Living Tree Botanicals (Plus a Giveaway!)

Posted by:  Jordan AND Emily

The following is a conversation Emily and I emailed back and forth about the amazing natural beauty products from Living Tree Botanicals.   A very sweet PJR reader, Tiffany, happens to work for this incredible company and offered to send us some samples to test out.  Emily and I both thoroughly put the products to our rigid tests…read below for our thoughts on the 3 items we received!

Jordan: Hey Em!  So, now that we’ve both had a chance to try the Living Tree Botanicals samples, let’s compare notes!

Let’s start with the Limon Vert body scrub.  Now, for me this was something totally new because it’s a “dry scrub”, meaning it’s not oily like most scrubs I’ve used in the past.  Since it wasn’t something I was accustomed to it took me two times of using it before I could form a true opinion because I had to get used to the idea of a dry scrub.  But, as it turns out, I really loved it!  This is a heavy-duty exfoliator (just my style–i like things to “feel” like they’re working!  As my mom used to say, “Beauty is Pain”…not that this scrub is painful by any stretch of the imagination, but you get my drift.  I like to feel like I’m really accomplishing something when I use a beauty product.)  And the smell is very lemongrassy and zesty–again, just my style!  What did you think of it?

Emily: I just have to start out by saying that I am totally obsessed with Living Tree Botanicals. Did I just show my hand? Well, I can’t hide it– I like them. I really like them. I think they’re the next Weleda.  Yeah, I went there. I called them the next Weleda! I’m in love!

So now for the details: Obviously, I loved the Limon Vert body scrub. At first I was disappointed that it was not dripping in excess oil (I have REALLY dry
skin) but once I used it, I realized it was plenty moisturizing. To put it to the ultimate test, the next time I used it, I did not follow my shower with any moisturizer– I just let the oils from the scrub be my moisturizer, toweled off, and went on with my day. Hours later, my skin still felt great. A true test, and a real winner in my book!

Jordan: Whoa, that’s a big statement, sister!  I agree, I’m loving this brand, especially since they’re an upstate New York company!  Local AND natural totally scores big time in my book.

Ok, now on to the Sacred Skin body oil.  I found this to be one of the best body oils I’ve ever tried in terms of its moisturizing properties!  It wasn’t at all watery like some I’ve used.  However, the smell is a very warm, spicy/sweet scent, which is nice–don’t get me wrong, but my personal preference just usually leans towards bright, citrusy scents. A wonderfully rich and nourishing body oil, just not my preferred scent.

Emily: I really enjoyed the scent of the oil. I like most scents other than woody, so I’m easy to please as long as there’s no patchouli around. No idea why, but I just don’t love patchouli.  Anyway, I agree that the oil was incredibly moisturizing. So much so that I put it on my shoulders and then the tips of my hair soaked up a bunch of it and the ends were all greasy! Note to self: keep hair in a bun till oil soaks in next time!!  I love how the Living Tree instructions tell you to apply their oil and/or moisturizers to the whole body, starting at the feet and working your way up towards the heart, to improve circulation! I have been doing that backwards my whole life, and have really enjoyed this change of pace. It makes me think about the oil I’m applying to my body as an almost medicinal ritual– and I love how Living Tree describes all their products as part of a ritual– which reminds me that I am taking care of my body and nurturing it, and at the same time feel like I’m nurturing my spirit as well. I don’t mean to get too touchy-feely on you all, but this really is the point– that what you put on your body (and what you put in it, too!) should be intentional and nourishing. I love Living Tree Botanicals for reminding me to think this way.

