Sunscreen Reviews: Juice Beauty, L’uvalla, and Aubrey Organics

Posted by: Jordan
I’m back from Puerto Rico and I’m ecstatic to report that I’m sunburn-free!  I used to rely solely on Neutrogena SPF 50 sunscreen, so I was admittedly a bit nervous to try a natural sunscreen with only a 30 SPF (even though I’ve read several times that anything over 30 is about the same protection).  But in my head 50 = sunburn-free.  I tested out 3 different natural sunscreens, but before I report my findings, can I just vent my frustration with natural cosmetic companies and their lack of TSA-approved sunscreen bottle sizes?!  I mean, come on, guys!!!  If you’re going to make a 3.5 or 4 oz bottle of sunscreen, why not just go the extra mile and reduce it to 3.4 oz so we can easily stash it in our carry-on without having to first put it in another container????  Can we please keep this in mind when packaging your products?  I understand if you’re making an 8 oz container, but if you’re making a 4 oz container, just decrease the size ever so slightly and make us frequent travelers happy!  Ok, venting complete…on to my reviews.
Juice Beauty SPF 30 Mineral Sheer Moisturizer
I used this sheer moisturizer on my face, neck, and decolletage.  I bought this sheer version so that my husband and I could both use it on our face.  Otherwise, I would have purchased the light-tinted version (I used to use the Korres Watermelon Light Tinted Moisturizer, but it has some ingredients that I’m not completely comfortable with, so I wanted to try a more natural product such as those by Juice Beauty).  I’m really impressed with this moisturizer!  The smell is fresh and citrusy.  It blends pretty easily, too.  At first you get a little freaked out because it’s very white (due to the titanium dioxide), but it ends up blending in quickly and easily.   The price tag is a bit hefty at $29 for 2 oz, but I’m willing to pay that much for a nice daily moisturizer that protects my face from their looming sunspots I seem to have collected from my teenage tanning-bed days.  Thanks for that beauty ideal, hometown Indiana.
L’uvalla SPF 20 Sunscreen
I spent some time with the L’uvalla rep at Whole Foods one day, who was giving demonstrations of their organic products made in the south of France.  When I told her that I was in need of a natural sunscreen to try out during my brief jaunt to the Caribbean, she graciously handed me five sample packs of their sunscreen to try out!  AWESOME!!  Love free samples!  So I hoarded this product for myself and didn’t share with my husband because I didn’t have a ton to spare.  And come to find out, this product doesn’t go a long way.  It’s so thick that you have to use a ton of it to cover your whole body.  And with this sunscreen pricing in at a whopping $46.50 for 3.5 oz (ok, here comes the rant again: 3.5 oz????  Seriously????  You couldn’t just make it one-tenth of an ounce smaller so we could fit it in our carry-ons?????), I don’t know about you but I’m a bit stingy with my product when it costs that much.  I just can’t bring myself to pile it on.  The website claims that the bottle is a 3 month supply, but if you’re using it on your entire body, I really think you could only get maybe 4 or 5 uses out of one full size bottle!  But if money is no object to you, this is a gorgeous 100% natural, organic sunscreen that even has Argan Oil in it (if you’ve done any research on natural cosmetics, you’ll quickly find that Argan Oil is suddenly the darling of the natural cosmetic world.)  Although this sunscreen has both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as their mineral sunscreen elements, it leaves absolutely zero white hue on your body, like some mineral sunscreens do.  It rubs in immediately and leaves your body very moisturized.  My one small dislike about the product, other than how much you have to use of this costly product, is the scent.  While it’s not an offensive smell, it’s not really one I prefer to be on my body because it smells exactly like a bottle of Upland Wheat beer.  If you went to school at Indiana University, you most likely know this beer quite well.  It’s a very tasty microbrew, but I don’t especially want to smell like hops as I’m strolling along the beach.
Aubrey Organics Natural Sun SPF 25 Sunscreen for Active Lifestyles
Finally, I bought a 4 oz bottle of this lotion as our main body sunscreen.  I purchased it at Whole Foods for $8.50…now that’s more my spending style!  As implied by the name, “for active lifestyles”, it does a pretty good job of staying on throughout sweating and quick dips in the pool, even though it’s not advertised as a waterproof sunscreen.  I loved the cool whipped texture of this lotion, but my main beef with this product is the glaring white tint it leaves on your body.  I’m translucently pale as is, so I find a lotion that leaves an obvious white tint on my skin a bit annoying.  For that reason alone, I don’t think I’d purchase it again…yes, I can recognize my vanity.  Also, I didn’t notice until after I purchased this that it contains PABA.  I admit, I didn’t really know what exactly PABA was, other than I’ve seen on some sunscreen bottles “PABA Free”.  After doing a bit of research, I found that PABA does have some legitimate concerns.  Here is what Skin Deep has to say:
About PABA (PARA-AMINOBENZOIC ACID): A once-common sunscreen ingredient, now avoided due to allergic dermatitis and photosensitivity. Research indicates PABA has carcinogenic potential. PABA derivatives are now more commonly used, but these too may have health concerns.
Yeah, so I’m going to avoid that ingredient in the future, I believe.  Why take the risk, right?  Oh well, at least I didn’t spend a ton on that sunscreen.  All part of the learning process, here.
We booked our Puerto Rico trip just a week before we left, and in that week NY was hit with a fairly nasty blizzard, so I didn’t have a ton of time to research and shop for my sunscreen.  For my next trip this summer to Tuscany, I’ll be sure to do more research and find a body sunscreen I really love.  I’ll be heavily researching this list of the top 10 natural sunscreens.  I recommend you check it out for yourself if you’re in the market for a natural sunscreen!


