Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner: Would Ms. Havisham approve?

Posted by: Jordan

I have a deep-rooted love for anything rose scented or flavored.  Rose always tends to bring to my mind a very refined, slightly kooky, but extremely glamorous older woman.  In fact, the  dear husband invented a cocktail for me that involves Hendricks gin and organic rose juice, which I have coined the Ms. Havisham in honor of my mental imagery of rose.  Good old eccentric Ms. Havisham…I kind of want to be her when I grow up.  Waltzing around my sitting room in my rumpled, rotting wedding dress, martini in hand, completely wrecking a young child’s life.  A girl can dream.

I also have an instant affection for any beauty product that looks like it came straight from Ms. Havisham’s medicine cabinet.  Old apothecary jars filled with ancient creams are just fascinating, no?  They’re glamorous and old-timey, which in my mind always means it will work far better than some newfangled high tech $1300 face cream from Japan.

So when I found a toner that not only features witch hazel and rose (both calming ingredients for pale-skinned, reddness-battling, complected girls like myself), but also looks straight out of the 1800’s, I was sold.  And it’s all-natural and costs less than $10.  What could be better?  Why, I’ll tell you!

1. It’s an effective and gentle 100% natural, alcohol-free toner, which is a wonderful addition to your facial cleansing routine

2. It features a bewitching Rose Thayer’s picture on the front.  And who doesn’t want to look like that, with her cascading curls?!

3. And this is a completely ridiculous reason for liking a skincare product, but we product junkies don’t need rational reasons, do we?  The customer contact number is not some mysterious unnamed call center.  It’s one person!  It says on the label “Questions or comments?  Contact Katja Gehr”  and gives a phone number.  I love that!  I can just call our ol’ friend Katja up and chat about their awesome old-fashioned products.

Go try it–I think you’ll soon be waltzing around your own home, feeling a bit Ms. Havishamy yourself.


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8 responses to “Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner: Would Ms. Havisham approve?

  1. Love the idea of your blog. Also agree with you about enjoying jars that look like they’re 100 years old and come from an old fasioned apothecary.

    Look forward to hearing about more products soon. I love the chocolate shampoo by Faith in Nature. It’s not got any of the bad stuff in it – which makes it even better. We buy it from Whole Foods.

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  5. My oh my. Thank you so much. As a family owned business (est. 1847) we are honored to be noted in your blog.

    How did we see your comments? My daughter was Googling some info about my granddaughter, Katja Gehr and you popped up because you mentioned her name. Each one of our products has a contact that is a grandchild, son, daughter, daughter-in-law or son-in-law and even me, mama. Thank you again. A very peaceful and healthy New Year to you and yours. Karen Clarke, President/CEO Thayers Natural Remedies.

    • Jordan

      Hi Karen,
      Wow, we’re honored you took the time to write!! Thank you so much for creating such lovely natural products. Happy new year to you and your family!

      • Shannon

        How lovely is that?! I’ve been using this stuff for years – it’s one of the few products I can use on my face because my skin’s so sensitive. I’ll be giving this as part of gift baskets to everybody I know, now!

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