Introducing my new obsession!

Posted by: Emily

I have a dilemma here, people.

I’m afraid I’ve cried wolf.

I have said in the past that I “love” some products. I’ve waxed poetic about powders and oils and lip glosses. But I only thought I loved them.

I never really knew what it was to love a product until I met Vapour Organic Beauty.

We met by chance– or by Choice, actually. Better Organic Choice, to be exact. Remember how Jordan got to meet with Karim Orange and Jolene Hart a while back, and I couldn’t go because of a scheduling conflict? Well, lucky for me, Karim and Jolene sent me a Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Shimmer Lipstick anyway, and that’s how my obsession began.

When I say “obsession” I mean that I want to order every single product from their website! But since Jordan and I are the luckiest people ever, Vapour Organic Beauty has actually sent us a bunch of products to review!! (Thanks, Vapour!)

This makes you, my dear readers, lucky, too, because we are going to post these product reviews one at a time over the next few weeks, and as we do so, there will be… a giveaway! Yes, you can win a product from Vapour Organic Beauty! The awesome people at Vapour are giving us not one but TWO Aura Radiant Blushes for two lucky readers!  In the shade of the winners’ choosing! I know– it just keeps getting better!

So every time we post about Vapour in the coming weeks, you can enter to win a blush. (I’m kind of torn between wanting Intrigue and Starlet, but since I can’t win the contest, whoever wins will have to send us reviews!! Wait, Whisper looks good, too… oh, I want them all!)

All you have to do is post something in the comments of any review we do of a Vapour product. And you can enter as many times as you like– once per each post, but you can comment on every Vapour post we do, and each will count as one entry for the giveaway!

Coming next in Vapour posts: tomorrow, I will be posting my review of the lipstick that started it all, and after that, we’ll be posting some general info about this incredible artisanal cosmetic company (I have 4 words for you: “manufactured using wind power”!), so that you can fall in love, too!

I’m so excited– I can’t wait to introduce you to my new crush!



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6 responses to “Introducing my new obsession!

  1. SB

    Intrigue looks gorgeous!

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  3. Jamie

    I want to try this blush!!

  4. Emily,
    So glad you loved the Vapour Siren Lipstick! I am completely obsessed too- my favorite shade is Ravish:)
    Just added you to the blogroll on my site, I hope we’ll get to schedule another BOC meeting soon!

  5. Bella

    Just keeps getting more exciting!

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