Juice Beauty: Organics to Clear Skin Kit

Posted by: Jordan

At first I was afraid,
I was petrified,
Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side,
But then I spent so many nights just thinking how you did me wrong
And I grew stong
And I learned how to get along

I’m fairly certain that Ms. Gaynor was referring to a lost love, but in recent weeks this song has got me thinking about my own lost love: Proactiv.  I was lucky enough to be mostly clear-skinned all through my otherwise ugly duckling teen years, but when I hit 25 my hormones decided that occasionally they’d like to make up for some lost time.  My friend Lora discovered Proactiv, and when I went to her with my skin woes, she shared her secret with me.  Bonding over our mutual drug of choice, we became fiends together.  When she decided to go natural with her beauty routine during pregnancy, and thus gave up our beloved Proactiv for nearly a year, I emailed my condolences, but was thinking to myself “another reason to put off that whole baby thing for a while longer”, and offered to take her Proactiv off her hands for her so that the precious creams wouldn’t go to waste.  When she was able to return to her old blemish-zapping routine, we rejoiced together. 

But now that I’ve decided to go natural with my beauty routine, the Proactiv had to go.  For good.  I hadn’t used it every day for years, but I’d keep it around for emergencies.  Lora, good friend that she is, took her first step along with me by permanently throwing out her chemical-heavy Proactiv.  For the first month of my completely natural skincare regimen, my face glowed and I thought to myself, “why did I rely on that junk as such a crutch??”  And then came the revolt.  Forehead and chin sprouts abound!  I kept waiting for the glow to come back, but all that came back were more red bumps.  Over a glass of wine at an organic restaurant on the Upper West side, I complained to Emily about what was going on with my face.  She suggested I try Juice Beauty’s Organics to Clear Skin Kit.  She said it was a great way to sample several of the products in their line, and she’d had great results with the blemish clearing serum.  The next day, I marched straight over to the Union Square Sephora during lunch time and couldn’t wait to try out the entire set!



Three weeks later, I’m a huge fan!  My face is nearly completely free of both blemishes and the drying that usually accompanies zit-zapping products.  I love everything in this set, including the bonus soft bamboo headband.  But I have to say, my most favorite product in this trial/travel sized kit is the Green Apple Peel mask.  You use it once a week, and I’ve found myself anxiously waiting for Thursday evening to arrive so I can use the mask again!  I read a few reviews on Sephora’s website that a few people were confused by the terminology, so let me clear that up for our readers.  Don’t think of this mask as one of those old-school masks that you literally peel off your face (anything that painful is obviously going to cause some irritation.)  You rinse this mask off.  The word peel is used in the sense of a chemical peel.  The fruit acids literally eat away at the dead skin, thereby exfoliating your face…you yourself do not peel the mask off.  The first time I used this mask, I put it on way too thick and my face turned bright red within minutes.  It went away after about 20 minutes, but it was a scary moment for a while there.  Coincidentally, when I was at Whole Foods during lunch a couple weeks ago with my friend Jamie, I was telling her about my one-week results so far with these great products and how much I especially loved the mask.  Like a guardian angel, a bubbly, glowing-skinned girl strolled up to us and asked if we needed help with any Juice Beauty products–she was the rep!!!  So I told her how much I was loving the results of the Green Apple Peel mask, and asked if she had any samples for Jamie to try out.  Precious-gift-from-above that she was, she opened a new container and scooped a few spoonfuls into a jar for Jamie to try.  And now Jamie is addicted too, and we both find ourselves getting ridiculously excited to our weekly peel!  But one tip to remember when using this mask, as stressed by the baby-faced Juice Beauty rep: do NOT put the mask on very thick.  Just a thin layer will do the trick.  In fact, the thicker you put it on, the more red and tingly your skin might temporarily get.  But the results will not be any better by piling it on. 

Yesterday I received this email from Lora:

it’s a [darn] good thing I threw out my proactiv because sistah.. I’m tellin ya.. I would have slathered that sh*t up on my zit full face like it was the day after lint and I had given up chocolate.

See, I told you we get a bit worked up about our breakouts.  In repayment to her blemish-fighting wisdom from our not-so-natural days, I told her to go try out this natural blemish-fighting kit and see if she likes it as much as I do.  It’s not an instant miracle like Proactiv was, but it also doesn’t contain carcinogens.  I think it’s a good trade-off, myself.



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28 responses to “Juice Beauty: Organics to Clear Skin Kit

  1. Oh my!!! This is so funny! How I miss it so. I am going to try this asap!

  2. Mita

    Are you using this daily? I feel like my Burt’s Bees is working…but I still have the blemish here and there.

