Dr. Hauschka Toned Day Cream

Posted by:  Jordan

I bought this tinted moisturizer last Fall because a fair-skinned woman in Lucky Magazine was claiming how she blushes at the drop of a hat (I feel your pain!!).  She claimed that Dr. Hauschka’s Toned Day Cream with its beige undertones combatted her daily redness.  “I must have that!!” I thought.  Like most Dr. Hauschka products, it’s on the expensive side–$40 for a one ounce tube.  But I justified the luxury price by telling myself, “if this cream is that woman’s red, splotchy skin cure, I have to try it!” 
It’s a lovely moisturizer, but the coverage is so sheer that I can’t imagine how it would do a good job of combatting anyone’s redness.  Also, I wish it had some more sun protection in the cream–Titanium Dioxide, a mineral sunscreen, is listed as the last ingredient in the list of good-for-you natural ingredients.  I just wish it were a little further up on the list.  Lastly, I feel like my face is more shiny when I use this moisturizer (although, granted, it is intended for a dry/mature skin type).  I’ve read a lot of reviews from people who swear by this product though, so maybe they just have a more even complexion than I do.  I truly wish I loved this product as much as they do! 
Unfortunately, my lack of enthusiasm in this moisturizer will deter me from buying it again.  My perfect tinted moisturizer will have more coverage plus some SPF.  I’m planning on trying 100% Pure’s SPF 20 tinted moisturizer next…hopefully I’ll be more passionate about that purchase!


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4 responses to “Dr. Hauschka Toned Day Cream

  1. Toned Day Cream has an SPF of 8. I know a woman who works for Dr H and she does their education for my region, and she doesn’t know why they just don’t put it on the label.

    I find TDC to even the tone of my skin, but doesn’t provide much coverage. I do love it though on those cold dry days for its excellent moisturizing and when I don’t want any feeling of heaviness.

    • Jordan

      Thanks for sharing the SPF of it! That’s so good to know and makes me feel better! It is a great moisturizer, though, and you’re right doesn’t feel at all heavy.

      • With a light dusting of powder over the TDC (Like Alima or Jane Iredale) I find it decreases the “glowy” factor of it and gives a nice coverage.

        SPF 8 isn’t fantastic, but it’s something 🙂

      • Jordan

        Unfortunately even using my mineral veil doesn’t cut it to decrease the shine. But my skin is really tough to deshine anyway! Blotting papers are my best friend

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