Green: The New Black

Posted by: Jordan
It’s becoming quite obvious that “going green” is the cool, hip thing to do.  All the stars are doing it, even your grandma probably talks about it.  Which is fantastic because the more people that get interested in greenifying their lives, the more big industries will pay attention.  Unfortunately there are many companies, cosmetics in particular, that like to ride the green train for free.  Meaning, they make you believe you’re buying a natural, organic, totally green item, when in reality they’ve included maybe one item that is natural.  These products are known as “greenwashed”.  They make you think the product is naturally wonderful for you, but they’re really a far cry from being natural.  My favorite is the phrase “naturally derived”…water is naturally derived, does that mean this item is “green”?  The trouble with going green is that the word green, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder.  What I deem green may be a far cry from what you do.  The difficult, but necessary, thing to do if you’re intent on greening your products: you have to research and do your homework.  It’s time-consuming, confusing, and often frustrating when you read opposing viewpoints of some chemical you can’t even pronounce.  You really must learn to read the labels–scan for the obvious no-no’s like parabens, PEG‘s and phthalates (there we go again with unpronounceable words!).  Emily and I both really like the website Skin Deep because you can easily look up certain ingredients and products that are unfamiliar to you, and see what their safety level is.  At that point you can make an educated decision on what level you’re comfortable with.  Just please try to remember: every step towards going green, no matter how small it may be, is a step in the right direction.  We’re not scientists.  We’re just as confused as the rest of you; however, we’re commited to making our life, and our beauty routines, healthier.  The more people that get interested, the bigger our cry will be.  Hopefully the cosmetic giants will listen to us and make truly green, healthy products, instead of just confusing their audience by slapping the word “organic” on their label.  In the midst of all this green confusion, let’s at least have some fun with it…that’s what we’re trying to do here at PJR. Above all, try not to take everything too seriously–it’s not good for your skin!

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  1. So true! Companies are starting to change their packaging to make you think they are green! It’s crazy!!! Good article! Thanks!!

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