Another lukewarm post about Pangea Organics?

Posted by: Emily

Oh, Pangea Organics!

I just sat down to write this blog entry about Pangea Organic’s Moroccan Argan with Willow & Rosemary Facial Cream and found myself about to inadvertently plagiarize Jordan! I wanted to liken this product to a guy who should be perfect for you, but with whom you’re just not falling in love. And I thought, wait, this sounds familiar… didn’t Jordan write a blog entry just like that? So I went looking for it on the blog, and the really uncanny thing is that she did, in fact, write about that very concept, and did so about ANOTHER PANGEA PRODUCT! Oh, no, Pangea! That’s not good news!

I hate to say anything remotely negative about Pangea Organics because I totally love the brand in general. The Italian White Sage, Geranium & Yarrow Body Wash is out of this world. The Colorado-based company is absolutely dreamy and their mission admirable. Read about the here and you’ll be theoretically in love, too.

So I’m incredibly sad to say that I’m not totally 100% in love with Pangea’s Moroccan Argan with Willow & Rosemary Facial Cream.  I want to be, but I’m just not.

First of all, I’m bothered that they call their facial moisturizers “Facial Cream” because it’s definitely not cream– more like a light lotion. Cream is thick and very moisturizing. This is not. I hoped at first that it was just this particular variety, since, after all, it is an anti-blemish, anti-oily skin lotion, so when I used it and my skin felt dry and tight 5 minutes later, I hoped it was just the wrong formulation for me. So I got a sample of the Italian Red Mandarin with Rose Facial Cream, which is designed specifically for “dry skin types” and “penetrates deeply for superior hydration” and it was a little  better, but still left my skin a little tight.

Granted, I know I have very dry skin. I’m a descendant of desert nomads, so imagine my skin accordingly. Dry and parched does not begin to describe it. I’m one of the few lucky ones who has dry skin AND pimples (hooray for me!) so it’s hard to find an anti-zit formula that doesn’t dry my skin out. I was really hopeful about this one because it has Argan oil in it, which is supposed to be the magic cure for people like me with dry skin and breakouts, and people with skin ailments of all kinds, but I guess I need more oil than this  particular “cream” has to offer.

And for $36? Well, to quote this crazy guy at a real estate open house  recently, “For [$36] it should also blow me.” I think he left off the word “away,” but, hey, mister, I know how you feel.


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