Weleda Obsessed! Iris Night Cream and Sea Buckthorn Hand Lotion

Posted by: Jordan

If it’s not smack-you-in-the-face obvious, I have a severe crush on this company!  I bought the Weleda Iris Night Cream (on sale at Fairway!) two weeks ago, and now officially consider myself freakishly obsessed enough to rival a Trekkie.  As mentioned before, I love the Skin Food, but this latest purchase has wooed me almost more.  It has this amazing, fresh floral scent–so nice for spring and summer!  Though I must warn that the smell is on the intense side, so for people who might be sensitive to strong smells, or don’t like floral fragrances, this might not be for you.  I happen to love it and look forward to putting it on every night!  It feels light and refreshing on my skin–but not light in the sense that my face feels tight and dry after a few minutes.  On the contrary, it feels incredibly moisturized and supple, but not at all heavy.  Unlike some ultra heavy night creams, this absorbs right away.  It’s simply put: divine.  Plus, it’s free of the ick factors (animal testing, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, preservatives, parabens, mineral oils, etc.)
If you’re not a Weleda Trekkie yet, here’s another reason to become one: the Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream!  My friend/co-worker, Kim, and I were at Whole Foods picking up some lunch earlier this week when she mentioned that she needed some hand cream for her desk, so I ushered her towards the Weleda section and we tested out the Sea Buckthorn hand cream.  She ended up buying it and then made the mistake of telling me I could use it whenever I wanted.  Watch what you say, Kim–I might end up using the entire tube!  It’s incredible!!  It has a light, citrusy fragrance and, just like the Iris Night Cream, the lotion soaks into your hands immediately, without leaving a greasy residue behind–which is important with a hand lotion stored at your desk.  You don’t want to get your keyboard all greasy with a heavier hand cream (my keyboard was covered in a slick, nasty residue this morning…but that was due to the hashbrowns I was eating.  Hey, it’s Friday!)
If you decide to try some new products out for the changing seasons, I can’t recommend these two enough.  And no, I’m not an employee of, affiliated with, or getting compensation from Weleda.  Although, Weleda, if you’d like to work something out, Emily and I are all ears…


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9 responses to “Weleda Obsessed! Iris Night Cream and Sea Buckthorn Hand Lotion

  1. Jordan, the crush is mutual! Thanks for your amazing review! We’re thrilled that you like the products and are a “Trekkie” for Weleda. Stay radiant! Love your blog!
    Carrie Ruehlman (communications manager at Weleda)

    • Jordan

      Thanks for the comment, Carrie! You’re lucky to work for such an amazing company! And we swear we won’t become too single-white-female on your company and stalk them too much 🙂 Haha!

  2. I too love Weleda, but surprisingly have never tried the iris night cream. It’s going on my list!

    I love, love, love their wild rose creamy body wash and the entire almond skincare line is a hit!


    • Jordan

      I need to try the almond skincare line too, as my skin is ALWAYS having “sensitive” bouts. Haven’t tried any of their body washes yet!

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  4. Cecilia

    Hi ya! 🙂 I am still around, and read your posts by email. Been a bit busy. anyways, just wanted to comment that I love the Sea Buckthorn too. But it adds a yellow cast to my skin.

    • Jordan

      Hey Cecilia! Thanks! Wait, what???? The Sea Buckthorn gives your skin a yellow cast??? I’ve never heard of this, is it common? Please elaborate! What product/s are you using?

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  6. amy

    I use the Iris day cream in the morning and love it. I really like the smell and am not a floral person at all but it doesn’t strike me as that strong….maybe it is lighter than the night cream…or maybe it is my constant allergic nose that doesn’t let most smells penetrate in the first place. No complaints from my boyfriend though so that tells me it isn’t too strong! It has worked really well on my typically dry skin this summer. For me the real test will be this winter when my face starts to rival the Sahara but I am thinking that as long as I use the night cream it will still be great and the perfect balance of not too light and not greasy. Either way it will definitely be my go to summer product!

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