Sweet Lily Natural Nail Spa and Zoya Nail Polish

Posted by:  Jordan

I went to Sweet Lily Natural Nail Spa tonight with my friend Amy because we had both bought Groupons for discounted manicures.  What a darling place!!!  It’s so cozy and girly, and everyone there is just so nice!  I was served some jasmine green tea upon arrival and led to a huge overstuffed couch that I sunk right in to, reading about Brad and Angelina’s potential upcoming nuptials.  What a perfect way to end a Monday!  To my knowledge, it’s the only natural nail salon in New York City.  (If anyone knows of another, please share!)  It’s such a refreshing treat to walk in to a nail salon that doesn’t smell like noxious fumes.  They use Zoya nail polish, which I have been wanting to try, and is also on Emily’s product wish list.  I chose a beautiful pale pink color for my manicure called Sari. 

I was delightfully overwhelmed with the plentiful number of polish colors to choose from with Zoya.  It was a tough decision, and I can’t wait to try more of them when I go back for a pedicure at some point this summer.   I’m incredibly anxious to get my toes on a bottle of Heidi, described on Zoya’s website as “Soft but bright warm orangey-coral creme.”  As all of my girlfriends know, I’m obsessed with coral toenails (and the color coral, in general).  I get compared to an 80-year-old cougar from Boca Raton, but I stay true to my color of choice!  If you’re interested in trying out Zoya’s wide array of polishes, check out their Nail Polish Exchange.  Until June 30th you can send them 6 bottles of your old nasty nail polishes in exchange for six of their healthier options (your color choices, too!)  This is just about the most exciting thing that has happened to my nails since my first pre-teen manicure!



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3 responses to “Sweet Lily Natural Nail Spa and Zoya Nail Polish

  1. amy

    I agree Jordan – it was the best…so cute and comfortable! I felt immediately transported on a mini-vacation that made me forget all about Monday’s work woes! They did a fantastic job on my nails too – and their quick dry top coat was great because I didn’t even ruin them the way I usually do!
    xx Amy

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