Vapour giveaway #1

Posted by: Emily

Tomorrow afternoon we will do our first Vapour giveaway!

Thanks to the wonderful people at Vapour Organic Beauty, we’ll be giving away the first of 2 Aura Radiant Blushes tomorrow afternoon. To enter, just comment on any of the Vapour posts we’ve done, and you can enter multiple times by commenting on multiple posts! Go crazy– comment as much as you like.

We’ll close this contest at 3 pm tomorrow, and do the drawing before 5:00,  just in time to make someone’s weekend a little brighter with the win!

Good Luck!



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4 responses to “Vapour giveaway #1

  1. Alyssa

    This is a great giveaway! That blush is beautiful!

  2. Melissa schriv

    Hope I win! Make it happen ladies…

  3. The blush is mine!!!!!!!!!!

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