Bella Lucce Chianti & Grape Seed Crush

Posted by:  Jordan
 I begin this review by saying that I am a judgemental idiot.  My wise mother gave me this sugar scrub as part of my birthday gift back in December, and I only just tested it out this week.  That’s a regretful 5 months that my skin has been missing out!  This is, I’m not exaggerating one bit here, the best sugar scrub I have ever tried.  I was (wrongfully) hesitant to use it because when I first opened the container, I was turned off by the smell.  It’s supposed to smell like you’re “bathing in red wine.”  My husband agrees that it smells exactly like red wine.  So, maybe I should have my olfactory glands tested or something, because I swear it smells exactly like Grape Bonkers candy.  Remember that candy, and its equally delightful commercial, from the 80’s?
I was a huge fan of Bonkers when I was 7, but can you see how that might have turned me off from immediately testing out this scrub?  The husband thinks something might be wrong with my sniffer (although he does concede that it smells like a sweet, cheap red wine…like Yellowtail).  But down to real business, this scrub makes my skin seriously soft and smooth.  Even days later!  Last night I used this scrub and didn’t put lotion or oil on afterwards (if you’re a devoted follower of this blog, you know that Emily and I both strictly follow the moisturizer-directly-after-shower rule except in cases of product-testing) and my skin still feels soft and moisturized 24 hours later.  In addition to its superior moisturizing and exfoliating properties, this wonder-scrub has a really cool buttery texture. Not super oily (which is normally my preference), and neither whipped, nor dense.  It kind of looks like grainy apple butter.  The buttery texture is perfect because the scrub doesn’t slip through your hands like many scrubs do, yet it’s not harsh like some solidified sugar scrubs can get.  Here’s a picture from my very un high-tech camera so you can get a sense of the texture:
The ingredients listed on the label are all natural with the exception of the vague “fragrance” listing, which can sometimes be either natural or synthetic fragrances.  While I’m not completely certain that this scrub is 100% natural based on that one “fragrance” ingredient, I do know that the owner of this company places a very high emphasis on using only high-quality, good-for-you ingredients.
Even though my weird nose isn’t a huge fan of the scent (but I can overlook that, thanks to the incredibly smooth skin that hasn’t been this soft since I was 17 years old), there are 10 other varieties of body scrubs available on their website.  I’m thinking maybe my next trial will be either the South Seas Body Buff or the Bamboo & Black Sesame Body Rub.  Or, possibly Passionfruit Guava.  They really all sound amazing!  And this is a very high mark of admiration because I usually tell everyone “don’t spend big money on a body scrub, you schmuck…you can easily make your own for about a buck!” (I’ll tell you how to do this in a future post).  But this sugar scrub has changed my mind completely, because it is waaaay superior to my homemade scrub.  Try it, and see if you can get your 17-year-old skin back too (now, if it could just get rid of those stubborn sun spots that weren’t there when I was 17…)


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2 responses to “Bella Lucce Chianti & Grape Seed Crush

  1. Thanks for the great video. I love teh Bella Lucce product line.

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