Biggs & Featherbelle handmade soaps

Posted by:  Jordan

I stumbled across these adorably named, cleverly eco-packaged, heavenly scented bars of soap at one of my favorite stores in Westfield, NJ, The Farmhouse Store.  I couldn’t resist buying a couple for hostess gifts and one for myself, of course!  I chose the Beach Bar to test out, and my husband and I are both loving it.  The Beach Bar has sea salt and adzuki beans in it to exfoliate your skin, while the eucalyptus scent reminds me of the much-missed San Francisco beaches I lived near several years ago.  Clary sage removes excess oil and helps to clear up skin issues (yes, you can use their gentle soaps on your face as well as your body!)

When I researched this quirky/cute Baltimore-based company, I fell even more in love.  Biggs & Featherbelle products are all-natural, vegetarian and/or vegan, and cruelty-free.  The company was started by two sisters who have always had a love for holistic beauty.  After making very well-received soaps as holiday gifts one year, the sisters decided to quit their day jobs and start a new endeavor.  I envy that courageous, entrepreneurial spirit, so now I’m even more of a fan of this company and their high-quality (yet very affordable!) products.
If you’re like me and it seems that every one of your friends is having a baby right now, check out the Mom-to-Be gift set.  Wouldn’t that make a delightful addition to a baby shower gift?  (spoiler alert for any friends currently pregnant–try to act surprised if you get this!)

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