If your new year’s resolution was to cut back on chocolate, simply rub it on your face!

Posted by: Jordan

It’s almost February (thank goodness Spring is on it’s way, the weather has been brutally cold in NY this weekend), which means that Valentine’s Day is near.  Now, while we here at PJR don’t necessarily think this day is one worth much excitement, any day where presents might occur is just fine by us!  Want a sweet gift idea for your mom or best friend?  Try the Chocolate Spa collection from the naturally wonderful company, Bella Lucce.  My mom got me a few products from them for my birthday and they’re so indulgent!  My husband tells me that I smell like hot chocolate when I use them.  My favorite is the 100% natural Peruvian Chocolate Renewing Mask, which you mix with milk and apply with a cool spa paintbrush.  And just read the list of ingredients in the mask–so simple and natural: coconut juice powder, organic cocoa powder, kaolin clay, bentonite Clay, and honey powder.  Pretty awesome, right?

And what a truly rockin’ PJR-approved company!  Read how they got started and get inspired:

“Founded in late 2003, Bella Lucce was born from its creator’s desire for a more natural approach to beauty.  Lela Barker’s older sister, Mimi, had discovered tumors in her breast tissue in the year 2000.  Stunned by the discovery, Lela began a mission to unearth why an otherwise healthy woman in her 20’s had developed such maladies.  During her research, she stumbled upon a recently released British study which indicated that a common family of cosmetic preservative was mimicking estrogen in women’s bodies, leading to the development of breast tumors. After scouring her bathroom for products containing the ingredient, she was horrified to learn that the dreaded “parabens” were in everything from her shampoo to her body lotion.

After emptying her cabinets (and advising Mimi to do the same), Lela made a trek to the local health food store to find more suitable alternatives to the personal care products her family had been using.  What she found was a selection of products which, while certainly healthy, were most uninspired.  Lela wanted to have her cake and eat it, too…she envisioned healthy products like those found in her local organic market fused with the alluring aromas, decadent textures and beautiful packaging of department store brands.  After a period of extensive research, she began mixing up batches of fresh skin care goodies in her tiny kitchen, giving them to her sister to use after surgery and sharing them with family and friends. They clamored for more and Lela developed a simple collection of soaps, bath salts and lotions that blossomed into a wonderfully creative outlet she truly enjoyed.

A few years later, Lela turned that hobby into a full-fledged business after finding herself in the midst of a divorce. Bella Luccè was a welcome opportunity, affording Lela the ability to be home with her two young children at a critical point in their development. With Chloe and Celie helping to screw on jar lids and wash dishes after each batch, the company quickly outgrew its beginnings. Today, Bella Luccè’s extensive collection of exotic bath and body luxuries is featured in luxe spas, salons and natural wellness centers in 49 states and more than a three dozen countries…from Los Angeles all the way to Dubai.  True to her vision, Lela’s products bridge the gap between the uninspired natural market and the opulent, but synthetic-filled products brimming from department stores.  The Bella Luccè collection is at once both refreshingly natural and utterly luscious.”

Is this like the ultimate Product Junkies company, or what?  Natural AND luxurious??  Plus owned by a single mom who managed to create something wonderful out of tragedies in her life.  We approve, Bella Lucce!  There are several more collections in their product line, which I’m ridiculously anxious to try out.  Let us know if you’ve tried any of their other products and love them as much as I love the Chocolate Spa collection.

And one more little bonus, if you sign up for their monthly newsletter you get entered into a monthly drawing for $50 worth of products.  You know this contest-obsessed beauty junky is already signed up!



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5 responses to “If your new year’s resolution was to cut back on chocolate, simply rub it on your face!

  1. WOW! what an amazing story!! I wanna try! And now I must go through my things to see which is laced with parabens!!!! UGH! and ICK!

  2. Claudia L

    That is an amazing story. Very inspiring for all of us that have secret entrepreneur in us! Let’s keep hoping and trying!

  3. Anything that’s chocolate based is great as far as I’m concerned. Sounds almost too good to be true.

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