The Great Deodorant Hunt, Part 3.1

Posted by:  Jordan

I smell bad.  That’s all.

I wanted to end my post there, but my husband–who really has too many beauty blog opinions, I think–said I needed to elaborate more.  I think he fears that the world is going to think he married a smelly woman.  Well, in 2009 he didn’t marry a smelly woman.  But now, in 2010, he’s certainly married to a smelly woman.  This whole natural deodorant thing is difficult!  Especially when the temperature exceeds 58 degrees fahrenheit!

This is going to be a rough summer…



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6 responses to “The Great Deodorant Hunt, Part 3.1

  1. Ellen

    I’ve been so interested in The Great Deodorant Hunt — time for me to make a change! I went to Whole Foods in search of Lavanila, but they didn’t have it. In desperation, I just asked for a recommendation from the really patient and nice woman working there. She suggested one made by earthscience — flavor: mint rosemary. It seems to be working, although Seattle weather doesn’t put it to the NYC subway platform test. Before I get all excited, have you checked out this brand? Does it have any bad ingredients? Thanks!

    • Jordan

      Ellen, that’s so funny, my friend Jamie picked up the same deodorant at Whole Foods and is currently testing it out!! I think she’s been using it for about a month and is liking it so far. I did a quick once-over of the ingredients when she bought it, and nothing stood out as terrible, but I haven’t done any in-depth research on it. We’ll check it out for you!!

  2. So the Dr H Floral one didn’t work out either??


    • Jordan

      I was trying to use up the Dr. H Fresh before buying the Floral. My tiny bathroom is becoming overrun with deodorant trials!! Will keep you posted!

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