Vapour Organic Siren Shimmer Lipstick

Posted by: Emily

My feelings about this product can only be expressed in a poem. That’s how full I am of joy. So please indulge me, silly as it is. I just wanted to find an original way to say how much I love this lipstick.

I cannot stop smiling

I can’t erase this grin

This lipstick makes me so darn happy

Just a poem suits the mood I’m in!

The texture, it is perfect,

The shimmer just divine

It smells like beach umbrella drinks

And looks like sparkling wine.

I’ll never use another stick

No, now I’ll never stray

I’ll have to buy 100 more

‘Cause I reapply all day!

Not because it wears away–

no, it lasts a while

but because every time I put it on

I cannot help but smile.

I’ve had so many compliments

I can’t leave home without it

And if you think you’ll like it, too, then

Yeah, you’d best not doubt it.

The packaging is chic, compact

The TSA won’t mind

In every pocket of every bag

of mine, a Siren stick you’ll find.

It’s moisturizing, more than any other

I’ll know I’ll never want for more.

I could keep trying other kinds

but whatever would I do that for?

This is it! I’ve found a product

That’s stick and gloss and balm in one

With perfect colors, touch of shine

It’s more than just a bit of fun

I have not one complaint

A single thing I would not change

I want to get each single shade

And you, this too, should please arrange!

P.S. The shade I have is called “Fling” (#407) and I have a sneaking suspicion it would look great on almost EVERYONE.

P.P.S. Post in the comments to win an Aura Radiant Blush in the color of your choice!!



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23 responses to “Vapour Organic Siren Shimmer Lipstick

  1. Alyssa

    I have a sample of vapour’s concealer coming my way.. Can’t wait.

  2. NICE POEM! This must be *some* lipstick! I’ll have to try it out – is the price reasonable?

    • Thanks, Brady! I think the price is reasonable: $19, but it is really moisturizing so I feel like it’s a double-product– color and balm, so I’m willing to pay more. And that’s a pretty standard price for lipstick, I guess. –Emily

  3. Where can I buy it?

  4. Mita

    I would love to try this out! Thanks for sharing another wonderful post!

  5. Lisa

    I am so excited to learn of this find. I have slowly been hearing more and more about Vapour and hope to try their products soon. Love the direction of the line as I am always looking to use exclusively organic products. Can’t wait to read about more!

  6. Kneale

    These look gorgeous! I want every shade!

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  8. Jamie

    I saw this in person when Jordan got the box in the mail – it really is an awesome product!

  9. I would love to try it!!!

  10. Alyssa Laplante

    very pretty! another thing for me to order on-line from bed. the husband will be so excited. hahaha

  11. Lindsay

    Thanks for the review! I’d love to try their stuff. I wonder if the blushes and lipsticks are multi use?

    • Hi Lindsay! Thanks for reading! Yes, the blushes are definitely multi-use. I don’t know about the lipsticks, but I am certainly going to try that! Thanks for the suggestion. You’re entered in the giveaway. –Emily

  12. Amy

    Wow- how enticing! Sounds awesome!

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