Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap


Emily already briefly touched on Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 liquid castile soap, but it’s such a staple in our house that I felt like it deserved its own dedicated post.  I know this product is about as new and exciting in the natural cosmetics world as boiled cabbage, but there’s a reason it’s so mainstream…it’s incredible!  It’s just a laundry list of awesomeness: all-natural, certified fair trade, not tested on animals, certified organic, 100% post consumer recycled bottles.  Take a look at this exceptional list of ingredients:

INGREDIENTS: Water, Saponified Organic Coconut*, Organic Palm* and Organic Olive* Oils (w/Retained Glycerin), Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils**, Citric Acid, Vitamin E

Plus, to appease the junkies like us, it comes in 8 scents (including a baby mild unscented version for the ultra-sensitive types).  The favorites in our household are the eucalyptus and citrus scents.  The citrus has an effervescent smell that’s identical to Sprite–it’s really refreshing!  I’ve also tried the bar soaps, which are equally delightful.  There are simply no complaints about this product.  Even the label, jam-packed with craziness, makes for fun shower time reading.  What an endearing company with such a rich family history.  When deciding which scent to try, I might make a suggestion: the peppermint scent does have a tendency to make your sensitive parts a bit tingly…which, if you’re in to that kind of thing, go for it!  Just thought it was worth mentioning…

If you haven’t tried out this product for yourself, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for.  Soap, whether you prefer the bar or liquid, just doesn’t get any better or more natural than this.  Plus, I use this product not only for shower time, but also as my main household cleaning product.  For mopping the floors I put several tablespoons of my favorite scent into a bucket and fill with water–makes for a wonderfully scented house when you’re done mopping.  I also occasionally get creative with my mopping by using the unscented liquid soap, and adding a few drops of various essential oils to make my own custom scent.  Hey, whatever you can do to make mopping a slightly exciting task, right?  In addition to floor cleanser, the liquid soap makes the best tub scrub too.  I add a few tablespoons of baking soda with a few squirts of soap, and it’s the best natural bathroom cleanser you can find, not to mention the cheapest!

There are so many uses for this “18-in-1” product, the list goes on and on.  However, a couple uses that I’ve tried haven’t been as successful, such as shampoo.  It left my hair a little lacking in the volume department (which if you’re from anywhere close to the proximity of the Mason-Dixon, you know that “the bigger the hair, the closer to God.”  Whether my hometown of Indiana is close to the Mason-Dixon is debateable, but sometimes I feel there’s a Southern woman hiding deep down inside of me just itchin’ to get out).  Another no-no on the suggested uses list, as I mentioned in the comments section of Emily’s post–whatever you do, do NOT attempt the suggested toothpaste use!  Oh sweet baby J, it was wretched!!!!!! 

If this isn’t already a staple product in your household (and it should be!), I encourage you to go drop about $12 on an economy size bottle, and try it out for yourself.  I don’t think you’ll have one complaint–that is, as long as you don’t try it as toothpaste.


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20 responses to “Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap

  1. Thanks so much for this post. I had never heard of it, so it’s way more exciting than boiled cabbage to me! I’ll definitely pick some of it up.

    • Jordan

      You’ll love it Brady…I think Matt almost loves it even more than I do! He was the one who kept saying “you have to do a review of Dr. Bronner’s!!!”

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  5. Stephanie

    I highly recommend you give the “shampoo” use another try– I had trouble at first with the liquid soap as shampoo, because it left my hair feeling a little greasy and flat. Then I discovered that shampooing with Dr. Bronner’s bar soap (instead of the liquid) did the trick. It lathers just like conventional shampoo and leaves my hair squeaky clean. Then I follow with Dr. B’s Citrus Hair Rinse (which may take a bit getting used to but I love it!) or even a watered-down lemon juice DIY rinse, both of which make my hair soft, silky and shiny. (In fact, once you understand the chemistry of the hair shaft, it totally makes sense to use an acidic hair rinse to close the cuticle instead of glopping on some oily, silicone-based conditioner). I just use an old, empty shampoo bottle to mix up the hair rinse. I pour a capful in the bottle, fill it with warm water, put the cap on and shake it up. It’s super-easy to prepare and makes application really easy. Just a thought!

