Product Review: Josie Maran My Favorite Lips Palette

Posted by: Emily

When I was a young, impressionable girl, my then-teenaged older sister was given a subscription to YM Magazine. She, being very sensible and smart, never had much use for it, but I read it faithfully, believing that in a few years I would be just like one of the pretty models in the pictures, simply by virtue of getting a little older. You know, that wonderful, naïve belief that time heals all wounds? Little did I know I was headed for braces and my gangly, awkward teens, but that’s another story!

My favorite model then, though this was before the internet and reality shows, so I didn’t know her name, was none other than Josie Maran. I used to love to watch her live through those photos– at school with her handsome “boyfriends,” at the beach with “her” dog, camping, hiking, looking positively fresh and energetic. I wanted to be just like her!

But I grew up and YM went out of business and Josie went on to other projects, I suppose, though I didn’t follow her career. So I was pleasantly surprised about 2 years ago to find that she launched not only her own makeup line, but her own eco-friendly, health-conscious, green makeup line!

I’ve wanted to try it, but it wasn’t until starting this blog that I decided it was time to spend the money and go for it. And the perfect opportunity came up recently as Sephora was offering her My Favorite Lips palette, originally $35, for only $12. So when I was recently buying my Bare Minerals Matte Foundation powder online, which is $28, I added the $12 and got the free shipping that comes with purchases over $50 on (Thanks, Sephora!!)

I was so excited to try this very green, healthy product and replace some of my lead-laden lip products!

Interestingly enough, between placing my order on and the package arriving, Jordan found this very disturbing article. Apparently, there is some controversy about some ingredients in some Josie Maran products.

I decided to still try out the lip palette. Skin Deep rates Josie Maran lipstick as a 3 out of 10 on their scale of safety, and though I’d prefer my products to be 2 (low hazard) and under, that is not a terrible score and it is MUCH better than the lipsticks and glosses I have been using until just 2 weeks ago! (Stila Lip Glaze in Brown Sugar is a whopping 6 on the hazard scale!)  Small steps 🙂

I leave it up to each of you, my dear readers, to decide what your hazard cut-off is, but for anyone who is willing to take a 3 and under, I highly recommend Josie Maran’s lipsticks!

The palette contains 4 lipsticks and 4 “glosses”, and I must say that I much prefer the lipsticks to the glosses. The glosses are not that pigmented and not very glossy at all. In fact, they feel more balm-y and very sheer. I’m not impressed with them as a gloss, but as a balm, they’re somewhat moisturizing– all her products contain her signature Argan Oil, which I like. The gold-colored one, Optimism, is the only one that is truly not usable– it goes on kind of clumpy if you’re not very careful. Kind of puzzling.

The real stand outs here are the lipsticks, which are surprisingly long-wearing and comfortable. The only problem is that I feel like 3 out of the 4 colors look pretty much the same on, though one (called Adventurous) is slightly darker (though still not too dark to wear for every day) and more pigmented than the other 2, but they’re pretty similar. I don’t mind at all, though, because they’re all a great color. The very different one is a nice red called Devious and it’s more sheer, but extremely wearable.

I have done some important tests in the past 2 days wearing these lipsticks– drinking coffee (it only left a very slight residue on the white plastic lid– and I know, I should stop using paper cups and plastic lids, but one project at a time!), kissing (no complaints from my husband and no color transfer), and eating (lipstick still on and vibrant after a yummy almond butter sandwich).

I still don’t know what to make of the “glosses” but I’m not sorry I spent the $12.

I am also hoping that Josie Maran will address and change the issues in the aforementioned article and then I would definitely purchase the Lipstick in Adventurous (shimmering brown), though it seems I could also buy  Flirtatious (creamy pink) or Rumi Joon (creamy nude) and get almost the same color 🙂

One last comment: The palette comes without a brush with which to apply, which, well, it was only $12 so I can’t complain, and of course, this product junkie owns a nice lip brush, but it makes it harder to throw this cute, credit card-sized palette in my purse and use on the go, because it means packing the brush separately. Not a huge deal, just something to note. I guess one could use one’s fingers, but I am a huge germaphobe, and if you’re not at home to wash your hands right before using (in which case you would have a lip brush at the ready anyway) I wouldn’t recommend touching the nice lipsticks with your dirty fingers and then touching your lips! Just  some unsolicited advice, that’s all.



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2 responses to “Product Review: Josie Maran My Favorite Lips Palette

  1. actorsdiet

    when i was a young one reading YM, my fave model was Cameron Diaz. good eye, ym, good eye.

  2. I am so mixed on Josie Maran. I love a few of her products (the TM especially) but I wish they would either clean up their products 100%, or not tout themselves a green and organic-beauty company.

    I’ll use products every once in a while that aren’t 100% natural, but I don’t like being misled. I feel like JM greenwashes and I don’t think I’ll be replenishing my supply until they really become 100% natural and stop using polybutene, butylene glycol, hexylene glycol, and synthetic D&C dyes.

    Also, while I’m ranting 🙂 Sephora needs to stop listing “petrochemical free” under JM’s products because they are not!

    Rant over. Love your blog!!


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