Multi-purpose Multi-tasking

Posted by: Emily

I used to be a cosmetic company’s dream client; I totally bought into the idea that one needed a separate product for every body part. And sometimes, a few products for one body part, like one for the t-zone and another for the rest of the face– G-d forbid something that was supposed to go on my nose accidentally touched my cheek! Scandal. And I literally thought that something bad would happen to my skin if my peppermint foot lotion smeared above my ankle! Imagine what would happen to that oh-so-different skin on my calves if they were exposed to something engineered for my toes and heels only. Oh, the horror!  You get the idea– I was an obsessive multiple-product user.

But my attitudes about products in general changed when my nephew was born. My sister and brother-in-law take great care, and rightly so, to make sure everything that goes in and on his body is safe and pure. At 14 months, he’s so tiny and I hate the thought of any chemicals getting to him. He has been a huge influence on my desire to clean up my act– if we all treat our bodies as we’d want to treat those of our children or nieces and nephews, we’d be better off. I realized I deserve the same chemical-free consideration that my nephew does. And he was the inspiration for my first multi-tasking product.

One of my favorite things to do is help out at his bath time– there’s nothing so adorable as a clean, happy baby, ready to go to
sleep (oh, goodness, I hope I don’t sound like Michael Jackson there!). Anyway, after much careful research, my sister decided to use California Baby Calming Shampoo & Bodywash on her son. I love the scent, and it is known for being good for sensitive skin, so when I developed eczema last winter, I started using it too, but only as a body wash. The idea of a product I could use on BOTH my hair and skin really freaked me out! But when my husband tried it on his hair, with great results, I suddenly became a product multi-tasker for the first time! And it began to make sense to me– my hair and my skin aren’t all that different; if something can cleanse one, why not the other?

Just last night I made a foray further into the world of multi-purpose products. My husband gave me a nice massage using Almond Oil. Almond Oil that we bought at Whole Foods… in the COOKING section! At first I was grossed out by the idea that something meant for cooking could also be good for my skin, but then I realized the beauty of organic products: if it’s good enough to put on my skin, it should be good enough to eat. After all, the skin is the largest organ, and it absorbs so much of whatever we put on it. Shouldn’t I only put on it something I’m willing to ingest? For my massage, we chose Spectrum Organics’ Almond Oil. It even says on the label, “perfect for smoothing on skin, blending custom massage oils, or for high heat cooking in the kitchen.” Now that’s multi-tasking! And my skin felt so smooth after my massage! Who would’ve guessed?

So today, while making my favorite organic yogurt bran muffins, I tried another new thing– cooking with Coconut Oil, which has some amazing health benefits, and upon reading the label, I decided to rub the excess on my cracked, chapped hands for moisturizer! Look how far I’ve come in a day!! It really works! And my bran muffins had a light, coconut taste that was a very pleasant addition!

Now, the next step is for me to embrace something that has terrified me since childhood: Dr. Bronner’s Magic 18-in-1 Soaps. My neighbors used to use it for everything from laundry to face wash, and as a kid, I just didn’t get it. But it’s starting to make sense to me. Plus, it’s organic AND Fair Trade. Can’t beat that, right? I’m going to try it. Post below to let me know what scent/flavor you like– there are so many choices– and tell me what you use it for.



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6 responses to “Multi-purpose Multi-tasking

  1. Lavender for body wash!

  2. Jordan

    Ye shall heed my advice: do NOT under any circumstance use the Eucalyptus liquid Dr. Bronner’s as a toothpaste. I was feeling adventurous one night and as an old friend in high school used to say, “if you go too far out on a limb, you might fall off”. I fell. Hard.

  3. Claudia L

    I’ve used almond oil on my skin as well. Its great, especially during the winter.
    The funny thing is that I bought it to make a hair mask that my mother told me about after I saw how fabulous and shinny her hair was. And then I read the label and saw that I could use it to cook and for my skin, and so I did (I haven’t cooked with it yet, I like my olive oil)

    PS.- I can tell you about the mask if you want… all natural and home made!!

  4. actorsdiet

    i slather coconut oil on myself all the time now. it’s great because my dog can lick my feet without me freaking out about what he’s ingesting.

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  6. Stephanie

    I love the Citrus and Rose scents of Dr. B’s. I use them for everything– face, body, hand soap, and even shampoo (though I only use the bar soap for shampoo- not the liquid).

    Also- I highly recommend organic, refined shea butter as an all-purpose moisturizer (face, hands, body, baby) and even hair! The one I use is by Organic Essence which comes in a nifty biodegradable jar.

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