Natural Toothpastes: Jason and Weleda

Posted by:  Jordan 

Remember that day in Kindergarten when your school nurse came around and demonstrated how to properly brush your teeth?  If your school nurse was anything like mine, that same day she also introduced you to the power of the American Dental Association’s seal of approval.  My husband really took that day to heart.  Decades later, he still has an adamant aversion towards any toothpaste that doesn’t have the ADA seal of approval.  Therefore we have “his and hers” toothpastes in our tiny bathroom medicine cabinet.  Can we please come to an agreement on one toothpaste so that I can have more room for my growing collection of natural deodorants? 

According to this ADA list of approved products, as of 6/1/10, Tom’s of Maine (owned by Colgate-Palmolive) is currently the only natural toothpaste brand that is ADA approved (there are only certain Tom’s of Maine toothpastes that are ADA approved, so be sure to look for that seal!).  So, I thought–FANTASTIC!  I’ll buy this Tom’s of Maine toothpaste that has the silly seal of approval!  When I told him my bright idea of how to solve our medicine cabinet space issue, he changed his argument claiming that he has been using his beloved Crest since he was a child and has never had a cavity, so why would he switch now?  He didn’t think my answer was sufficient when I whined, “because our bathroom is tiny and I’m trying to only use natural products, so the fact that we have to have two tubes of toothpaste is driving me insane!”  Dr. Cliff Whall, director of the ADA Acceptance Program, said that just because a product has been granted a seal doesn’t mean it has been officially endorsed. “It means the product is effective and does what it says it will do.”  Here’s hoping that the ADA will grant more seals of approval to natural toothpastes so I can hopefully one day convince my husband that we can survive being a one toothpaste family. 

Enough of our marital headaches, let’s get on with the product reviews…
Jason Natural Products Toothpaste – Oral Comfort Non-Fluoride CoQ10 Gel

This toothpaste, which I bought at Whole Foods, is recommended for people who have sensitive teeth, which is why I decided to try it out.  It is lightly fruit flavored, which I enjoy, but it does leave a slight sour baking soda aftertaste.  It’s not a terrible aftertaste, but is worth mentioning.  I like that the formula is very foamy–it leaves my mouth feeling clean.  Overall a great natural toothpaste!
Weleda Salt Toothpaste
You know my undying love of Weleda products, so I had to try out this toothpaste because I also have an undying love for salt.  I wasn’t expecting it to be as salty as it is, but as a huge fan of salt, i’m not complaining. It also has a hint of mint, which is refreshing, and not overpowering where you’d feel like if you took a drink of water 5 minutes later it would taste like you just swallowed mouthwash.  It doesn’t leave that baking soda aftertaste that the Jason toothpaste does.  In fact, it doesn’t leave much of any aftertaste at all, which is really nice!  Another thing I like about this toothpaste is that it’s pink!  Isn’t a pink toothpaste just fun?  One minor drawback is that this toothpaste is not at all foamy.  I can look past that since it still leaves my teeth feeling clean, but it’s an adjustment when you’re accustomed to the super foamy traditional toothpastes.  One concern I do have is with the graininess of this particular Weleda toothpaste (they do have 4 other types).  Since I have some issues with enamel deterioration, I wonder if this toothpaste is too abrasive for my teeth?  Any dentist out there care to weigh in?


I like both of these natural toothpastes so I can’t say which one I like better.  The Jason brand toothpaste probably has more of a universal appeal, but there’s something unique in Weleda’s Salt Toothpaste that I love too!  Has anyone else gone natural with their toothpaste and cares to recommend a favorite?


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5 responses to “Natural Toothpastes: Jason and Weleda

  1. Alyssa

    I have recently switched to Jason Power Smile toothpaste as it was recommended to me as one of the best natural whitening toothpaste out there. So far I love it!

  2. Emily

    I asked my dentist about the Weleda Salt paste, which I am also using, and he said that a) he’d never heard of it (sad when someone hasn’t heard of our dear Weleda!) and b) he thought it sounded okay, but told me I should use an ADA toothpaste at least 50% of the time. He said to mix the Weleda use up with “some good old Crest” which, of course, doesn’t help me on the natural front, so now I alternate with Tom’s of Maine’s ADA variety, which I love.

    • Alyssa

      haha! I’ll be taking my first few dental classes to become a dental hygienist this fall. When I was a child my mother never let us (my siblings and I) have fluoride treatment when we had our checkups. My sister, brother and I have never had a cavity. Once I complete the dental program, not sure how I’ll feel about ADA toothpaste 🙂

  3. Izzie

    I think I am a cross between you and your husband. I love natural and organic products and want only to use them. However, I am reluctant to try a natural toothpaste without the ADA-approved seal. So, Tom’s of Maine is my go-to toothpaste. I even used it when I had braces and it worked great. 🙂

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