The Great Deodorant Hunt, Part 5: Miessence Organics

Posted by:  Jordan

I’m almost hesitant to post this for fear that I’m going to jinx myself…but, here it goes.  I’ve actually found a natural deodorant that really works (imagine: choir singing and doves flying overhead).  I never thought I’d see the day!  After all, I’ve become pretty jaded in my search.  And not only have I found an affordable natural deodorant that truly holds up, but I’ve also actually found a home remedy deodorant that works incredibly well too (I’ll elaborate more on this in a separate post once I’ve tested a few variations)!  It’s like being stranded in a super sweaty, smelly desert only to stumble upon a mecca of flowing fresh tropical juices and an endless supply of my favorite watermelon juice & mint cocktails that my husband makes.  I’m not exaggerating…it feels just like that.

Miessence, my love.  If only I had found you months ago, I would have spared my poor, dutiful husband months of nose in armpit action.  So far this deodorant has worked wonders for me–and I’ve put it through some tough tests.  90 degree humid city weather, spinning classes, 3 hour train rides (that was the only time so far when I caught just the faintest whiff of myself and thought, “perhaps a reapplication would be nice…”  and away went that tiny annoyance of a whiff.) 
Miessence Organics, owned by an Australian company called ONE Group, creates 100% natural personal care products, with a strong emphasis on organic ingredients.  This deodorant, for example, is completely natural, with 89% of those ingredients being organic.  They sell their products exclusively online and through their independent representatives, which is why you’re going to have to do a little more work than just walk over to your local drugstore on your lunch break to get your hands on this miracle deodorant.  I bought mine on a friendly natural cosmetic website called which has really reasonable shipping rates (it bugs me when I want to buy a $9 deodorant and then have to pay nearly the same amount for shipping).  You can also buy samples of many products for a low price.
There are 3 fragrances of Miessence deodorant to choose from: Tahitian Breeze, Ancient Spice, and Aroma-Free.  I decided to try out Tahitian Breeze because it sounded like a shave ice flavor.  I like the scent, but I will warn you that it does have a touch of patchouli in it.  If you’re anti-patchouli, it might sound scary but I promise it’s not strong.  It’s more fresh and citrus/herbally than that Phish concert odor you might associate with our old friend with the bad reputation, patchouli. 
This is a clear, roll-on liquid deodorant, so you don’t have to worry about white marks on your clothing.  In fact, you don’t have to worry about anything at all, such as aluminum, harmful chemicals, deodorants that are “naturally derived”, deodorants that just plain don’t work, or breaking the bank with $25 products, because this deodorant is just about perfect!  Plus, it scores a hazard level of zero on EWG’s Skin Deep cosmetic database!  Is my great deodorant hunt over?  For the time being, yes…but I will continue to report on my trials with some home remedies, including the one that works insanely well.  And, junkie that I am, if something really sparkly catches my eye I might have to try it out…
Miessence Deodorant Ingredients: Purified water, organic aloe vera leaf juice, sodium bicarbonate, non-gmo xantham gum, proprietary blend of essential oils (solvent-free), organic bergamot essential oil (solvent-free), organic lime essential oil (solvent-free), organic ylang ylang essential oil (solvent-free), organic patchouli essential oil (solvent-free), organic geranium essential oil (solvent-free).


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39 responses to “The Great Deodorant Hunt, Part 5: Miessence Organics

  1. amy

    Psyched that it can handle the smell but how does it hold up to sweat? Can it also stand up to those wet nasty armpit marks that want to show up on my silk blouse at work??

    • Jordan

      Well, it is not an antiperspirant (there’s no such thing as a natural antiperspirant because it goes against nature to not sweat) so it’s not going to tackle that issue. I just always try to wear cotton tanks or camisoles under nice dry clean only clothes

  2. Hi Jordan,

    Glad you finally checked out miessence…..

    I like the Ancient Spice and many people use the aroma free

    It’s one of our top selling products… all my retailers do very well with it.

    When ordering from Independent Reps like myself, the shipping is $9.95 on orders under $100. Returning orders always get a 10% to 20% discount.

    Erin Ely
    Miessence Independent Representative

  3. amy

    Just thought I would add to this review and share that I am also obsessed with the Miessence deodorant – it is the first natural deodorant that has ever worked for me. I would definitely recommend people try it – my boyfriend even uses it now and really likes it. Unfortunately I have been getting a rash so I may be allergic to it but just ordered the unscented version – hoping that it was the tahitian breeze fragrance and not ingredients in the deodorant itself because I will be totally devastated that I finally find a product I love and can’t use it! I have such sensitive skin it is frustrating sometimes! Just for reference for people – I can’t stand patchouli and did keep noticing it the first day I wore the deodorant but got used to it quickly and it didn’t really bother me….that said I now have the ancient spice and prefer that scent! here’s hoping the unscented works or else my hunt will no longer be over!

