Have / Love / Want 2

Posted by: Emily


Korres Face Primer

There are times when I really miss chemicals. Not enough to change my new habits, because the few times I’ve back-slid and worn conventional makeup, I’ve spent the whole day thinking “there’s poison all over my face!” and that’s no fun. But I really miss my old primers. I used to use and love a few different ones, and they were great at filling in pores and covering little pimples and evening out skin tone. And Korres Face Primer just doesn’t quite hold up. It’s not bad– in fact, I like putting it on as a light moisturizer in the morning under my makeup, but that’s not exactly why I paid $28 for it, now is it?


Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion

I know it’s not very original of me, but I must chime in and agree with Jordan’s recent post about Weleda products. I just can’t help myself– Weleda is amazing! Who needs to have an original thought when “Weleda Rocks” is already out there? I’m really loving several of their products right now, but I don’t want to tell you about everything at once! For today’s “Love” I’ll say I’m loving Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion.  It is the perfect texture for warmer weather– it really moisturizes but is so light and non-greasy it’s the ideal summer lotion. So many other light lotions I’ve used absorb quickly, but don’t really give you much in the way of skin conditioning. This one does it all. You can put it on post-shower and get dressed immediately, but hours later, your skin will feel soft and wonderful. And it has this great, subtle smell. Try it– Sea Buckthorn is all the rage now! And, as we may have mentioned before, we just can’t get enough Weleda!


I want a waterproof, natural mascara! I don’t have a particular one in mind… Does this dream even exist? Do I dare hope? See, I believe that every single day should include a full range of emotions– laughter to tears. I believe that because I cry just about every day, so I tell myself that it’s part of a complete life well-lived. And I really do think that. See, I’ll cry at the drop of a hat– at a preview for “Babies” (this movie looks so great!!) or a sad song on my iPod, and I don’t just get misty– real tears roll down my cheeks. So you see why I can’t just wear any old regular mascara. And don’t even suggest that I go without mascara. That’s crazy. So I’ll be needing a really good waterproof natural mascara. Ideas? Suggestions? Post in the comments, please!



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2 responses to “Have / Love / Want 2

  1. No suggestions on the natural waterproof mascara, but I too cried at the “Babies” preview. I want to see it so badly!!


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