturize. My. Hands. Every. Single. Time. I. Wash. Them. Like, EVERY TIME. And I’m trying so hard. Luckily, Strange Invisible perfumes sent Jordan and me little bottles of ALL their lotions, so I’ve stationed them around my house, one by every sink, and I am really trying hard to keep my hands healthy and moisturized!


With Strange Invisible, it’s really a pleasure. I love ALL the scents. Right now, the Bergamot is high on my list, but really, they’re all fantastic.

So if you haven’t entered our giveaway yet, Do it! And you, too, can enjoy the beauty of Strange Invisible!

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Strange Invisible Perfumes Body Wash & Lotion (+Giveaway!)

Posted by: Jordan

It’s a new year and we’re ready to introduce our readers to some amazing new companies we’ve been loving this Fall/Winter!  First up is the incredible natural perfumer, Strange Invisible Perfumes, who have graciously offered a giveaway to one lucky reader!  Read on for details on how to be entered into this heavenly giveaway.


Emily and I got to smell a lot of Strange Invisible Perfumes’ products at the Indie Beauty Expo this past Fall, and we’ve been loving the samples we received ever since.  I’ve tried out all the scents of the body wash & lotions and each one is so sophisticated and beautiful.  It’s hard to choose a favorite–they all smell gorgeous–but if forced to choose, I’d have to say the Sage + Rose scent is a standout for me.  But I think my absolute favorite is the Lavender + Vetiver scent.  The scent lasts at least half the day, and every time I catch a subtle whiff of it, I continue to love it.  Ever since switching over to completely natural products with no synthetic fragrances in 2010, I’m extra sensitive to scents.  Anything too strong, cloying, or artificial gives me an instant headache.  All of SI Perfumes’ bath and body washes use only 100% natural botanical scents–nothing artificial here!  So the scents are naturally fresh and pretty.  I’ve found that the Lavender + Vetiver scent seems to last the longest, which I appreciate–I should mention that these high quality products are not inexpensive.  I can justify the price of the body wash and lotion since they basically double as a perfume for me.

SI Perfumes recently came out with their Zodiac line of perfumes.  For a complete review of these, read the beautifully written write-up from Scent Hive.  They’ve created a perfume specifically for your zodiac sign.  So fun to read what your sign smells like!

Aries: The Innovator. Element: Fire. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is able to make incredible things happen quickly. Hydro-distilled essences of cinnamon, rose, and angelica fuel a vibrant imagination. Frankincense, benzoin, lavender, and sandalwood cool fiery impulses, encouraging the composure needed to realize visionary plans.

Taurus: The Sensual Realist. Element: Earth. Ruled by Venus, Taurus is a compassionate sign resistant to the influence of others. Lush earthy notes of geranium, maté, oakmoss, vetiver, and frankincense encourage flexibility and optimism without compromising shrewdness. Neroli, rose, and grapefruit court the senses and lighten the mood, allowing Taurus to shine even more brightly.

Gemini: The Mastermind. Element: Air. Gemini, symbolized by the twins, is an agile thinker with the dazzling ability to see all angles of an issue. This sign is associated with duality, a concept often confused with duplicity—hence the misguided characterization. Charming notes of violet, gardenia, and angelica echo Gemini’s alluring presence and sparkle against a darker backdrop of amber and leather.

Cancer: The Levelheaded Bohemian. Element: Water. Cancer is the only sign of the zodiac ruled by the moon. While being adventurous and free spirited, those born under Cancer are known for their cleverness, generosity, and devotion to family. Mandarin, patchouli, and lily of the valley encourage Cancer’s mischievous sense of humor, while sumptuous notes of Tahitian vanilla, amber, and leather make this sign feel right at home.

Leo: The Ringleader. Element: Fire. Leo is the only constellation ruled by the sun. Hydro-distilled essences of neroli, bergamot, lemon, and cardamom reinforce Leo’s charisma and inviting style of leadership while smoothing out domineering tendencies. Ambrette seed and jasmine sambac tame Leo’s fire, making gratification come more easily.

Virgo: The Exacting Romantic. Element: Earth. Virgo is the guardian of quality, and this sign’s pursuit of excellence is often mistaken for arbitrary perfectionism. Baked earth and palo santo reflect deep introspection and a dedication to nuance. Sparkling notes of neroli, temple mandarin, and rose speak to Virgo’s need for beauty and precision, sweetly quieting the critic.

Libra: The Connoisseur. Element: Air. Libra, ruled by Venus, is the most approachable of all air signs, balancing elegance, wit, and mischief with legendary skill. Centering essences of rose, grapefruit, and iris fulfill Libra’s unyielding need for beauty, while golden champa, myrtle, and basil calm Libra’s tendency to worry.

Scorpio: The Enigma. Element: Water. Scorpio, the dark horse, the infamous rock star of the zodiac, is nothing if not a mystery. Vetiver and palo santo both respect and soften Scorpio’s iron will, while frankincense and cinnamon reflect Scorpio’s deep spiritual wisdom and vast knowledge. Leather and white Cognac encourage Scorpio’s brooding intellect to lighten up and live joyously in the moment.

Sagittarius: The Rolling Stone. Element: Fire. The iconic nomad sign, Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius lives for adventure and tends to be a social butterfly. Neroli and lime reflect Sagittarius’s innate optimism, mutability, and fiery ambition. Grounding essences of cypress, bay leaf, and honeycomb encourage this nomadic sign to appreciate present surroundings.

Capricorn: The Force to Be Reckoned With. Element: Earth. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is famous for a nearly heroic sense of commitment, patience, and drive. Iris, frankincense, and Tahitian vanilla speak to Capricorn’s earthy, sensual side and strong need for stability. Neroli, jasmine, and white Cognac invite Capricorn to let go of routine and enjoy the rewards of spontaneity.

Aquarius: The Rebel with a Cause. Element: Air. Aquarius, the third and final air sign, is one of the most charismatic signs of the zodiac. Neroli and rosemary fuel Aquarius’s independence, intellect, and humanitarianism, urging Aquarians to put their global ideals into action. Lavender, white sage, and frankincense soothe anxiety, grounding Aquarius when airy detachment sets in.

Pisces: The Dreamer. Element: Water. Empathic and sensitive, Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac, is seen as the wisest and most reflective of all. Grounding essences of frankincense, cedarwood, and black pepper guide Pisces through occasionally stormy seas of emotion. Night-blooming jasmine, kewda, and lime keep the waters of creativity abundantly flowing.

Now for the really fun part: a giveaway!!!  One super lucky winner will win a lotion of their choice (value $75) PLUS a bottle of the Zodiac Perfume in your sign (value $125)!!  I wish I could win this giveaway myself!  To enter:

  1. Leave a comment with your zodiac sign and the lotion scent you would choose.
  2. Earn an extra entry each for liking PJR on Facebook and/or Twitter.
  3. Same goes for liking Strange Invisible Perfumes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to tell us in the comments what you’re following.Giveaway open to US residents only.

Deadline for entry is Tuesday, 1/12/16.  Good luck and happy new year!


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