Lucky Magazine’s Green Beauty Special

Posted by: Jordan

I love Lucky Magazine!!  Sure, it makes me realize just how unfashionable I look as I read it during my morning commute with my 6-year-old work trousers paired with athletic socks and tennis shoes.  But I still emit a little squeal every time I get my new issue in the mail.  And my squeal was particularly high-pitched this month when I opened to my favorite section (aside from the giveaways, that is), the beauty section.  This month they’re featuring Green Beauty with lots of great products I’d love to check out.  Of course, they do use the word “green” rather lightly in some of the products, but there are a few I’m really excited about looking in to.  On the top of my list: the Weleda Citrus Creamy Body Wash (love that company so much…they’re like Lady Gaga in my mind–they can do no wrong!), the Acquarella Nail Polish, and the Hamadi Organics Ginger Soymilk Hair Wash.  And of course, I’ll be reporting back on my findings if I do end up trying out any of these wish-list products.

Thanks for alerting us to the coolest new Green Beauty Products, Lucky!!


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One response to “Lucky Magazine’s Green Beauty Special

  1. Emily

    I squealed with delight at this, too!! Also, everyone, check out InStyle Magazine this month– they did a similar issue with several “green” articles and products featured. I put green in quotes because they, too, use the word rather lightly and liberally. BUT they mention Dr. Bronner’s and some other green cleaning products, which I thought was interesting and helpful. Check it out!

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