    • Jordan

      Thanks for your review, Amy! Fingers crossed that the unscented one works for you

    • Anne

      I have also been getting red and ugly rashes from the Miessence – a pity as it has been the only organic deodorant to work really well! I have tried all three versions with similar rashes – so it must be an ingredient common across all of them.

      Hoping the soapwalla will work!

      • Jordan

        Let us know how you like, the Soapwalla, Anne! Fingers crossed it’s gentle enough for you!!

      • Anne

        The Soapwalla works very well for me! My rashes went away after I stopped using Misessence. I’m now rotating between Soapwalla and Dr Hauschka’s Fresh and they seem to be doing the job. Bubble and Bee has a range of deodorant creams out as well, so will be trying that!

      • Jordan

        Another point for Soapwalla–hooray!!!! Funny you mention Bubble and Bee–I’m trying that one right now too and want to use it for about another week before posting my review of it!

      • Hi Anne!
        Just wanted to add that I had the same experience– I liked Miessence, but got a rash, and so far have had great success with Soapwalla! And now, thanks to you, I’m curious to try Dr. Haushka’s Fresh– glad to hear it has not been giving you a rash!!!!

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  7. Gavin

    I have read on other websites that the Ancient Spice is a relatively male-friendly scented deodorant. Is this true? Would you recommend the Ancient Spice deodorant for men?
    Otherwise I would have to stick to the aroma free version, though I generally prefer using a deodorant with at least a subtle scent to it.

    • Jordan

      Hi Gavin…I’ve smelled the Ancient Spice scent and I’d definitely say it’s recommended for a man. In fact, my friend’s fiance uses that one and he loves it! Give it a shot, I think you’ll like it.

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  9. Ross

    Just chiming in on several fronts…
    a) I love you for the entirety of “The Great Deodorant Hunt”! Thanks for all the time and diligent reporting! (and humor — I love your writing style.)
    b) Thanks to you I finally have a natural deodorant that works. Not “kinda-works.” WORKS-works. Didn’t care for Tahitian Breeze, but LOVE Ancient Spice. Been using it for four months. Although the price seemed a bit high for such a small bottle, my first bottle will seemingly last forever. (OK, six months is more realistic. Definitely worth the price though.) I have extremely sensitive skin so was a bit worried about rash potential. Happy to report none whatsoever!
    c) currently has no shipping cost at all on miessence products, so that’s where my next bottle is coming from
    d) Miessence passed an unexpected acid test last month when I had to move suddenly. Loading, two days driving a truck, unloading. Had to go a few days in the same clothes and no shower. Once-daily application kept me sufficiently odor-free that no one was the wiser. Granted, it was quite cool, so I didn’t sweat much, but still… truly impressive for natural deodorant.
    e) I find it works best if I give it time to dry before dressing. Probably true of most liquid deodorants though. When I’m more active or get sweaty, I occasionally do a quick second app late in the day, but that’s quite rare.

    Thank you so much for supporting my continuing effort to eliminate as many chemicals from my daily routine as possible. You rock. Seriously.

    • Jordan

      Hi Ross,
      Thanks so much for reading and chiming in with your experiences trying natural deodorants. So glad you found one you love–that’s our goal! And thanks for letting us know about that free shipping deal–awesome!

  10. I got the fragrance free miessence deodorant after reading this and this one bottle has lasted for a very long time. I have very sensitive skin but I have had no rashes. Those that are sensitive to scents should note that while it is fragrance free, it still has kind of a scent to it but it goes away when it dries which takes a bit since it’s liquid. This is the first deodorant I’ve used that works. This may be bordering on TMI but newly postpartum moms can develop some serious scent, which I imagine is supposed to help the baby identify the mother or something, which after my first son was horrible even fresh out of the shower it was like instant. Second time around, miessence straight out of shower before anything else and I’ve managed to be stink-free. This deodorant withstood 105 degree heat through subway rides and blocks of walking around Boston. It’s awesome. The ingredients for the aroma-free are basically just aloe juice and baking soda so I imagine if we got the proportion right, it wouldn’t be too hard to DIY but I am not up to risking it just yet. I’ll be ordering my next bottle soon.

    • Jordan

      Oh you aren’t just whistling Dixie that new moms stink!! I don’t know how my 5 week old can stand it–I smell so bad every morning that I can’t wait to shower. But so glad to hear that you’ve found something that is working this time around!

