Don’t Sweat It

Posted by: Jordan

First of all, I’m sorry for the major hiatus in posting.  I had my 2nd child over the summer and it’s definitely been a juggling act!  Plus, who has the time to take care of themselves and try new products when just showering is a daily win?!  But my dear, thoughtful friend Emily met me for a bday lunch last month and gave me the MOST awesome bday gift ever and I’m OBSESSED and have to share all about it quickly while the baby naps!  Behold the best bday gift: Agent Nateur deodorant!  Granted, you really do have to have a special bond to know that giving the gift of deodorant isn’t going to offend the recipient, and Emily knew that I’d be thrilled to try this amazing new deodorant (that both our husbands also love, incidentally).  It’s chic, holistic, easy to use, and most importantly, SUUUUUUUPER effective.  As in, I don’t have to shower every day (shhhh!).  And y’all–my breastfeeding hormones usually leave me smelling pretty grody every morning.  Not when I have my Agent Nateur on, though!  Mama is ready to throw on her sweats and run the older child to school without offending passerbys on the sidewalk!  See?  Best gift ever–especially for a time-crunched mom! Or, really, anyone since there’s a LOT to sweat over in recent world news.  Lordy be.  At least there’s joy in this ridiculously amazing deodorant that won’t have you smelling rancid while marching in protest and calling your reps in congress.

Available in 3 scents:

No 3 holi(stick) –unisex (a very subtle lavender-eucalyptus)  This is the one I’m using and loving right now

IMG_1546.jpg (500×750)

No 4 Holi(rose) –Rose and sandalwood scent (next on my list to try!)

IMG_8826.jpg (800×1200)

No 5 holi(man) –a unisex but more manly scent with vetiver, rose, sandalwood, leather, and cedarwood

32067_1024x1024.jpg (800×800)

Now, onward with my unshowered but unstinky day!!!  Cheers to a happy and stink-free 2017!

UPDATE: Happy Valentine’s Day from PJR and Agent Nateur! We’re offering a special 15% off discount for PJR readers from now through 2/20/17 using code heart2017

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Put Thanksgiving on your face

Posted by: Emily

Turkey Day is here! I fully support stuffing your face with Thanksgiving food, but in addition, how about putting those ingredients ON your face, for healthy, glowing skin?

I’m not suggesting you slather the actual mashed potatoes on your cheeks between explaining your political views to your red-state uncle, but rather look to the traditional ingredients of this American food orgy for inspiration!

As we head into the holiday season, which is also cold weather in most places, here are a few ideas to use Thanksgiving food ingredients to keep your skin healthy and happy.


Celebrate Thanksgiving from the outside in!

– Cranberry sauce = Cranberry Seed Oil in Laurel Whole Plant Organics’ Anti-inflammatory facial serum (


– Apple Pie = Apple fruit extract in One Love Organics’ Easy Does It cleanser (


– Pumpkin Pie = Pumpkin seed oil in Maya Chia’s Revitalizer body oil (


– Marshmallows on Sweet Potatoes = Marshmallow root in Weleda products for kids (and grownups!!)  (


– Mushrooms in stuffing = mushroom extract in Tata Harper’s Clarifying Moisturizer (




P.S. We wish a healthy, safe, and peaceful holiday to you and yours, but also want to say that the irony of this celebration cannot go unmentioned. We stand with our fellow citizens at Standing Rock and encourage you to support them in any way you feel comfortable doing so.

P.P.S. You might have noticed we’ve been quiet on the blog since the election.  While this is not a forum where we choose to discuss politics often, the human rights issues that face our country also cannot go unmentioned today. Please read, volunteer, call, protest, and donate as you see fit. Here’s a great resource:

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Raising Eyebrows

posted by: Emily

I had really given up on any kind of eyebrow wax or pencil or tint. I had decided that they all look fake and weird, and that I was just going to love my brows as-is, and make peace with them. I was going to toss out all my spoolies and combs and just embrace the brows with which I was born– while still having them threaded regularly, of course– when I discovered the answer to all brow issues, ever:


This Jane Iredale Retractable Brow pencil is a game-changer.

It combines the precision of a pencil with the holding power of a wax, all in the easiest-to-use little wand you can stash in your purse! The spoolie on the end is perfect for combing brows, and convenient on the go.

Perhaps the best discovery I made about this brow pencil is the color. Jane Iredale sent me all 3 shades to try out. How lucky that was, because usually, were I to choose one to buy or request for sampling, I’d say the darkest shade.

I have what I like to call “dark brown” hair, but for years my husband has tried to convince me that my hair color is plain “black.” We’ve debated and color-compared, and it doesn’t even matter because I’m obviously right :), but the bottom line is this: I have very dark hair and eyebrows.


Selfies are weird!!! But these are my brows. (With Jane Iredale Retractable Brow Pencil in Blonde, even though I’m clearly not!)

