Still the One

Posted by: Emily

(and that’s a reference to the Shania Twain song, not the song several republicans used in presidential campaigns, by the way!)

Did you think I forgot about Vapour Organic Beauty? Or that maybe my passion for it faded? No, not possible. It’s still “the one” and I have more favorite products to tell you about, and one more Aura Radiant Blush to give away! Comment on this post by Friday at 5 pm for your chance to win!

Well, since I like to be a pioneer and I’m so original, let me be the 1,000,000th blogger to sing the praises of Vapour’s Stratus Instant Skin Perfector. But seriously, it’s amazing– I see why a million other people love it. It works! It primes and evens the skin tone before applying other makeup. If I had better skin, I’d wear it alone, just with mascara and lipgloss, but I don’t have that luxury these days. I need some serious concealer.

Which leads me to Vapour’s amazing Illusionist Concealer! It took me a little while to get used to the consistency– it’s not the creamy, thick concealer we’ve all gotten used to from chemical-laden brands. But even better, it’s a light, dries-like-a-powder formula that covers just as well as, if not better than, any conventional concealer I’ve ever used.

These two products together have done something that I thought was impossible; they made me stop missing my Philosophy The Supernatural, previously my go-to product. Interesting fact: Vapour’s Founder Eric Sakas worked for Philosophy before Vapour… so is it any wonder that the Stratus Instant Skin Perfector is Β healthier, better version of my previous favorite?

I just can’t wait to use the Stratus and Illusionist when it’s not 100+ degrees outside. I must say, they’ve held up admirably, but still, nothing can do it’s best work in the kind of heat we’ve been experiencing here on the East Coast the past few weeks. It’s absurd. I can only imagine how wonderful these products will be when it’s a normal temperature outside, since they’ve been pretty great so far!


Comment below to enter to win an Aura Radiant Blush from Vapour Organic Beauty!



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20 responses to “Still the One

  1. Jordan P

    I LOVE organic makeup!

  2. Danielle

    This sounds perfect for me!

  3. Kneale

    I am completely intrigued by the Vapour line- your comments about how well it holds up in humid temps has me especially interested. I am in Texas where the barometer hits 100 almost daily- I am ready for a new solution to disappearing concealer/foundation/blush!

    • I think you’ll really like Vapour– after all, they’re based in New Mexico, so they understand hot weather and the make-up issues that come with it! Let us know what you think if you try it, and thanks for reading! –Emily P.S. You’re entered to win the blush– good luck!!

  4. I got a little bit of money for my birthday and think I might get something from Vapour! Thanks for the tip!

  5. So I just went to spend my birthday money on Vapour’s website and, without even realizing it, ordered the exact two products you just promoted in this post! I’m so excited to try them.

    I also accidentally ordered the wrong color in the Stratus Skin Perfector, emailed them in a panic to switch my order before, and heard back within half an hour that they would correct it and ship it today. πŸ™‚

    • Brady! That’s so awesome! I am so glad you are going to try those two products– I think you’ll like them. And Vapour’s customer service is amazing– they are so nice on the phone and quick via email. Really impressive. Glad you got to experience that!! Happy Belated Birthday! –Emily

  6. Lisa

    I have been scoping out this brand for a while now. I have been on the fence about the Instant Skin Perfector and think I might be ready to climb over – lol. How does it perform in the t-zone? with large pores? I love, love, love organic products and would love a shot to try one of vapour’s products!!!

  7. amy

    Thanks Emily! This was a really helpful post for me because I have been struggling about giving up on my Philosophy obsession! I will definitely have to try the skin perfector! Also – you mentioned in another post trying the 100% pure tinted moisturizer. I know Jordan posted on it but I was curious if you tried it yet since you talk about having dryer skin – I want to try it but am concerned it might be too light for my constantly – moisture starved face.

    • Amy, I haven’t tried the 100% Pure tinted moisturizer yet, but I really want to. I will say, though, that with my dry skin, I usually double up on moisturizers when using a tinted moisturizer, because they’re usually pretty light. For example, I’ll put a really light layer of something on as a “base”– in the old days this would have been my Clean and Clear Dual Action– and then follow it with a tinted moisturizer when the base layer has had time to really sink in. This only works with two very light moisturizers, though– even I can get greasy! πŸ™‚ This way is good, too, if you want a “medicated” or treatment-based moisturizer on under a tinted one, as tinted moisturizers are rarely treatments, too. (In the Clean-and-Clear-scenario, this gave me salicylic acid/acne treatment under the tinted moisturizer). So if I were to try this now, I’d probably do it with the Weleda Skin Purifying Lotion that Jordan brought back from Europe, since it has such a nice, light consistency and a “treatment factor” and then follow it with the 100% Pure on top! Oooh, answering this made me want to try this very combo… I think I just might order me some 100% Pure this very evening off the interwebs. I will let you know how it goes!!! (And you let me know, too, if you try it!)

      • amy

        Emily – I just tried the combo this morning – only I didn’t have Jordan’s purifying lotion (obviously since she refused to take me to Italy with her and Matt!) but the 100% pure is standing well on its own (at least for summer wear)! It blended so well and then I was able to skip my daily three-step regimen of bare minerals which will be so nice on rushed mornings! Plus the best part is the new Look boutiques at Duane Reade (which are amazing btw – for anyone in NYC you must check it out!) sell 100% pure! I was able to test out the colors (a plus since I ended up going with a more medium tone than I would have ordered online) and they will let you return it if you decide you don’t like it! I am in love and would definitely recommend you check it out! Now I am in such a good mood I think I will jump online and grab the above mentioned perfector and illusionist so I can round off my week and completely stop missing my Philosophy!

      • Amy!!!
        You made my day and also took the post right out of my mouth! I was going to write something exactly like this– I, too, have discovered the Look Boutiques at Duane Reade and was there on Tuesday, got 100% Pure tinted moisturizer, also in a shade darker than I would have online, and found out about their wonderful return policy! Can life get any better!?!? I am loving 100% Pure so far! (I, too, enjoy skipping the 3 steps of my beloved Bare Minerals in rushed mornings!)
        What I really want to try now is the Vapour Instant Skin Perfector underneath the 100% Pure tinted moisturizer! How great will that be? It might have to wait till cooler weather, though, because that’s a lot of moisture for summer, even for me πŸ™‚ We should turn this into a guest post for you, Amy– you are officially an honorary Product Junkie πŸ™‚ Thanks for reporting in. Great work!!!

    • Hey Lisa! Glad you asked! Due to some technical glitches, some people who wanted to enter weren’t able to last week, so we’ve decided to extend the contest. I will be doing another post about Vapour soon and giving more chances to enter! Your entry will still count from last time, plus, you can enter again and double your chances πŸ™‚ Details to come soon! –Emily

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