  11. Just giving you an update. If people are interested, you can purchase on my site till the end of December and with an order of $100 or more get 20% off on Miessence now and for every order there after *. Shipping on orders over $100 is $4.95. If you want to get this deal you can order on my site here: feel free to contact me if you have any questions: erin[@]

    * to read the details for this offer go to my blog post on it here:

  12. Jordan

    I hope the Tahitian breeze works for you–it does take A LOT of trial and error before you find a natural deodorant that works for your personal body chemistry. Let us know if this one doesn’t work for you and I’ll suggest some others that I’ve been liking (I’ve found that cream deodorants are working best for me now)

  13. Karen

    I’ve tried Miessence for a few months, but recently transitioned to Lavilin. Lavilin seems to be better for my skin than Miessence. Have you tried that brand?

    • Jordan

      Hi Karen,
      I haven’t heard of Lavilin, but thanks for introducing us to it! So glad it’s working well for you!!!! It’s such a search to find the right deodorant that works for your personal body chemistry as well as your skin.

  14. Jean

    Karen – glad you love Lavilin!!! I do too!! What a wonderful brand, couldn’t be more thrilled with it. Did you see the latest review in NY Mag?? Lavilin got AMAZING press!!|currentSlide=00005

  15. I have always used Lavilin on my skin. It seems to be a better choice for me. Not saying it’s everyones thing. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I just added this web site to my google reader, great stuff. Miessence Organics is my new favorite product in the deadorant category! :))

  17. Sharon

    I have been using Miessence Tahitian Breeze for three weeks now and for the past few days my glands have swollen under both arms with a huge blind spot under one and a white topped rash under the other. I am now on antibiotics to try and clear it up. Sorry to be gross but as I am feeling a bit run down I was trying to put it down to coincidence rather than the product which I love. Any suggestions as I don’t want to go back to chemicals and my skin is not usually so sensitive.

    • Jordan

      Oh Sharon, I’m so sorry to hear that!!! That sounds miserable! Once it clears up, consider trying out Bubble & Bee deodorant cream. It’s been working well for Emily, who has also had major battles with natural deodorants and skin sensitivity. Plus it’s the best at odor-eliminating!

  18. Yuliya

    Sigh… I got an allergic reaction this summer but thought that it was because of a sweat and freshly shaved armpits. Six months later it’s still itching when I apply miessence deodorant, I have aroma-free version. Feel so sad about this. It’s a great deodorant which really kept my armpits odorless. My husband is okay, he loves this deodorant, didn’t get any rash. I would still recommend it to everyone as a very effective and not pricey deodorant.
    I’m going to try Lavilin roll-on. Nearly 17 years ago I tried Lavilin by Hlavin cream and it was great. It was a pretty expensive cosmetic for us at that time. I lived in Ukraine and salary was even lower than now, Like less than $100 per month and the cost of that cream was arounf $13-$15, I guess. However, my mom decided to give it a try. Also she was Hlavin representative for a while.

    By the way, I used to buy Miessence deodorant on the naturalhealthyconcepts website. They ship it for free with parcel post.

  19. samantha

    you can get it at for $9.95 and free shipping!

  20. Jennifer

    I’ve been using Miessence now for a few weeks. I really love it, it keeps me smell free. However, I started getting a red rash recently I assume from this. I hate that! I thought I had finally found a great deodorant. I don’t get it…how can something natural still cause you to break out with a rash? Doesn’t make sense…Hope I can find something that doesn’t break me out.

    • Jordan

      Hi Jennifer,
      It’s very common! It’s probably the baking soda that’s causing the irritation. Emily had the exact same issue. But try out Bubble and Bee Pit Putty Cream–our long-standing favorite. Emily had tried tons of deodorants, all with irritation, until she finally landed on this one and it’s been our favorite for the past couple years! Our favorite scents are the spearmint-tea tree, orange-vanilla, and lavender-vanilla (when in stock)

  21. Smrit

    Hi Ladies,

    I know I am adding to this post late but same here…loved the fact that I could go all day and a workout with this roll on (unscented) without smelling but you should see my armpits now (I mean maybe not..) rashes and itchiness gallore topped with a massive spot where it looks like I had a third degree burn… Reading what everyone is saying, I now know the cause and have gone back to my Sukins deo…even though it is not as effective. Will try the above suggestions…Hoping the horrible patches go away after I stop using miessence. So…great deo if you do not react to it is my verdict. 🙂

    • Jordan

      Oh gosh, i’m so sorry to hear that!!!! Please give Bubble and Bee a shot–we love their cream deodorant and it doesn’t bother either of our skin at all!

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