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Posted by: Jordan
So, if I haven’t complained enough about how cold and miserable the weather was this weekend, let me repeat it again.  I DETEST cold weather.  I’m still not quite sure why I live in this environment when I could be pleasantly living in a warmer climate.  Nevertheless, I thought a home-spa day would make good use of being indoors this weekend.  I chose to do a mask and a hair rinse.  Here are the reviews of both treatments.
Treatment #1 Honey-Spice Mask
Recipe for the mask found on Bella Sugar


1 tbsp honey

1 tsp ground nutmeg—I used whole nutmeg and then grated it myself

1 tsp ground cinnamon

Mix the above together until they form a chocolatey-colored paste, adjusting as you go until you get the consistency you like. Let sit for about 30 minutes, then rinse off, using the nutmeg crumblies as a natural exfoliant. Just don’t wear a cute shirt while you’re doing this, since it’ll drip.

Ingredients and their properties:
nutmeg:  soothes and heals
cinnamon:  stimulating and warming, has slight astringent properties
honey:  moisturizing and has antibacterial properties
Results:  I followed the recipe as it’s written, and it was really easy to make.  I sat in the bathtub for 30 minutes and read a book while letting the mask do it’s work.  It does tend to run a bit (probably even more so since I was sitting in a warm bathtub).  No problem though, I just licked up whatever was running into my mouth–it tastes really good (maybe you should drizzle the leftovers on top of ice cream!).  Just be sure to keep a washcloth nearby in case it starts to drip in your eyes–that might not feel so comforting and spa-like.  When  you first put it on, it’s really warm due to the cinnamon.  I looked in the mirror and noticed my neck getting extraordinarily red, and I started to worry that my redness-prone, sensitive skin would have some strange reaction to the cinnamon.  So after 30 minutes of fretting that I was going to have to call in sick to work today because my face turned the color of a beet, I rinsed it off.  The recipe recommends scrubbing it off to maximize the exfoliation with the nutmeg.  I did that, and then wearily peeked into the mirror.  My face is NOT the color of a beet, thankfully.  But it is very soft, smooth and has a pleasant glow to it!!  I’m going to try this out a few more times to see the long-term benefits of it, and I’ll report back.  But so far, so good!  I’m a fan!!!
Treatment #2 Mocha Hair Rinse
My hair is naturally what is lovingly referred to as “dishwater” or “mousy”.  I’ve been dying it for years–in my high school/college days, blond.  And for the past 5 years, dark brown.  It’s going to be a VERY difficult task to give up traditional hair color and test out intimidating natural ones like henna.  So I thought this hair rinse was a fairly easy way to dip my toes into the world of natural hair color.  It’s supposed to just give your hair a nice tint and bring out brown highlights.
This recipe was found in my copy of The Green Beauty Guide, which I highly recommend reading as a great resource.
2 cups purified water (do not use mineral water)
5 tablespoons dark roast ground coffee
1 ounce dark chocolate
Boil the coffee in two cups of water in a shallow pan for 10 minutes.  Add the chocolate while the coffee is hot.  Strain the liquid into a bowl.  
Let the mixture cool, and then pour the rinse over your hair.  Cover your head with a shower cap and let it sit for 10 minutes.  Rinse and shampoo as usual. 
One word of caution.  Use old towels and be prepared for your bathroom to look like you just murdered someone whose blood is made out of hot chocolate.
Results:  My hair is an oily mess!  I went to bed with my hair wet, so when i got up this morning and re-wet my hair to blowdry it, I was wondering why it was taking so long to dry.  Because it WAS dry, it was just so oily that it looks wet!!!!  I’m guessing it’s because of all the oils in the coffee beans.  This is disgusting, and unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to rewash my hair again this morning, so back into a slick, stringy ponytail it went.  I would not recommend this treatment unless you have extra dry hair–maybe then it would be good.  But for all the mess it created, and not much difference at all in my hair color, this treatment is NOT getting my stamp of approval. 
Let us know if you try either of these treatments yourself, and what your thoughts were.


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4 responses to “Home Spa Day

  1. Mita


    Don’t fret about using henna. I have done this in the past (as you may remember, my mother never allowed to dye my hair! Even though, one summer we did dye my hair- such rebels we were!)

    However, if you do use henna, you will need to moisturize your hair ahead of time as henna also drys the hair. I suggest massaging your scalp and fully coating your hair with a coconut oil and then apply the henna. If you don’t want to use the oil, my mom has suggested that you can mix an egg with the henna paste, but it may smell. She also said that after you have washed your hair to condition it with Arita (This item and the coconut oil can be found at almost any Indian grocery/convenient store)- either in the powder form or the actual berry. If you get the berry, soak it over night, smash into a paste, apply to hair and then rinse. (I have never used Arita or applied anything after the henna.)

    I have not used henna in my hair in a very long time, but I loved the way it looked afterwards because it was very shiny and soft.


  2. Alyssa

    That honey mask sounds good! Not sure if it would make it on to my face rather then in my mouth!

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