Vapour Organic Beauty – Elixir Gloss

Posted by:  Jordan
It’s not only Emily that has been bitten by the Vapour obsession!  I’m head-over-heels in love with the Elixir Gloss!  It is without a doubt my new favorite gloss.   Vapour’s gloss has that very shiny, reflective, glassy look that I often crave in a lip gloss.  Of course, since it’s a very glossy gloss, it doesn’t have quite the same staying power that the Siren Lipstick has, but that is fine by me because I love reapplying it throughout the day–it tastes like a sophisticated tropical cocktail, which makes me want to go on a beach vacation.  The color that Emily and I blessedly received to test out is a neutral rosy pink called Hush. 
The picture above makes the color looks a lot paler than it does in person (online the color looks like one of those beige colors that only runway models can wear, but when a real person wears it, it looks like they’re outfitting themselves for a morgue).  In real life the shade is a very sheer rose that I think would look flattering on any skin tone.  For my next gloss purchase, I’m thinking I want to try out either Hypnotic–a deep vibrant red, or Sultry–a coppery coral.  The cost of this gloss isn’t exactly a bargain at $20, but like Emily said, it’s comparable to the other big players in the cosmetics industry like MAC and Bobbi Brown.  Plus, just like Vapour’s lipstick, the gloss is 100% natural (70% of which is organic!), which is imperative when you’re choosing a lip product–do you really want to be eating a bunch of chemicals and synthetic materials?  If you are interested in going green with your beauty routine, lip products are the #1 place to start, in my mind! 
P.S.  Like all of the Vapour posts this week, leave a comment below to be entered to win a Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi-Use Blush in the color of your choice (Spark looks like an especially beautiful choice!)  


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14 responses to “Vapour Organic Beauty – Elixir Gloss

  1. Amy

    Sounds good – does it feel sticky on the lips at all? Does the siren lipstick have any glossiness at all or is it pretty matte?


    • Hi Amy!
      The Elixir Gloss is not sticky at all– very smooth and moisturizing. It’s funny, I was saying to Jordan a few weeks ago, before we tried any Vapour products, that I *almost* miss that gross-get-your-hair-caught-in-your-lipgloss-stickiness that must come from chemicals, because I haven’t experienced that in a long time. This gloss is the closest I’ve found to that high-shine wonderfulness I love so much in traditional glosses, but without the tacky-stickiness!
      I have to let Jordan answer your Siren question, because the one I have is the Siren Shimmer, which does have a nice bit of gloss to it.
      Thanks for reading and commenting! You’re entered in the giveaway!

    • Jordan

      Amy, the lipstick I have (the regular kind, non-shimmer) is very matte. But not “my lips feel dry” kind of matte. I’m more of a gloss fan than a matte lipstick fan, but both are fantastic products, just depends what you prefer! The shimmer lipstick looks amazing on Emily too! I personally have an aversion towards shimmer, but it looks really nice on, i’ll admit!

  2. Alyssa

    I love glossy glosses!

  3. Ah….you ladies are going to make me spend too much money with these cool products you’re talking about! I already have to stop in the bath and beauty aisles at Whole Foods every time I go…Love it though. 🙂

    • Jordan

      Tell me about it, Brady!! At least I can justify my purchases by telling myself “it’s for the sake of research!”

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  4. Bella

    Love your blog! I agree, buying natural lip products is the best way to ‘green’ your beauty routine!

  5. Amy

    I am so glad this awesome brand is getting more publicity!

  6. Lindsay

    Thanks for your great review – I’d love to give this brand a try!

  7. Melissa schrivEr

    You have to get the coral color next of course! Can I win now ?

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