Natural blemish relief: Milk of Magnesia

Posted by:  Jordan

Happy 4th of July!  Summer is in full gear here in New York–it’s going to be 94 degrees today in my un-air-conditioned apartment.  If you have sensitive skin that is anything like mine and breaks out at the slightest change in humidity, altitude, or even which city’s water I use to wash my face, you might benefit from this skin-clearing tip. I learned this trick from The Green Beauty Guide and it really has been working for me!  When my complexion is refusing to cooperate with me, I do this mini-mask and my skin is appearing to suddenly obey my commands.  After removing your makeup at night, apply a thin layer of regular, unflavored Milk of Magnesia (found at the drugstore next to the Tum’s and Pepto-Bismol) to your face with either your hands or a cotton round.  In a few minutes you’ll look like a geisha and the white mask will feel tight.  Then, simply rinse off and apply your nighttime moisturizer.  It’s simple, cheap, and is really working to clear up any little breakouts I’ve been getting.  Let me know if it works for anyone else!


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6 responses to “Natural blemish relief: Milk of Magnesia

  1. hmmm. You have to wonder who tried this first?

  2. actorsdiet

    wow! wow! WOW!!!

    • Jordan

      Can’t help but question if that triple wow is as in “what a cool and interesting thing I have to try out!” or more along the lines of “wow…she puts constipation medicine on her face”

  3. Emily

    I cannot WAIT to try this!!!!

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