The Great Deodorant Hunt, Part 1

Posted by: Jordan

If you’ve ever attempted to go green with your deodorant, you’ve probably already come to the same conclusion as me…they simply DON’T work.  I’ve tried several, usually never more than a couple weeks at a time before guiltily reverting back to my old trusty Dove.   I’ve tried Tom’s of Maine (totally stank, and didn’t fill my daily glamour quotient one bit).  During a very humid NY summer, I tried Nature’s Gate Lemongrass and Clary Sage deodorant.  While it did work better than the crunchy Tom’s of Maine, it ended up feeling really sticky after a few hours.  It actually made my poor pits rashy and irritated when the skin rubbed against itself.  So, back to the Dove we go.

My most recent adventure into the treacherous world of natural deodorants was especially frightening–both for my nose and my wallet.  I tried Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant, being lured by the Rose scent, glass bottle, pretty pink packaging, and hefty $15 price tag. 

I figured if I was spending 3 times as much on deodorant, it’s got to have some redeeming quality.  No such luck.  This stuff smells like burning incense–I’m a person who holds her breath when walking by the incense sellers on the streets.  (There’s always one right by one of the subway stops in Brooklyn, and I swear that stench seeps deep into your pores and you walk around smelling like you’ve tried to cover up a recent toke.)  So, if that wasn’t bad enough, by the end of the day I smell like b.o. scented incense.  Completely unfeminine.

I ran across this list of the Top 9 Natural Deodorants, and I’m going to work my way through it.  I’ll report back on my findings.  I love all things Dr. Hauschka, so maybe that will be next.  Just have to not eat for a few days–it’s an astronomical $23!!!!  Are you kidding, Dr. H??? 

Anyone else have any suggestions?



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15 responses to “The Great Deodorant Hunt, Part 1

  1. Lucky Magazine’s Beauty Editor, Jean Godfrey-June, wrote in February’s Lucky that she likes Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Roll-On Deodorant in Summer Scent. She says it’s “noticeably better than its wildly ineffective brethren” which I can’t say is exactly a ringing endorsement, but it’s only $6, so I want to try it!

    • Jordan

      I was intrigued by that too! But ever since I made the mistake of smelling a stranger’s crystal rock deodorant in their bathroom cabinet and almost barfing over the horrid b.o. smell it released, I’ve been terrified of ever stepping close to anything that says crystal rock again! Try it for us, Em! Be brave for the both of us!

  2. I tried the Burt’s.. ewww!!!! Spare yourself the embarrassment of it.. plus that dude on the label creeps me out.. every time I would use it I was afraid he was going to spit in my pit! <—grody!

  3. Agree that Tom’s of Maine is pretty rubbish at doing the job. My husband uses it – but has to put loads and loads on – and even then it’s not as effective as ‘normal’ b.o. bashers.

  4. Cindy

    Try LaVanila The Healthy Deodorant – $18 at Sephora. BEST natural deodorant on the market!

  5. Tonya

    I have tried Crystal Spray and it is ok for winter when I don’t sweat as much. My fave is Natature’s Gate, they have a scent for each season. Winter, I believe has no scent. They are not very pricey either.

    • Jordan

      Thanks Tonya! I’m truly afraid of anything crystal after a harrowing experience with smelling someone’s crystal rock deodorant once, though! haha! My stomach still turns at the thought of it. I’ll remember about the seasonal Nature’s Gate though!

  6. Some of the comments are so funny, love reading about the deodorants.

    If you are looking for a good deodorant I would recommend miessence tahitian breeze.

    Summer Rayne Oakes author, Style, Naturally, The Savvy Shopping Guide to Sustainable Fashion and Beauty says about miessence tahitian breeze deodorant: “this is a great product that truly lasts for the whole day.”

    in comparison to Dr. Hauschka at $23.00 and the La Vanila “healthy deodorant” $18.00, miessence is a bargain at $9.25 and it works.

    this is not an antiperspirant…

    the key is to read the ingredients list… you will find NO “derived” from ingredients in miessence.

    when you see that term “derived from” it’s a marketing ploy, to get you to think that the ingredient is “natural”…

    “derived from” ingredients are not in their natural state anymore, they have been chemically processed and extracted, making them no longer in their true natural form… I call this greenwashing.

    • Jordan

      Thanks so much for reading, Erin!! Miessence Tahitian Breeze is actually next on my list to try out, so I’m glad you recommend it. I havent bought it yet, but i’m relieved to hear that it won’t break my budget!

  7. Jenny

    I’ve tried they crystal in all three forms (solid, roll on, and spray). Kiss my Face active enzyme, Lafes natural and organic tea tree deodorant stick, several Tom’s of Main, and Natures gate spring fresh with witch hazel and oak derived odor blockers. As an avid outdoor enthusiast none of these work. After 2-3 hours of sweating in the hot sun or on the ski slopes I still stink. Please keep the list going until we can find one that works!!!

    • Oh, Jenny, I’m with you. I’m a runner, and the people on the treadmills next to me at the gym all winter have not been pleased with my adventures in natural deodorants, for sure! At least the weather here in NY is about to get warmer and I can resume running outside, so my smelliness won’t infringe upon others! But that won’t solve the actual root of this problem: needing a good natural deodorant. At Jordan’s recommendation, I am loving the Lavanila in Lavender, which does okay for a day sitting at the office, but it does not hold up to my workouts! Still searching…
      Thanks for commenting, Jenny!
      — Emily

  8. gerrish

    I was intrigued by that too!!Good to know… i’ll tell friends about this..

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