Weleda Skin Food

Posted by: Jordan
Despite my dislike of their Wild Rose Deodorant, I love Weleda with an inordinate amount of passion.  Weleda is a natural, holisitic skincare company headquartered in Switzerland.  I can’t gush enough about this company–they enthusiastically support fair-trade agreements, they believe in nurturing your body with natural and organic products rather than cheap chemicals, they have Koi ponds in the corporate offices; in summary–they rock my socks off.  The first product of theirs that I tried was the Skin Food Moisturizer, purchased at Target for $17.  Once you get past the vaguely repulsive name of this product (can’t you just envision your skin as this disgustingly huge, slobbery mouth like in “Little Shop of Horrors”?), you’ll find an amazing moisturizer just waiting to be sucked up by your dry winter skin.  It’s rich and creamy, just the way I like my moisturizers.  Some people detest rich creams, and prefer lighter ones that soak in immediately.  Not me–ever since I was a wee beauty addict, my mom taught me to coat my young hands and feet in Vaseline and cover with gloves or socks overnight (oh, to know then what we know now…).  So in my mind, the thicker the cream, the better it works.  This lotion has become one of my nightly rituals, long ago replacing the icky petrochemical-rich Vaseline as my nightstand constant companion. However, I will advise you not to use this product just before picking up your favorite bedtime book, like I often do.  The pages of many a book and magazine have been smudged because this cream is so wonderfully rich in moisturizing ingredients.  The scent is pleasantly herbal and a bit citrusy.  I’m anxious to try their new Pomegranate line, too!  Actually, I’m anxious to try every product in their line (with the exception of the aforementioned deodorant.)  Want to try out the Skin Food for yourself?  There’s a coupon on their website for $3 off at either Target or Whole Foods!  We love a deal almost as much as we love finding a great new green product.  
For our NY readers, who wants to go try out the Weleda spa with me?  Unfortunately it’s not in the city…it’s in Palisades, NY, which is evidently an easy bus ride away.  I can’t wait to go treat myself to an all-natural facial!  (That wasn’t a gift hint or anything, husband.)  And guess what, my fellow contest-loving friends?  They’re sponsoring a contest to win a trip to the Weleda spa here in NY!!!  Go enter now!  And please tell us if you’re lucky enough to win (or take one of us, if you like!  We promise, we’re really fun spa dates.)


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7 responses to “Weleda Skin Food

  1. I adore Weleda too. I recently posted about my new found love of their Almond Cream Cleanser. Their Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash has been a longtime fave of mine, and their Calendula baby line is awesome…and not just for the kiddos.

    I would love to go to their spa. Maybe next time I’m in NY?

  2. Cecilia

    I did not know that Target carried Welda! Thanx!

  3. Cecilia

    Oh gosh, thanx for the sweepstakes link! I soo want to win the trip! But even the product basket is to die for!!!

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