Pangea Organics Face Mask

Posted by: Jordan
I’ve been putting off writing this review of Pangea Organics Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Berry mask for weeks now, because I so badly wanted to fall in love with it.  I wanted it to be “The One.”  But in the end my feelings are just lukewarm on the actual results of this product.
I’m already head over heels for this Boulder, CO based eco-company, and their pretty packaging design makes me swoon.  I’ve really enjoyed the two other products I’ve used from them: the Egyptian Basil & Mint body wash, and the Canadian Pine with White Sage hand wash.  So I was expecting this costly $40 face mask–full of antioxidant-rich ingredients–to sweep me off my feet. 
It didn’t.
It’s not terrible, but it’s not “The One”, either.  It’s like when you finally land a date with that guy you crushed on all semester, and when you actually go on the date it’s just bland and boring.  It wasn’t the worst date of your life by any means, but it wasn’t exactly memorable either.  But the date has been made all the worse because you were expecting to have such amazing chemistry, and when it wasn’t there, it was hard to comprehend why.  That’s how I feel about this face mask.
Let’s start at the beginning, the first impressions upon using the product.  I’m not going to glamorize it, you will look like you smeared a bowl of pesto on your face.  Next, there’s the smell…it’s VERY heavy on the matcha tea odor.  If you’ve never had matcha tea, let me tell you, it ain’t your grandma’s Lady Gray blend.  No, this stuff has a unique odor.  Not bad, but definitely unique.  So straight off my pheromones and “his” weren’t exactly jiving.  Excited, you let the mask sit for about 15 minutes, meanwhile thinking “oh boy, when we finally kiss (aka, rinse off the mask), that’s when the sparks are really going to start flying!!”  But no.  I will grant the mask this–my face is noticeably softer and smoother right after rinsing off the mask.  But after that, there’s no “za za zoom.”  No noticeable change in my complexion.
While I hate to diss anything from this otherwise admirable company, I just have to admit it to myself: it’s not “The One” for me.  I love everything about it on paper, but in real life, it’s just not cutting it.  I think my homemade honey-spice mask works better for me, and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper.  However, I’d like to hope that maybe my thrown-back fish is the future love of your life.  If so, please let me know–I love playing matchmaker! 

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