Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lemongrass Lime Shaving Gel

Posted by: Jordan
In trying to green up my husband’s currently chemical-laden products, I am searching for an all-natural shave gel that we can both enjoy.  I found this one at my local Whole Foods and decided to give it a try.  For $7.99 it wasn’t much more expensive than my old Trader Joe’s shaving cream that I had to give up because it didn’t meet my rigorous standards.  When I saw the Dr. Bronner’s shave gel–whose all-in-one organic castille soaps I know and love very much for their multitude of purposes–I got excited about the organic, safe, fair-trade ingredients and a unisex scent that we might both enjoy (also I was immediately sold on the Lemongrass–see, I told you I was currently a bit obsessed). 
My husband bravely tested the product first.  He popped open the lid, wrinkled his nose a bit at the watery brown colored “gel” that shoots out of the tube, and attempted to lather his beard (it doesn’t seem to create a very thick lather, certainly not as much as his paraben and PEG-happy Gillette).  Upon shaving, he kept dramatically wincing and claiming that it was very a uncomfortable experience.  Apparently it doesn’t allow the razor to glide very smoothly over his coarse stubble.  Ouch.
So then I tested it out while shaving my legs.  While I didn’t have as many complaints–it seemed to do the job well enough for me–it is a bit of a messy experience.  And seeing that I’m the one who cleans our bathroom, this weighs heavily in my review.  As soon as you flip open the lid, the product speedily pours out.  I think if it had more of a solid gel-like consistency it wouldn’t run out of the tube and through your fingers so quickly.  Using it in the shower probably also adds to the watery consistency since the temperature if very hot and humid.  As it is, I seem to get brown streaks all over our sink and shower walls every time we use it because it just launches everywhere when dispensing it, like a projectile-vomiting baby.  The actual shave itself was fine for me, but due to the thin consistency it doesn’t seem to stay in place on your leg very well.  By the end of one leg, the gel has nearly completely rinsed off.  Also, a quick comment on the scent…it’s not my favorite.  I can’t quite place the odor, but to me it has sort of an acidic muddiness to it.  If acidic muddiness is your thing maybe you’d enjoy it, but it wasn’t the fresh, clean scent I was imagining when I thought of lemongrass-lime.
It pains me to say anything negative about the loveable, yet crazy, Dr. Bronner.  However, I have to be honest for our readers and, in the end, I think the negatives of this gel outweigh the positives.  There are bound to be other natural shave gels/creams that both my husband and I can be more impressed with.  The search will continue upon completion of this tube.  If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments!

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