But every time I’ve ever used a brow pencil or gel or wax, I always feel like I look like I’ve painted on fake brows– it always looks too dark! So, since Jane sent me all the brow pencil shades, I decided to try the lightest one out for some reason. And good thing I did! Using the brow pencil intended for blonde hair has been revolutionary for me! It looks far more natural, the wax still holds my brow hairs in place, and the light color is just enough to shade in sparse areas without looking like I took a Sharpie to my face!

If I were to make a pro/con list about this product, the only con would be this: It has a list of ingredients that read like a chemistry textbook. However, Jordan and I have spent some time with Jane Iredale herself, and her commitment to safe cosmetics is amazing. I looked up each of the ingredients separately on EWG’s Skin Deep database, and they all score 1 (“low hazard”). Sometimes, I have to embrace a little chemistry and technology!

In short: I’m back to using an eyebrow pencil! This one. And I really love it.

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More to read, more to love!

posted by: Emily


Never can have too many products. Never can read too many reviews 🙂

As many of you know, I also freelance as a beauty writer/beauty editor, and lately I’ve written several pieces for a site I particularly love. It’s called Well Rounded NY, and as you can guess from the name, it’s focused on pregnancy and parenthood. I write about beauty and healthy cosmetics for WRNY, but I truly believe that all of these product recommendations are applicable to, and important for, all humans. After all, shouldn’t we all be as safe and careful with our bodies as we are/would be with our developing babies?!


I discovered Leahlani Skincare through Well Rounded and now I’m OBSESSED!

Obviously, there are some things that aren’t pregnancy-safe that are perfectly safe for other people, but in general, I believe that if there’s an ingredient that’s considered “risky” for babies or fetuses, perhaps we should wonder about its safety for all of us.

Plus, I’ve gotten to review A TON of fun new products and brands that I think all you Product Junkies will love!


These are some of the awesome products I’ve gotten to review for WRNY. It has only increased my product junkie tendencies!


So check out these links, and follow us all on Instagram for additional features and recommendations.

xo Emily


Safe Sunscreens for your face!


A great SAFE sunscreen cheat-sheet! 


Want to green your routine for $100 or less? Here are many options!

Bug Spray Roundup:

All about Prickly Pear Seed Oil:

Stretch Mark Treatments (not just for new moms– good skincare for all!)



Spice up your skincare:


And, most importantly, why I believe makeup MATTERS.


This body oil is great for stretch marks, but also for regular, daily use. And it’s shimmery! Love it! 

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Have/Love/Want: Face Balms

posted by: Emily




Have: Isa’s Restoratives Immortelle Beauty Balm



The only reason this is a “have” and not a “love” is that it’s basically un-scented. I’m pretty obsessed with strongly- and naturally- scented things these days, but if you’re not into strong scents, this one’s for you. It’s effective, it’s luxurious, and it’s really good to wear during the day under sunscreen!


Love: May Lindstrom Skincare’s Blue Cocoon



OMG. Seriously. It’s like heaven. It smells so amazing, but in an unexpected way, unlike anything else I’ve ever smelled. And it’s so healing! I use it on my face at night, but also dab a bit here and there, on patches of eczema or blemishes, and it’s so soothing. I adore this balm so much, and I literally have nightmares about running out of it!


Want: Leahlani Skincare Bless Beauty Balm



This one also smells incredible, in a totally different way than the Blue Cocoon. I got a sample of it recently and I’m hoarding it like you wouldn’t believe. I’m terrified of finishing the sample– I know I can order more– but it’s just so dreamy. Great for my face, but also incredible as a lip balm, where I can enjoy its scent right below my nose!, and as cuticle balm, etc. Check out the whole line of Leahlani Skincare, in fact. I recently discovered it and fell hard in love.

Bonus round:

from bottom to top:


Tata Harper Redefining Body Balm is great for all over, especially on stretch marks or pregnant bellies!

Zoe Organics Nipple balm, great for nursing moms!

One Love Organics Skin Savior Balm works so well as a makeup remover!

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Current Obsessions

posted by Emily

Since we’re Product Junkies, we are always trying new things. As a result, we develop new obsessions with products on the regular! Periodically, I love to go through and tell you all what I’m using and loving at this moment. For even more regular updates, follow us on Instagram! We’re going to be doing a big giveaway on Insta very soon, so join up and follow!


Now, here are the things we just can’t get enough of lately:


All things May Lindstrom. There’s just not a dud among the lineup of this indie brand. May keeps the product list tight so there’s nothing that isn’t just perfectly fabulous. It’s all luxurious and every product smells better than the last. I’ll give a particular shout out to the Blue Cocoon and The Honey Mud cleansing silk, but honestly, I love everything.


ThinkBaby sunscreen for the whole family. It’s the only thing I put on my kids, and my husband and I use it, too. Nice, subtle orangey smell, and this stuff is more spreadable than most natural sunscreens! Also, their website provides great info on what makes sunscreen safe and how it all works!!!!


Isa’s Restoratives Immortelle Beauty Balm has become my go-to basic moisturizer. It’s like the perfect blend of an oil and a balm– not too heavy, not too runny. It smells good, but not overpowering. I use it all the time!


