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A few weeks ago Emily and I were lucky enough to be invited to a very fun and informative product launch for a brand called Sprayology.  Sprayology is a homeopathic vitamin spray for women, men, and even children which you spritz under the tongue for immediate absorbtion into your bloodstream.  Read all about how it works here.  There are 25 different types of sprays ranging from Acne Tonic to DietPower and intriguingly, Party Relief (the hangover cure!)  Emily and I took a quiz and we were given 3 different types of sprays based on our unique “ailments.”  I received City Life Detoxer, Body Balance, and Daily Multi.  The vitamins are completely safe and have no interactions with other drugs or other Sprayology products.  You could load up on 10 different sprays at once if you wanted!
I’m loving all three of these vitamin sprays and can’t wait to try out more.  While it’s difficult for me to report if these vitamin sprays are “working”, I do feel that peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re doing something good for your body (I hear my mom’s voice in my head…don’t forget to take your calcium!  Mom, I’ll get the BoneBuilder next, just for you!) It’s rare that I take any vitamin and feel much of a change, but one thing I have noticed about these sprays is that you don’t have that strange bright yellow urine that you get with most multi-vitamins.  To me, this reinforces Sprayology’s philosophy that the vitamins are actually being absorbed into my body versus going straight through my digestive tract.  It has been said that Americans have the most expensive pee in the world because we take so many supplements, and most of the benefits just end up in the toilet.  That’s seemingly not the case with this brand of vitamins.  The other benefit of the spray vitamins avoiding my digestive tract is that I spare myself “vitamin burps” and the occasional upset stomach I used to get when taking vitamins on an empty stomach.  Now you’re thinking, “great, so these posh looking vitamin sprays are going to cost me how much?”  The good news is that Sprayology isn’t any more expensive than most standard vitamin pills at your local health food store!  You can buy these wonderful sprays online or at select Duane Reade “Look Boutiques” in NYC.  Also, I received an email notification that the website Gilt Groupe will be featuring a sale on Sprayology items next Thursday, July 15th starting at 12pm.  Gilt Groupe members will be able to purchase select sprays at 35-38% off retail prices!


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5 responses to “Sprayology

  1. Mita

    Very interesting….this might me something I should look into once school starts!

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  3. Amado Strzelczyk

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  4. Garland Dykes

    The best thing is of course to know which vitamins you are difficient from and supplement those but people would usually take multivitamins because it is easier.`

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