Nude Skincare – Hibiscus Monoi Body Oil

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By this point you are well aware, and certainly exhausted of hearing about it–I hate winter!!!  I hate it with a severe passion.  So when I received this lavish hibiscus-infused Tahitian coconut body oil from my friend, Lora, I took one whiff and was transported to a warm, exotic island.  Now, I’ve never been lucky enough to go to Hawaii, but this oil smells exactly how I imagine it to smell if I were bathing here:
During these bleak winter months I’m obsessed with the scent, which is tropical/floral and not too sweet.  Nude Cosmetics is a luxury natural skincare line co-founded by Bono’s wife.  This is the only product I’ve tried from their line, but so far I’m impressed with the goods.  It’s extremely moisturizing and though it’s an oil, it soaks in immediately and doesn’t leave an oily residue on your skin.  And the fragrance!!!!
However, I must mention that there are a few noteworthy shortcomings to this product.
1. It’s a luxury eco-brand.  Translation: EXPENSIVE!  This bottle retails for $68!  It’s a gorgeous product, but for $68 I’d expect it to increase my cup-size and banish cellulite forever.
2. The packaging, though 100% recyclable, is too Jetsons-y for my personal tastes.  I know I shouldn’t weigh this heavily in a product review, but I can’t help it.  I just don’t really like looking at it on my bathroom shelf. But that’s just my personal taste–I’m not a fan of modern decor or interested in “sleek lines”.  Give me color, give me texture, give me a homemade farmer’s market feel. 
3. Here comes my biggest complaint of the product…the oil is a strange texture that solidifies in cold temperatures.  The second it makes contact with your skin it liquifies, but getting the solidified oil to squeeze out of the poorly designed little pinpoint of a hole in the bottle ruins my crucial 3 minute moisturizing window.  I suppose I could be really prepared by soaking the container in a sink of hot water as I’m showering, but who’s that organized when jumping into the shower?  Not me.  I don’t know where I heard about the stern 3 minute window rule, but I’ve obeyed it ever since: “For maximum moisture, thou must apply moisture within 3 minutes of getting out of the shower or bath.”  So intent is my rule-following, that it plays a part in my engagement story.  (I know, my friends are reading this right now saying, “oh, here we go…”  But I promise I’ll make this an abbreviated version!)  So, it was the summer of 2008 and I was impatiently awaiting a ring from my then boyfriend.  We were going to a gathering with friends that night, and I was taking a long, luxurious shower before getting ready.  In the meantime, my boyfriend decided that at that particular moment he was ready to pop the question.  I guess he was getting impatient with my lengthy shower because the second he heard the water turn off, he shouted from the kitchen, “Jordan, can you come in here??”  Figuring he just needed me to hold the pasta strainer for him or something, I shouted back a tad snottily “hang on just a minute…”.  And he replies, “just come in here, I need your help…it will only take a second.”  So I hastily wrap the towel over my head and walk into the kitchen to find him standing there in a suit holding a ring!  Needless to say I was a bit stunned, but in the back of my mind while he was asking me to spend the rest of my life with him, I was standing there with only a towel on my head, thinking “I’m missing my window…”  Therefore you can understand why this oil solidifying predicament is a major draw-back for me; my moisture window is important to me.
Generally speaking, I love using this product because the scent is just so beautifully transcendent and it makes my skin really soft, but the drawbacks I listed will most likely prevent me from buying this item for myself.  Has anyone tried anything else from this company?  We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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