Adventures at the Weleda Spa

Posted by:  Jordan

It’s been at least a few weeks since we’ve shown some Weleda love, so I thought it was time to post a review I’ve been procrastinating–our trip to the Weleda spa last month to celebrate Emily’s birthday!  We had such a wonderful day up in picturesque Palisades, NY, home of the North American Weleda headquarters.  What an “office” to commute to each day…look at how gorgeous this building is!!  It is just as beautiful inside with old wide-plank floors, soaring beamed ceilings, and sunlight streaming through the tall paned windows.

The adorable Hudson Valley location soothed our weary traveling souls…see, Emily and I are car-less city dwellers who opted to take the bus from Port Authority to the spa.  I would not recommend this.  Maybe we just had an especially surly driver.  Thank goodness for the iPhone because we might have ended up in Syracuse.  But since we were following our location on our iPhone map, we knew when we were passing through Palisades.  After a few minutes of continuous driving through what was marked as Palisades on our map, we tiptoed up to the driver and in our politest voice, asked, “Excuse me, sir?  Is the Palisades stop coming up soon?”  Slamming on the brakes he yelled at us, “Palisades????  That was miles back!”  He pulled over to the side of the wooded highway, opened the door and barked, “you’ll have to walk a few miles back that way!!”  Emily and I stared at each other wide-eyed, then look around at the deserted area in which we’ve been dropped.  City girl Emily asked, “What are we going to do?  Should we call a cab??”  As we started walking back to the center of town, we realize that the grump of a driver was just trying to scare us…it wasn’t miles of walking.  A sweaty 20 minutes later, we were outside the gorgeous building you see above, and we were welcomed with open arms by the dear Weleda employees…with GOODY BAGS!!  Not a whole lot makes me and Emily happier than a goody bag, especially when filled with Weleda samples and a full size tube of our favorite intensive moisturizer, Skin Food!

Since there is only one treatment room at the Weleda headquarters, we had to take turns with our appointments.  My facial appointment was scheduled first and Emily’s massage was after my facial.  Luckily there’s a quaint, delicious little cafe just down the road where you can relax with some lunch out on their back patio on a sunny afternoon.

Emily can tell you more about her massage, but she said it was fabulous!  I’ll have to try that next time…maybe in addition to a facial because I can’t make the trek up to the Weleda spa again without indulging in their glorious facials!  This was one of the top facials of my life–so relaxing and skin-soothing.  But the best part:  no lectures!!!!!  A typical facial for me begins with about 5 minutes of my feeling like the worst mother ever to my skin.  “I am a bad person!  I am unworthy of soft, smooth, clear skin!  Drink more water!  Stay out of the sun!”  and on and on.  I didn’t feel this way at all with the soft-spoken, smiling Patricia as my esthetician.

A special treat on the day of your appointment is that you get 20% off all products in the Weleda store.  I went to town and stocked up!  Patricia suggested that I use the Wild Rose line of products, so I bought the cleanser, toner, day cream and night cream.  I’m happy to report that I’m loving each product immensely!

I want to try to make a Weleda spa visit a half-yearly ritual, or, ideally, once a season if I can convince a friend with a car to go with me next time.  Weleda, please hear our cry and start a spa in the city…spare us the unreliable hour-long bus ride!  We can’t wait to visit again soon.



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6 responses to “Adventures at the Weleda Spa

  1. Emily

    Ah, brings back such wonderful memories! Let’s go there again!

  2. Mita

    I want to go!!!

  3. I think this pregnant lady could use some R&R there too. Maybe this fall? hmmmmmm

  4. If only……it looks amazing!

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