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10 responses to “Sunscreen Reviews: Juice Beauty, L’uvalla, and Aubrey Organics

  1. Hello Jordan,
    I like the look of your site and have read some of your reviews and concerns. We make sunscreens and have made them for over 15 years now.

    Sunscreens are increasingly marketing themselves as “natural”, “green” or “organic” but much of these claims are misleading.

    We want to maintain the integrity of the KINeSYS brand, which was originally designed as a high performance product to help elite athletes stay healthy in the sun, and found mothers became our biggest supporters over the years.

    I am opposed to shifting the product to focus on organic, green, and natural, which are all questionable claims, when it comes to any sunscreen.

    Manipulating “inorganic” zinc or titanium materials at the atomic level is far from being natural or green. In context one nanometer is one billionth of a meter. A piece of paper is 100,000 nanometers thick, minerals don’t come in this size in nature. These ingredients are what protect our skin from the sun, but calling the sunscreen in which they are sold organic is plain and simply greenwashing. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are “inorganic”.

    We make a safe & effective product and we will never call it “organic” which chemical blocks are, or natural, we also make a Zinc cream with non-nanosized particles.

    If you are interested in trying our products, please take a look at our site and let me know. I will be happy to send a few samples.


  2. Alyssa

    You are better off with the Juice Beauty you got and not the tinted. It seems to be a little more greasy and I’m not one to have regularly oily type skin.

  3. Bella

    I am in love with the Juice Beauty SPF products as well! I love to be in the sun but dont want to damage my skin so i use the SPF 30 sheer and for my body i use the Green Apple SPF Body Moisturizer. It smells so good and doet not leave your skin oily (which i hate about other sunscreen) I use it as an every day sunscreen and also take it with me to the beach. I am totally with you on paying that price for product that is organic and works! I love Juice Beauty!

    • Jordan

      Bella, you’re right–Juice Beauty sunscreens totally rock! I’m so glad I found them

      • Jo


        I am desperate for an organic sunscreen that doesnt make your face sweat (just been using The Organic Pharmacy spf 25) which makes my face look like ive just been in a monsoon!

        I want to try the Juice Beauty one and wanted to check it’s not sweat-inducing? Can you let me know?


      • Hi Jo,
        I’m glad you wrote! I wish I had the magic cure, but I think some shiny-ness is par for the course with any sunscreen, natural or not, due to the nature of how it works! (I’m not a scientist or a doctor here, so I don’t know how to explain it– I only know how it seems to me!) However, that said, some are more moisture-producing than others! I use the Juice Beauty one, and I find it to be okay. I still get a little shiny, so here’s my prescription: I use the Juice Beauty SPF 20 Mineral moisturizer in Medium, and then follow it with a healthy dusting of Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil SPF 25, which greatly reduces future shine. Plus, I know it doesn’t mean double the sun protection, but it does mean better coverage– I know it covers any spots I miss, so I feel like I am getting better sun protection!
        Good Luck, and let us know what you think!

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  5. stacy murillo

    I urge people and stores to stop using and selling this product named Kinesys. My son broke out in a terrible rash and was sick for quite a few days directly caused by this product as determined by our Doctor. Kinesys is about hype and not the truth. The FDA should come in investigate Kinesys.

    • Jordan

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Stacy. How scary that must have been for you and your son! I will certainly remember this advice. I hope your son is all better and you’ve found a sunscreen that doesn’t cause such a bad reaction.

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