Jo Wood Organics Amka Body Oil

Posted by:  Jordan
I had been wanting to try Jo Wood Organics body products for a long time.  The exceptionally high-quality organic ingredients she uses, combined with the star status (Jo is the former wife of The Rolling Stones and Faces guitarist Ronnie Wood) and gorgeous glass bottle (this picture does it no justice), was enough to make this junkie start itching for a fix.  So it was my lucky day when a friend sent me a sample bottle of the Amka Organic Body Oil!  This body oil, favored by celebrities such as Kate Moss and Jerry Hall, is super luxurious with a price tag to match.  At $110 a bottle, I presume it’s because they’re the only people who can afford it. 
I consider the scent of this ultra-moisturizing body oil to be perfect for applying after an evening shower, just before getting into bed.  It’s warm and cozy, spicy and sultry, and here’s the part that gets me: very earthy.  So earthy, in fact, that whenever I apply this body oil I can’t shake the following image out of my head:
I’m flooded with memories of being crowned runner-up at the 1999 Miss Marion County Fair Queen Pageant.  Not exactly a spicy and sultry bedtime-appropriate image, is it?  Note the ear to ear grin while standing on a hay and manure covered dirt floor in a 4-H show barn.  We pageanted in style in Marion County.  For those of you not well-versed in Indiana Fair pageantry, let me elaborate.  Marion County is the home of our metropolitan capital city of Indianapolis.  Of the 92 counties in Indiana, the Marion County pageant was the only one televised on local tv back in 1999.  (You didn’t realize that you were reading the blog of a former tv star, did you?)  So, seeing that ours was the only fair pageant in the state that was televised, and we still had to parade around in a dung-scented barn, I can’t imagine what the other counties’ pageants had to offer in terms of venue.
I’m not at all implying that the Amka body oil smells like dung.  It’s just a very warm, earthy scent which I surprisingly really like, considering I’m usually a fan of fresher scents. I think most people would find it incredibly luxurious and sensual–an ideal organic body oil that is perfect when you want to feel calm and grounded.  But for this Indiana girl, all I can think of is a county fair.  I have to think that’s not the image Ms. Wood is going for.


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8 responses to “Jo Wood Organics Amka Body Oil

  1. Alyssa

    This was a joy to read. Love the blog, keep it up!

  2. lora

    Hilarious!!!!! Absolutely Hilarious! I love your shiny dress for sure! Glad you are getting use out of the products I sent.

    • Jordan

      I love it! Won’t ever buy it for myself of course (would rather put that money towards a plane ticket to Oregon for a visit!) but love that you sent it to me to try out! And I’m sorry to say that I no longer have that gorgeous teal sequined dress, otherwise I’d offer to let you borrow it 🙂

  3. Emily

    Oh my goodness! I *love* this picture! You are a true, real-life beauty queen! I am so proud to be your co-blogger!!! You rock, Jordan! (Did you get a crown? Do you still have it?!?) Please tell me there are more pictures of your pageant days…

    • Jordan

      I didn’t get a crown from this pageant, but I did when I was an Indy 500 Princess! I have no idea where it is though…I think it might be in my brother’s attic, therefore he has probably pawned it by now. And I spared myself the embarrassment of posting a picture from the bathing suit competition in the fair pageant, but it’s good for a laugh. Why they needed to have a bathing suit competition in a teenage fair pageant is beyond me. Pervs.

  4. Alyssa Laplante

    This picture is priceless. I just can’t believe you would have ever let that dress go!

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