That’s what I was going to say!

Posted by: Emily

Thanks to one of our amazing readers, Amy, for writing in and taking the words right out of my mouth!

Today, Amy wrote this in the comments (you can read the whole thread here):

I just tried the [100% Pure Tinted Moisturizer + another light moisturizer] combo this morning … but the 100% pure is standing well on its own (at least for summer wear)! It blended so well and then I was able to skip my daily three-step regimen of bare minerals which will be so nice on rushed mornings! Plus the best part is the new Look boutiques at Duane Reade (which are amazing btw – for anyone in NYC you must check it out!) sell 100% pure! I was able to test out the colors (a plus since I ended up going with a more medium tone than I would have ordered online) and they will let you return it if you decide you don’t like it! I am in love and would definitely recommend you check it out! Now I am in such a good mood I think I will jump online and grab the above mentioned [Vapour Instant]  Skin Perfector and Illusionist [Concealer]  so I can round off my week and completely stop missing my Philosophy!

Well, Amy, that is EXACTLY what I was going to say!

1) I, too, have started using the 100% Pure Tinted Moisturizer that Jordan wrote about, and I, too, am completely in love! I think it’s the best tinted moisturizer I’ve used, and, like Amy, I love how it’s a great alternative to Bare Minerals on a rushed morning– or anytime, as I think it’s just as good for evening out skin tone and disguising imperfections!

2) I, too, wanted to tell you New Yorkers about Duane Reade’s new Look Boutiques. (For those of you outside of NY, Duane Reade is like CVS or Walgreens– ubiquitous NYC drugstore). I had the hardest time finding out where the Look Boutiques are, for as ubiquitous as DR stores are, there are only a few locations that have the Look Boutiques. Let me back up a step. Look Boutique = Wannnabe Sephora (with identical displays, I swear!) with different brands, including… 100% Pure!! I know! Awesome, right? They have testers and everything, which is great, because, like Amy…

3) I, too, chose a shade darker than I would have had I ordered on line. I knew from trying Jordan’s White Peach that it was too light for me, and it turns out the Peach Bisque was a little too yellow, so I went with Golden Peach and it’s perfect. But it’s the second-darkest shade offered, which is so weird because in Bare Minerals, I wear the second-lightest shade offered, Fairly Light. What’s up with that, Beauty Industry? Either they’re not offering a great range of shades, or I have chameleon skin!

4) More on the Look Boutiques:

For those of you in NYC, there is also a $5 off deal going on now if you check out at the Look Boutique itself, instead of checking out in the Duane Reade store in general. It’s not advertised or anything– I think you just have to ask the person who rings you up.  The Look Boutique I went to was in Union Square, next to the new Nordstrom Rack, but there’s also one in  Herald Square, one near Rockefeller Center, and one more on the East Side in Midtown somewhere, I think. Duane Read’s site doesn’t let you search locations for “Look Boutique” which is annoying, so I just read this page and tried to find out what I could.

And, as Amy said, they have an awesome return policy! They’re obviously trying to compete with Sephora and their awesome return policy. You can return anything if you’re not satisfied. Wow. That clinched it for me– no risk!

And there was a really nice, knowledgeable saleswoman who helped me– wish I’d gotten her name so I could shout out my thanks! Thanks, lady at the Union Square Look Boutique– you were great!

5)  I also bought a 100% Pure concealer and lip gloss! I will be reviewing each in upcoming face-off posts, comparing them to other concealers and lip glosses, respectively. But Spoiler Alert: I love them both so far. More to come…

Thanks, Amy, you’re great! Enjoy the new products!

And remember: You have one more day to comment on this post to win a Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Radiant Blush!!! Contest closes Friday at 11:59 pm, winner announced Saturday!


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  1. amy

    I guess great minds think a like! Anyone in the midtown area there is a boutique at the Duane Reade on Lex and 42nd. Not quite as nice a layout as the Union Square version but the same products, knowledgeable staff, and return policy!

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