Hemp Organics Lip Tint

Posted by: Jordan
Thanks to Trish at Scent Hive, I found out about these wonderful little organic tinted lip balms by Hemp Organics.  As soon as I read her review of them, I immediately went over to Whole Foods and picked one up.  There weren’t too many colors in stock that day, so I decided to try Terra, even though it isn’t a color I’d normally wear. Unfortunately it had a bit too much brown and orange undertones for my skin, so I gave that one to Emily to try and it looks fantastic on her!  A few days later I went back and bought the Berry lip tint.  Much better for me!  It’s a bright fuschia color, but still sheer, so it really wakes up my pale winter skin.  My only very small complaint about this product is that it’s just a bit too dry for my liking in the winter time.  I need mega-moisture to get me through the cold dry spell.  However, when I used it in Puerto Rico, it was perfect for the hot and humid beach, especially since it contains a natural sunscreen–bonus! Now that the weather is starting to make a turn for the better, the moisture issue is no longer a problem.  The tube is small enough to fit into the tiniest of clutches or wallets, and the sheerness of this lip tint makes it so easy to just quickly swipe on without a mirror, like a balm.  I’ve used my Berry lip tint so much, that I’m almost out of it after only about a month!
Last weekend I was in picturesque Sonoma on my annual girls trip.  After a full day of tasting delicious wines and having a hearty Italian lunch, we stopped by Landmark Winery and I noticed a display of familiar looking lip tints, but they were called Wine Country Organics instead of Hemp Organics. 
 They were adorably named after grape varietals (Syrah, Port, Merlot, etc) instead of typical lipstick colors, and I couldn’t possibly leave the winery without one!  I was immediately drawn to Zin, and–lo and behold–it’s the exact same color as the Hemp Organics Berry lip tint!  I guess I know what I like. Turns out Colorganics, a San Francisco based company, owns both private labels “Hemp Organics” and “Wine Country Organics”.  Only difference?  The Hemp Organics lip tint I bought at Whole Foods was $5 and the Wine Country Organics lip tint was selling at the winery for $7.  If that’s not typical wine country for you, I don’t know what is.  But get a little wine tasting in me and I’ll buy anything, even if it’s the exact same product for $2 more!


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5 responses to “Hemp Organics Lip Tint

  1. I could use something like this in the hot Oklahoma summers. But not for 7 dollars! I’m not even sure about $5… I’ll check them out at whole foods this week.

    Thanks for the review! 🙂

  2. Berry is my favorite too, and I would have splurged $2 more if I were in wine country!

  3. Michele

    I just arrived back from a week trip in Sonoma & Napa, Calif. as well and purchased 2 colors “Claret”….a beautiful (pinky tone with a silvery shimmer) and “Pinot” ….my favorite a (mauve tone with a slight silvery shimmer)…..from Hagafen Cellars in Napa,Calif. http://www.hagafen.com….I as well have been using them all week long and I love them !!!!!….I thought maybe I should pick up a couple more to take home and went to many other Winerys,but could find them….so we were in Whole Foods Market in Napa,Calif. and I went looking and found the Organic tinted lip balms by Hemp Organics and compaired them….”Kiss” is the same color as my favorite “Pinot” lip tint….Yeah !!!!
    Wine Country Organics lip tint $ 7.00 … adds “grape seed oil”
    They support organic and sustainable farming practices is to provide pure organic cosmetics while returning a portion of our profits to socially responsible organizations..

    & Hemp Organics $ 6.99…. adds “hemp oil”

    Both are well worth the price….my lips are so happy 🙂

    • Jordan

      That’s so funny that the Whole Foods in Napa charges $2 more for their Hemp Organics than my local one in NYC! I never thought of New York as a bargain city 🙂

      So glad you found these lip balms and are loving them! Between these and the Savannah Bee Company tinted balms, I think I’m set for the summer!

  4. They may be made by the same company but they are NOT the same product. Trust me as I have compared both and the Wine Country is so much better. I must be the grapeseed oil. Wine Country uses Grapeseed and Hemp uses Hemp oil. The Hemp leaves my lips dry and chapped. The wine country, with the ingredients it has, leaves my chronic dry lips hydrated and suple. It’s worth the extra money.

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