Axiology Lipsticks! So many colors! Amazing texture! And you have to read about the boxes the lipstick comes in— it’s a great story. My favorite shade: Worth. Try it! (All their products are organic, vegan, and awesome!)



Gressa Skin Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation: OMG YOU GUYS. This stuff is incredible. It’s a serum, so you’re taking care of your skin while wearing makeup (which is kinda the dream, right?!) and it dries like a powder, so that’s one less product you need to add. And the coverage is just PERFECT. Email the Gressa team for help finding your shade, and/or try their new sampling program to see what shades work for you! (And bonus, you get to sample two Lip Boosts, which are top-notch, too!)



Innersense Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner. I have finally found the brand that works for my hair. These guys score incredibly low (that’s a good thing) on the EWG database. And they really work. It doesn’t get better than that.


Head over to our Instagram to see photos of me (Emily) using this great stuff and of the products in action! And let us know in the comments or on Instagram what you’re obsessed with right now!



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Favorites from Beauty Counter

Posted by:  Jordan


Direct sales beauty companies can sometimes be tricky to navigate finding honest reviews, because you never know if someone is giving an actual honest review, or if they just want to make a sale.  So, here is an honest, unbiased review of a few things I’ve tried from Beauty Counter.

First of all, Beauty Counter isn’t an “all-natural” company, and they don’t claim to be.  What they are is very transparent about their ingredients, which I really appreciate.  They even put their EWG rating right next to each product on their website, as well as an easy-to-find ingredient list (I hate when I have to google through several links to find a product’s ingredient list on various websites!)  I’ve seen some people attack the cleanness of some of the ingredients they use in their products, but Emily and I are firm in our belief that as long as a company isn’t trying to hide something or greenwash their packaging/marketing, it’s ultimately up to the consumer to read what they’re putting on their body (and therefore in their body–remember that our bodies aren’t made of plastic.  We absorb what we put on it, so treat it as you do with food: a little cheating here and there is fine, but try to avoid artificial chemicals, colors, and preservatives as much as you possibly can.)

That all out of the way, here are the 3 highlights I’ve tried and really liked from Beauty Counter and one slight letdown:

Beauty counter Protect All Over Sunscreen


Protect All Over SPF 30 Sunscreen

This stuff is EXCELLENT.  A bit pricey (but not ridiculously so), so I don’t actually use it for my whole family; rather, I reserve it as my special sunscreen for my face, chest, and shoulders.  My husband and daughter can have the slightly thicker, cheaper, leaves-a-white-tint kids sunscreen!  Selfish?  Perhaps a little.  But it’s a really nice sunscreen that blends in amazingly well, isn’t greasy, and leaves no tell-tale mineral sunscreen whiteness.  From the company’s website, “Many sunscreens use chemical sun blockers like oxybenzone, which soaks through skin, triggers allergic skin reactions, and may be a hormone disruptor. Protect All Over uses non-nano zinc oxide, which is a safer, effective, natural mineral sunblocker.”  The ingredients are all super pure, and this water-resistant, zinc oxide mineral sunscreen is on EWG’s Top Beach/Sport Sunscreens of 2016 list with a rating of only 1.  Definitely will be buying this as part of my summer beauty routine daily use!



Beauty counter Any Time Eye Cream Any Time Eye Cream

It’s rare that I really like an eye cream.  To me, they’re all just miniature versions of the same lotion I use on my face.  But what I really love about this eye cream (aside from the amazing scent!) is how it really seems to moisturize while absorbing immediately, so it’s perfect for using in the morning under makeup.





Beauty counter uplifting day cream

Uplifting Day Cream

I’m a bit obsessed with Vitamin C in my products, so I love that this day cream includes it.  I wear it over my Vitamin C serum on a day when I won’t be outside much or it’s rainy outside.  Otherwise I’ll wear a moisturizer with SPF.  This lightweight moisturizer is quickly absorbed and smells absolutely incredible.  It makes my skin feel soft and smooth, and is a great primer for powder mineral foundation. A small amount goes a long way with this moisturizer (which is a benefit since it’s not exactly cheap!)



Beauty counter cleansing balm


Countertime Cleansing Balm

This was the product I was most excited to try.  I liked it, but I can’t really rave about it in the same way that others have raved in a natural beauty FB group I follow (maybe they were Beauty Counter consultants who were raving so highly? Maybe I wasn’t using enough?  Who knows!)  Bottom line is, it’s a great cleansing balm that can also be used as a moisturizing mask overnight.  But for $80 I wasn’t exactly blown away.  I wanted to be blown away, so maybe the issue was my expectations were too high.  A great product, but I’ll probably stick with my trusty coconut oil for the same general idea of a makeup remover/moisturizer.


So there you have an honest, unbiased review of several products I’ve tried from Beauty Counter!  My highest recommendation goes to the sunscreen–a real knockout of a product that I’ve been searching for in my daily routine!

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