Revolution Organics All-Over Body Balm

Posted by:  Jordan

I’ve been using this organic do-it-all balm stick since January, and I have to tell you, my lips survived this winter in better shape than they’ve ever been during a cold, dry spell.  I use it each morning and night after brushing my teeth, and the great thing about using it as a lip balm is that the stick is so wide, that you’re simultaneously moisturizing the area around your lips, which also tends to get dry in the winter.  It’s an absolute requisite before I get in bed each night!  When I wake up in the morning, no more parched, cracked winter lips.

But the cool thing about this balm is that it’s a multitasking product.  The label says there’s 22+ uses, and I started intensely thinking what those 22+ might be.  Thanks to Google, I now can sleep at night knowing some of the other uses, aside from an awesome lip balm:
  • Relieving chapped lips
  • Taming unruly eyebrows
  • Nourishing dry cuticles
  • Soothing dry spots
  • Fighting free radicals
  • Calming skin irritations
  • Softening lines
  • Preventing stretch marks
  • Conditioning dry hands
  • Feeding parched nails
  • Smoothing flyaways
  • Sealing in skin moisture
  • Combating flaking skin
  • Conditioning hair
  • Priming skin for makeup

I also read in a review somewhere to try it as a body moisturizer for travel purposes.  That might work in a pinch, but there’s something that just grosses me out just a little when I think of rubbing the tube of balm all over my body, and then using it as a lip balm.

At $27.95 it’s pretty expensive, but i think this one stick will probably last me at least 5 years!  So in the end it’s not that expensive when you consider the cost per use, as well as all the wonderfully moisturizing organic ingredients they use.  The company, Revolution Organics, is quite admirable too.  It was started by two women, Melissa and Alexandra, who wanted to make their lives and beauty products healthier.  I always love supporting companies that were started by women who were frustrated with their lack of a certain beauty product they wanted!


We believe that what you put in a product is just as important as what you leave out. That is why we chose only certified organic plant-based ingredients that meet the rigorous standards of the USDA to ensure the integrity and purity of our products. Each ingredient is carefully selected for their skin benefiting properties and all of our formulations combine highly concentrated blends of nourishing organic butters, oils, herbs and certified organic perfume blends to create our beautiful formulations.

The true ‘revolutionary’ thing about our products is that they are all multi-tasking. They do more so you can use less. Besides making healthy choices, we were aware of the fact that many of our customers, like us, were concerned about reducing their consumption, even their beauty consumption. Having products that can be used many different ways, on many different areas of the body, isn’t necessarily a ‘revolutionary’ idea, but we were surprised that no one else was doing it!



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2 responses to “Revolution Organics All-Over Body Balm

  1. I totally agree with everything you said! I adore it as a lip balm, but can’t quite bring myself to use it elsewhere 🙂

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