Orange Blossom Water

Posted by:  Jordan

For the past few weeks I’ve been obsessed with a bottle of orange blossom water that we bought for a mere $4 at the grocery store.  If you’re not familiar with orange blossom water or its sister, rose water, I’d like to enlighten you, because my world is so much more pleasant now that I’ve been playing with different uses for this product!  The intended use for this product–which is available at most specialty and Middle Eastern markets–is for culinary and bartending recipes, but I’m discovering new beauty uses all the time.  Orange blossom water, sometimes called neroli water, is made from the water used during the steam distillation process to make essential oil from blossoms of the Seville orange.  Its beauty benefits include helping to refine pores and restoring suppleness/vitality.  Due to its mildly astringent properties, orange blossom water supposedly also refreshes oily skin and prevents blemishes from forming.  There are claims that it also naturally soothes sensitive, irritated skin.  These all sound like things my skin could benefit from, and all this for only $4 for a big bottle!!!  Plus it smells insanely Spring-y.  Here’s what I’ve been using it for so far:

  • I have a great chocolate mask that needs to be mixed with water or milk to form a paste.  I tried mixing it with the orange blossom water instead and it smelled heavenly!
  • I pour a little straight from the bottle onto a cotton ball and use as a gentle toner after cleansing.
  • I created a refreshing toner spray.  I saw this toner on Saffron Rouge selling for $20, and I thought, “well, I can make that!  It’s just vodka and orange blossom water.”  So I did just that, at a fraction of the cost…and it’s unbelievable!  All I did was combine a very unscientific mixture of the two ingredients (maybe about 3/4 orange blossom water and 1/4 vodka?  Totally guessed at what proportions to use!), then I poured the mixture into a small spray bottle to use as a toner.  Or try spritzing it on your face after applying your makeup to “set” it.  I’ve read this advice from beauty pros several times in magazines, and I still don’t understand how spritzing your face with a liquid sets your makeup, but apparently it works.  A tip for the summer: store the spray bottle in your fridge and then spritz on your face, neck, chest, and hair for a beautifully scented refresher on a hot day!
  • I made a shower gel using this recipe, found online:
1 cup orange-blossom water
2 cups liquid castile soap (like Dr. Bronner’s unscented)
30 drops peppermint essential oil
30 drops lemon essential oil

Because I didn’t have lemon essential oil on hand, I substituted lemongrass essential oil.  I also reduced this recipe by a third because I wanted to make a smaller batch.  It’s a really uplifting scent!

  • I’d love to make this simple, citrusy perfume sometime soon, but I need to get a few more of these essential oils that I don’t currently own:
4 drops Grapefruit essential oil
3 drops Lemon essential oil
2 drops Patchouli essential oil
3 drops Coriander essential oil
40 ml (1.3fl oz) vodka
40 ml (1.3fl oz) Orange Blossom water
  • If none of the above sound at all enticing to you, try pouring just a tiny bit of orange blossom water over vanilla ice cream.  So delicious!  After all, the best beauty tip I could possibly give you is to eat ice cream (or whatever makes you as happy as really good ice cream makes me!).  Happiness equals beauty, so if ice cream equals happiness…well, you get the idea!

So, that’s the fun I’ve been having experimenting with orange blossom water.  I’m excited to learn about additional uses…if you know of any more ideas please share your tips in the comments!




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12 responses to “Orange Blossom Water

  1. Alyssa

    Oh, are so lucky to have somewhere to buy floral waters from! I am always on the lookout for rose and orange blossom.
    PS love all your uses!

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  4. Tamsen

    I just began using Orange Blossom Water a few nights agoafter washing with some buttermilk soap, the very brand of water in the pic. And I like it even better than Rose Water. It seems to improve my complexion and I thought my mature skin looked and felt firmer. Wonderful scent and very refreshing.

    • Jordan

      Thanks for writing in, Tamsen! Buttermilk soap and orange blossom water–sounds so nice! Like an especially delicious pancake recipe!! Where do you get the buttermilk soap? Sounds amazing!

  5. Ellie_Kittie_killer

    Well I like pouring a small cap-ful into my hot tea (Plain Lipton tea). The smell is great, and relaxing and its so pure ^-^ And I just discovered the face thing this morning, and it turns out I was right! It does benefit your skin! haha

  6. Adri

    Wow you are amazing! You are very creative and smart. Ty for the advice I will sure try.

  7. s

    take care dear, this brand of orange blossom is not real orange blossom. thats why its cheap, it contains water and some flavor additives to give it the scent and taste of distilled blossoms. Synthesized smells do not have any benefits on your body.
    the ‘real’ floral water are distilled from boiled flowers where essences and only a small amount of water is produced. Taste and smell are much more delicate, there is dept and difference between different types of flowers and batches, just like wine or oils etc… In these you’ll find full benefits, cooking or making your creative remedies.
    youll find the real floral waters in some pharmacies, some organic shops and more easily in upscale grocery stores.
    one general advice, READ LABELS!!! they will tell you what is truly in what you are eating.

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