It’s All Gotta Go

Posted by: Jordan

I’ve been working on going all-natural with my beauty routine for a while now.  I’ve been all-natural with my diet for several years (no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, no processed foods).  But I was sort of half-way there with my skincare.  You know, the whole, “well things I get for free from giveaways (I enter EVERY giveaway I come across, regardless of if I even want the items being given away–it’s a compulsion I’m working on), or from product testing (I’m like a lab rat–a free lipgloss is being given away in return for my feedback??  sign me up!) well certainly those products are ok to use, I’m just not going to buy any new non-natural, toxic products.”  But I found myself not even using most of those old products and my poor husband has to lobby for space in the medicine cabinet for his one tube of “non-natural but American Dental Association approved” toothpaste–don’t get me started on his compulsions.  So, on January 1st while reading my amazing copy of The Green Beauty Guide, a gift from aforementioned ADA toothpaste-obsessed husband, I was inspired to purge my bathroom of all the half-used and some very loved toxic products.  Sure, you’re not going to die from using one of these products.  But look how many I have! 

And if we’re using 20 different products containing parabens, sulfates, and loads of other nasties for 40 years, who’s to say that all those toxins aren’t going to contribute to some very unglamorous disease?  I’m not really willing to risk it when there’s a world of brand sparkly new natural and organic products to discover out there!  So, most of this challenge is trying to better my health and, in turn, the environment, but there is also the product junkie part of me that is screaming “NEW PRODUCTS TO TRY!!!  WHEEEEE!!!!!” 

Any takers on my old toxic products?  Come on by to Brooklyn and the Mr. will make you a mean all-natural cocktail–his specialty–and we’ll send you on your way with a goody bag of Toxic Swag.


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3 responses to “It’s All Gotta Go

  1. HAHA! Love it!!! does bacon dental floss count as toxic? i miss my pro-activ already.. but I love what you guys are doing here!!! GREAT JOB!!!!

  2. Cecilia

    I was just talking about both these subjects this week. I have too much beauty stuff!!! Just a few days ago, I gave a big shopping bag full of skincare products to my less fortunate sister whose skin looks like dried prunes. I feel so bad for her. Obviously our addiction works for us since I look 15 years younger than my older sister!

    And just today, I was talking to my husband about how I was going to turn into the incredible shrinking woman. Do you recall this funny movie? She had a toxic reaction to a bunch of products used together. And started shrinking… Anyways, I guess I was trying to justify the expense of natural products to him. LOL…

    • Jordan

      Haha, “her skin looks like dried prunes”!!!! I love your justification of your expense of natural product shopping sprees–I do that too!!!! Except now I can call it “an investment in my blog”

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