The Great Deodorant Hunt: Home Remedies

Posted by:  Jordan

In my never-ending search of perfect natural deodorants, I had to try out some homemade versions.  They run the gamut of actually working really well to working about as well as splashing plain water on my underarms.  Let’s start in order of smelliest to most effective:

  1. The Lemondrop cocktail…er, deodorant
  2. Milk of Magnesia
  3. Baking soda paste


1. The Lemondrop was basically a waste of good vodka.  Here is the recipe I found and, full of sparkle-in-my-eye hope, tried:

Put 2 parts vodka, 1 part lemon or lime juice (if fresh, be sure to strain the pulp), and 1 part water in a container. (Optional: Use a few drops of the essential oils of lemon, lime, and/or lavender) for fragrance. Pour final mixture in a small pump (non-aerosol) spray bottle. Use liberally and adjust water content if skin sensitivity ensues.

The first day I tried this, I was wearing a sleeveless dress and was actually somewhat surprised that I didn’t smell within 5 minutes of walking out my door when it was 85 degrees outside at 7:45 am.  Tried it the second day with a short sleeve shirt and…hold your nose, people within 3 feet of me.  If I hadn’t added the lavender essential oil, I would probably just add a little club soda to this “deodorant” and call it more of a success.


2. Applying a thin layer of Milk of Magnesia to my underarms actually worked better than expected.  It seems to work pretty well until about 4pm, and then the deodorizing powers seem to dissipate.  Still, not awful for something that was already in my medicine cabinet (reference Milk of Magnesia mask for breakouts).  I’d use it in a pinch again!


 3. Here’s the natural homemade deodorant that is so far one of my favorites of any (including store-bought) natural deodorants .  It’s slightly more high-maintenance than a store-bought version because you have to rub it on with your hands, but it’s cheap and it works amazingly well!  All I did was combine baking soda with my Thayer’s rose witch hazel toner.  Then, I made a smooth paste which can stored in a small jar.  If it starts to dry after a few days, just add a bit more liquid.  This deodorant recipe survived walking around outside during a 90 degree afternoon, followed by a 3 hour train ride, and I still smelled completely odor-free!  You have to be slightly careful about a white residue, but no more than you would any other solid deodorant.  I put it on a few minutes after I get out of the shower and then finish applying makeup and doing my hair before getting dressed.  Whiteness hasn’t been a problem at all, and if anything gets on my shirt, you can easily rub it off.  If you don’t have a bottle of the awesome Thayer’s toner on hand you can use any natural liquid–I tried both water and orange blossom water, and while both mixtures worked, for some reason the Thayer’s/baking soda combo worked the best for me and was the most long-lasting.  Maybe it’s just my deep-rooted love for my Thayer’s toner.  Try it out…it’s simple, cheap, and completely natural!



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7 responses to “The Great Deodorant Hunt: Home Remedies

  1. Have you tried the Melvita Purifying Deodorant yet? It purifies with wasabi and green tea to prevent the bacteria that forms that creates odor. I use it every day and it truly works! Only $14 and you can get it at,,….

    • Jordan

      Hi Deanna! I have, and unfortunately it didn’t work the best for me. I might have to try it again in the wintertime when it’s not so hot and humid!

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  3. I just looked through all your deo posts.. I too was not lucky with the baking soda mixes – massive rashes. I even tried to make a liquid-y version with witch hazel, baking soda, cornstarch, essential oils and glycerin .. did not do so well..

    but then i read that coconut oil worked.. and if you needed like a extra duty version of it ou could take a tiny tiny amount of baking with it is like ‘marathon’ ready. I have just been rubbing a tiny amount on my underarms in the night time, then it has time to soak in. However it does not stain even though it is an oil… which is cool. Another great thing about it is that it works so long. I have not applied it since Thursday and it is Saturday. I have always had to reapply many times in a day before .. but with this coconut oil it is like perfect. Just today I started to notice i was a little funky.

  4. Michelle Morrow

    Coconut oil is super duper for stopping whiffy odours. I like to use proskin athlete by mama nature because it also has olive oil and essential oils which make me smell wonderful. I can put this on my underarms in the morning go hillwalking all day in the sun, sweat profusely and still not have any smelly underarms when I get home. A bottle lasts me a good three months. I suppose you could make up your own version of it and save some money. Baking soda is too messy for me and I prefer the lotion.

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