Jordan: You are so right about our natural products reminding us daily on why we’re doing this whole beauty overhaul in the first place.  Now instead of just quickly slapping on some lotion when I jump out of the shower, I’m trying to remind myself to enjoy a mini-massage and take a deep, calming breath as I apply my body lotions, thereby not only nourishing my skin but my entire self.  Which is why I absolutely adored the Shea Rosehip Body Butter!  It’s by far my favorite of the three LTB products we tested.  There are shea pearls in the body butter, so when you first touch it, it feels slightly grainy, but then the moment it touches your skin the pearls melts right in.  After I had applied the body butter, my husband walked into the bathroom and, not knowing I was sampling a new product, said, “it smells like lemongrass in here….and chocolate.  That’s an odd combination.”  It is a unique scent–which I don’t think smells at all like lemongrass and chocolate–but I really like it!  I see where he was coming from, though.  It’s a warm fragrance, yet fresh at the same time, making it simultaneously calming and uplifting.  But the real treat of this body butter is that it makes my skin extraordinarily velvety!  And the softness lasted throughout the day.  This product may be my new favorite body moisturizer!

Emily: The Body Butter was my favorite, too! I LOVED the way the little shea butter pearls burst on contact– it’s like the perfect hybrid of lotion and oil, because you get the oil effect with the butter-texture convenience. Brilliant! And it feels so fresh every time, like the oil is being made just for you at the moment you’re putting it on. I’m making it sound like a custom-made sandwich (see, everything comes back to food in my mind!) but it’s nice the way that it feels so natural and not processed. And I agree with what you said about your skin feeling velvety– even hours later, my skin still felt freshly moisturized, but my clothes weren’t greasy at all. It’s like magic!

Magic indeed, readers.  We’re in love with this company!  And what’s even more cool about the super-sweet Living Tree Botanicals women is that they’re willing to give away one of their Daily Ritual Mini Body Kits to one lucky reader!!!!!  These kits are ideal for travel!  All you have to do is leave a comment below telling us which LTB product you’re most intrigued by.  So check out their website and be sure to leave a comment by Tuesday, May 4th at midnight.  We’ll announce the winner on Wednesday!

**For bonus entries you can subscribe to our blog or become our friend on Facebook!  Just tell us what you do in the comments and I’ll add you in for multiple entries.  And if you’re already a FB friend or a PJR subscriber, let us know that too–we won’t forget about you!



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29 responses to “Living Tree Botanicals (Plus a Giveaway!)

  1. Count me in, would love to give this line a try!


  2. Please oh please I need the shea rosehip body butter. After 2 years of diaper changing and play group hand washing my hands resemble that of a Golden Girl (the late late late years)!

  3. Wow – I had never heard of this brand, but I love patchouli and I love dry scrubs! I would love to try the Limon Vert scrub and the Sacred Skin Body Oil.

  4. Following you on Facebook! (Jen Mathews)

  5. actorsdiet

    i wanna try their restorative seaherb mask – i’m looking for a new mask…

  6. actorsdiet

    and i subscribe to your blog!

    • Jordan

      Thanks so much!! I want to try their face products too–if the body products are this great, I’m anxious to see what else they’ve got up their sleeves! I’ll put you down for 2 entries

  7. I’m most intrigued by the dry body scrub. I love citrusy smells, too, and I really like scrubs.

    Also, I’m a FB friend and a subscriber. Love it!

  8. ALL of this lines up with my philosophy and I am still working on finding what works for me. Would love to try the body butter one of these days! Great job ladies!

    • Jordan

      The body butter is a hit, for sure! Thanks for commenting, Elise–we’ll put you down for an entry for the giveaway!

  9. Jacky

    Dying to try this…especially the rosehip body butter! Already a facebook friend and just subscribed to the blog…crossing my fingers that I win!

  10. Wehaf

    I would like to try the BAMBOO ROSE WASHING GRAINS.

  11. Jamie

    ok ladies – I’m in! I want to try the body scrub 🙂

  12. Ooh would love to try some new stuff. Thanks. And also a facebook friend. Yay!

  13. Mita

    The comment of “it smells like lemongrass in here…and chocolate” makes me more interested in the body butter.

    Thanks for another wonderful post!

    Subscribing and a FB follower 🙂

  14. Tonya

    That shea butter sounds awesome. Tessa would love it too 🙂
    I am a FB fan and I think blog subscriber but I haven’t received any emails in a while so pls add me if I’m not. Thanks!

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