Product Review: Bare Escentuals 100% Natural Lip Gloss

Posted by: Emily

I have a lip gloss addiction, which means that at any given time, I have about a dozen lip glosses in use between my bathroom, makeup bag, purse, gym bag, and bedside table. I am obsessed.  I reapply constantly and have a terrible habit of chewing on my lips, so one can only imagine how much lip gloss I probably ingest in a day.
So when I recently found out about all the lead that’s in conventional lip products, it sent me into an understandable panic. I knew I had to switch to something non-toxic. I had heard a lot of good things about Bare Escentuals 100% Natural Lip Gloss and even had a sample tube of it in my vast collection of products. So why hadn’t I tried it before? The smell.

I have this crazy theory about how a lip gloss’ smell is its most important characteristic because, after all, the lips are right below the nose! You smell your lips all day. (No one else has thought of this? Just me? I know– I’m weird.) I have thrown away countless glosses and refused to buy dozens more because of their odors. I’m very particular.

I had sniffed Bare Escentuals lip gloss before, at Sephora, of course, and the fragrance reminded me of burnt caramel. Not that I really know what burning caramel would smell like, but it’s my best guess, and upon smelling that years ago, I dismissed Bare Escentuals’ entire lip line. But after this recent information about lead in lip gloss, I decided to give it another smell. And guess what?

I’m in love. I don’t know what has changed– certainly not the smell of the gloss, because it is the same, only now, it reminds me of sweet coffee and warm sugar-butter. (I’m not sure what that is, either, but it smells incredible!). And I can’t stop smelling my lips! Try it– they’re right there, below your nose!

And now that I’m on board with the smell, I can get into the other attributes of the gloss, and there are many! It’s lovely. Not too sticky, just the right amount of shine, very moisturizing, and while it doesn’t last long, take it from an expert: no lip gloss lasts long, and there’s a serious “pro” for all this reapplying: you get to smell that lovely smell all over again!

I told you; I’m in love.

I recommend these ultra-flattering shades: rose (mauve pink) and Iced Coffee (java cream). $15 at Sephora (Not bad for an all-natural product!)



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10 responses to “Product Review: Bare Escentuals 100% Natural Lip Gloss

  1. Amy Johnson

    I also have quite an addiction. It’s out of control. Right now, I’m on a VS Pink Me Up Banana tub fix. The colder it gets, the more I need a tub like a little lip blanket. 🙂 I didn’t know about all the lead either. Guess who will be visiting their local Sephora to try the BE lip gloss? MOI!

    Thank you!!! -Amy

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  8. jennifer

    doesn’t bare escentuals lipstick contains lead and if not where did you get the source?

    • Hi Jennifer. Thanks for reading and commenting! I have to admit, this is a very old post. In the 3 1/2 years since writing this, I have switched to lip glosses from brands more natural than BE, so it’s been quite a long time since I’ve done any research on this brand. I would be happy to look into it for you, and even more happy to recommend some more recently reviewed lip glosses that I know, for sure, do not contain lead. Search on our site or let us know if there are other glosses you’d like to see reviewed. All best and thanks for reading, Emily

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