    • Jordan

      Yep, I’ve been using it daily for the past 3 weeks…sometimes in the morning I’ll alternate the cleanser with my Aubrey Organics cream cleanser which is a bit more moisturizing, but I’ve been using the Juice Beauty cleanser at least once a day and the blemish serum twice a day. Apple peel mask once a week, and the moisturizer here and there interspersed with some other day and night creams, depending on my mood and the day.

  3. actorsdiet

    i’m excited! i am zit prone and fearful of anything “untoxic” for my face not working.

  4. Jamie

    Thanks for the shout out! Actually, I just “apple peeled” last night and it was still just as amazing as the first time! 🙂

  5. Ellen

    Thanks, Jordan. I’m going to go out and buy it tomorrow!

  6. Alyssa

    I have the green apple peel and have never used it bc I am always worried about what my skins reaction will be to something new. Definitely need to dig it out! You’re proactic comments crack me up. I use to feel the same way about that stuff until it stained one of my fav shirts and it began to scare me then to think about what the heck was in that stuff.

    • Jordan

      Don’t be afraid, Lyss! It’s really gentle (just don’t put it on too thick, or it might make your face red for a few minutes afterwards).

  7. I totally agree with you on the proactiv. I stopped using it when I went for a facial and the esthetician got my “clear” skin under the magnifying glass. She gasped at how dry and damaged my skin was. When I told her I used proactiv it was like I had admitted to using crack! It truly is a quick fix, but not worth the consequences.

    • Jordan

      YIKES!!! That is truly scary, Susan! I hope I didn’t permanently damage my skin from using such a harsh product! Even though I still miss my “drug of choice”, proactiv, I know we’re better off without it!

  8. Lauren

    does the kit include a blemish clearing powder (or whatever powder…in their site, it’s one of the two bonus gifts but i’ve never really heard anyone who got the kit talk about it) and 2 of the green apple peel?

    • Jordan

      Hi lauren! I’ve never tried the powder, it wasn’t included in the kit I got. But I did get the apple peel for sensitive skin (just one though!). Hope that helps you!

  9. Summer

    I LOVE this kit as well! I am so happy that you switched kits not only because it really works but its SOO good for your skin! I use the Green Apple Peel religiously every week (sometimes twice). You should try the finishing powder they have…it smells so good and doesnt clog my pores!

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  11. kim

    thanks so much for the info. my daughter has acne and proactive made her face itchy and made it swell. it will be nice to try something natural.

    • Jordan

      Thanks for reading, Kim! I hope the Juice Beauty regimen works out!! Make sure she sticks with it for at least 3-4 weeks in order for her skin to get used to it (unless of course, it irritates her skin, in which case discontinue using).

  12. Katie

    Im from canada, im 17 and have been on pretty much everything for acne. I was on acutane for 9 months, but have been off for a year and a bit.
    My acne is no where near where it was before but i am starting to have a few coming back. I am really skeptical of new products but im sick of using drying cleansers. I have combination skin, very oily, big pores, dry, acne prone. i was pretty much a poster child for everything acne and embarrassing. Do you think this product would work for me?

    • Hi Katie! I’d definitely say it’s worth a try! As Jordan pointed out, you probably have to use it for 3 or 4 weeks before really seeing results, but it would be nice to know you’re using something natural, and if it works for you, then how great would that be?! I just read an article in In Style or some other magazine saying the key to any acne regimen is consistency of use, which, I know, requires a whole lotta patience 😦 But yes, I think there’s a good chance this could work for you, and I really hope it does!! Please keep us posted and let us know! Happy New Year! –Emily

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  14. i recently received a sample of the blemish clearing serum in my birchbox subscription, and i swear it’s a little piece of heaven. after only a week of use, the worse of my blemishes have faded. i’m in looovveee ❤ !!!! i was doing research on the product and found your blog. very very hilarious and i concur on the proactive comments. you just had a very funny way of mentioning it. heehee!!!

    • Jordan

      Thank you so much! Glad you like our blog! I do love juice beauty products. If you haven’t tried the green apple mask, it’s fantastic!

  15. Renata

    So Jordan, is Juicy beauty totally safe to use while pregnant????

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  17. robbi768

    My doctor told me NOT to use Proactiv while I was pregnant because of all the chemicals. Unfortunately, in month 2 of my pregnancy, I started to get really bad acne breakouts on my face. I asked two seperate doctors, and they both recommended I use Citrus Clear products instead of Proactiv, because they are natural and they actually DO WORK. I use the Control Line from Citrus Clear – and it is quite strong and it does work! And it does not have all the chemicals that Proactiv has. Good luck!

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