  6. Stephanie

    Happy to share– I hope it works for you! I am a huge fan of all things Dr. B’s, including their body lotions (for body & sometimes face- but not hands for some reason) and balms (hands & lips). Everything is USDA certified organic and so inexpensive considering the quality. I am a product junkie myself– which is why I like your blog– but my own rehab has led me to be *extremely* picky when it comes to body care. I will only use USDA certified organic products that I could theoretically eat. Fortunately, a lot more USDA-certified organic companies are hitting the market and coming up with new products every day from which to choose– Terressentials (love their face lotion), Bubble & Bee (love their Pit Putty deodorant), Badger Balm (love their lip balms, sunscreens & bug spray), Organic Essence (love their shea butter & grapefruit shea cream), Kimberly Parry Organics (love their belly butter) and Dr. Mercola (love their unscented body lotion for hands). If you get a chance, I recommend that you give these a try– I’d be really interested to see what you think in a post on your blog!

    • Jordan

      Thanks so much for reading, and especially for commenting with all the tips/suggestions! I’m actually testing out the bubble and bee pit putty right now and hope to have a review up very soon! I love badger balms too!! The really little tins are great for your purse.

      • Stephanie

        Hi- I just read that one of my favorite USDA certified organic companies, Nourish by Sensibility Soaps, rebranded itself and is partnering with Whole Foods across the country to make reasonably-priced certified organic body care products available to everyone. I just thought you might like to try and review them on your blog! (I am only disappointed that their body lotions contain almond oil, which I am allergic to! I will have to keep using my Mercola lotion instead, which is unfortunately double the price but, I believe, private-label manufactured by Nourish- though I’m sure Mercola doesn’t want customers to know that.). You should try and review the Mercola skin, bath and body care lines too if you can. I know you are a Weleda fan, but Mercola and Nourish products are USDA certified organic and extremely effective. Cheers!

      • Jordan

        Hey Stephanie! Thanks a bunch for the recommendation! We’ll have to remember to try out these products

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  8. Stephanie

    Sure thing! In the meantime, you can check out their websites: http://www.nourishusda.com/ and http://www.mercolahealthyskin.com/product-labels.aspx. The new Nourish packaging is so pretty!

  9. Stephanie Bruce

    As a Dr. Bronner’s fan and a product junkie, I thought you would be interested to know that I recently discovered that Dr. B’s sells Cherry Blossom and Green Tea scented liquid and bar soaps in Asia and the U.K. If you are feeling adventurous and don’t mind spending a few extra bucks (especially on shipping- yowza!), it is possible to order some online (either ASOS.COM in the U.K. for the Green Tea scent or Rakuten.com for the Green Tea and Cherry Blossom scents in Japan, though be forewarned that all of your email order confirmations are in Japanese and totally impossible to decipher). Both soaps are scented with a mix of all-natural essential oils designed to interpret the fragrances. The Green Tea scent is a clean and grassy herbal scent, with notes of Sage and Petitgrain. The Cherry Blossom scent is a bright and sweet floral scent, with notes of Cherry (similar to Dr. B’s Almond soap) and Grapefruit. The Cherry Blossom is my favorite. Dr. B’s also had a charitable fundraiser in December in which they gave away a limited stock of special edition Sandalwood Jasmine liquid soap! I have a bottle and it is also divine. I have emailed the company to request that they offer all three of these scents in the U.S. on a regular basis (as well as a fruity Spiced Plum or Fig to round out the whole collection), so it is possible they may consider doing so in the future. (I guess that is how the Citrus and Rose soaps got their start– in Japan). Cheers!

    • Jordan

      Stephanie, why would you tempt me so????? Man, both of those Dr B scents sound amazing! They really need to launch those in the US asap!

  10. Stephanie Bruce

    Sorry- did not mean to torture you with temptation! Just thought I’d pass along the info. ASOS has free shipping to the U.S. so you could try the Green Tea Soap without breaking the bank. I agree that Dr. B’s needs to launch these scents in the U.S. soon! Here’s hoping that they do!

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  12. muhammad sulaiman

    where i can but castile soap liquid in india.. please help..

  13. Stephanie B.

    Dr. Bronner’s now has toothpaste, too! It’s low foam but tastes and works great. I like the Peppermint and Anise flavors and my 5-year-old loves the Cinnamon flavor.

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