Just FYI

Posted by: Emily

Just a few updates/thoughts I want to share with you. Small things– nothing big enough to warrant its own post, nothing that will change your life, but I hope the following tidbits are somehow useful!

  • Sunscreen hurts my eyes:      I’ve posted about how I like Lavanila’s Healthy Sun Screen. And I still do. But I must confess, I’d only used it on my arms and decolletage at that point, and now, having used it on my face, I have to tell you it stings a lot when it gets in my eyes! I think that’s true for most sunscreens– natural or not– but worth noting. So far, the one sun screen that does NOT sting my eyes is Juice Beauty‘s SPF 30 Mineral Moisturizer. I have the tinted one in Medium, and Jordan uses the sheer, non-tinted. So far, so good.
  • Sometimes shampoo smells bad:      I’ve been using Whole Food’s 365 brand shampoo and conditioner for about 6 months now. I had the Lavender-scented one up till recently, when I decided I wanted something I could scent myself with essential oils. Since I’m lazy and never got around to that, I was prepared to enjoy going sans scent for a while. But I can’t. BECAUSE THE 365 BRAND SHAMPOO SMELLS LIKE BURNT BACON AND GASOLINE! Seriously! I have tried it several different times, thinking I was wrong, or overly-sensitive or something. But no. BURNT BACON AND GASOLINE! Now, how does a nice, Jewish girl know what burnt bacon smells like? I have no idea– it’s how I imagine it might be. I can’t even give it to Jordan’s husband, who loves bacon, because a) no matter how much you like bacon, would you want your hair to smell like it?, b) burnt bacon is no good, and c) it’s mixed with the noxious smell of gasoline! I used to love the smell of gasoline as a kid, but this is no good. And again, loving something doesn’t mean you want your hair to smell like it!
  • P.S. The 365 brand unscented conditioner smells great! Or, rather, like not much at all. Certainly not like burnt bacon and gasoline.
  • Dr. Bronner’s rules!:      I am totally converted to Dr.Bronner’s Magic Pure Castile Soap. I use it as hand soap, shower gel, and floor mopping solution. Absolutely LOVE it!
  • Follow up on Hair Gel:      I did, in fact, buy and try John Masters Organics Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Styling Gel, as I wrote about wanting in a Have/Love/Want column. It’s wonderful, except sometimes it dries a little crunchy and not quite clear, which resulted in me thinking I’d gotten my first gray hair! Which I haven’t! <sigh of relief!> Otherwise, it’s a wonderful gel.
  • As I’d hoped:      I think Zoya nail polish is every bit as good as regular, chemical-filled nail polishes. I am so happy I switched over! Wears just like any other polish– goes on the same, dries the same, chips the same. No worse, no better, but no chemicals!
  • Coming soon:      It was not just a passing fancy– I am still really loving Vapour Organics. I will be posting more about their products very soon!


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14 responses to “Just FYI

  1. If you wanna be a purist about it, Lavanila is not all natural. They list “nature identical oils” on their website which is code for synthetic perfume oils.

    I too have a hard time with SS stinging my eyes and have no probs with Chocolate Sun’s Marigold SPF 30 and John Masters SPF 30.

    Thanks for a terrific and funny post 🙂

  2. Emily! Have you tried using Dr. Bronner’s for laundry soap? I use Sal Suds and grate the lavender bar soap for my laundry. Divine!

  3. Jordan

    Emily!! I’m at my mom’s house this weekend and she has the 365 brand lavender shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. When I was using them I thought to myself “these products have a strange underlying scent…almost like…bacon??”. And then I thought, “wait this sounds familiar. Is this something Emily already commented on?”. Sure enough I went through the old posts and saw that this was the same product you also said smelled like bacon! So weird!!!!! You’d think someone would fix that little issue!

    • Hilarious! Glad to know I am not the only one!!!!!! And yeah, why hasn’t Whole Foods fixed that yet?
      The Lavender one isn’t even so bad– it’s the unscented one that REALLY smells like bacon, with no lavender or citrus or whatever to cover it up 🙂
      Posted by: Emily

  4. Andy

    I googled “whole foods fragrance free shampoo smells burnt” because while I originally liked this shampoo lately it smelled really bad and I was wondering if I got a bad batch. At least now I know it isn’t just me.

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  6. Sarah

    OK, I just bought the unscented shampoo from Whole Foods yesterday, and I was in a hurry and didn’t smell it before I bought it (plus I just, you know, assumed it would be “unscented) and I definitely noticed a bacon smell. Sure enough I googled it and this came up…I am very amused by this. Things I never thought I’d ask someone: “Hey, does my hair smell like bacon?”

    • Hi Sarah! Welcome!! So happy to have you on board, and glad to be able to confirm your bacon-smelling suspicions 🙂 We have successfully found a few other natural shampoos and conditioners on the blog that do not, in fact, smell like bacon, so be sure to take a look around for some suggestions! Thanks for reading!! –Emily

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