Our 100th Post! (Do I smell a giveaway?)

From Emily:

I was just going about life, trying to decide what my next blog post would be about, when Jordan called it to my attention that this will be our 100th blog post! 100 posts?! I know lots of people have blogs, and many have way more than 100 posts, but I can’t help but think back to that cold day in January when Jordan and I decided  to start this blog, and think how far we’ve come! Back in January we met at a coffee shop, The Roasting Plant in the West Village, and set up our WordPress account, wrote out some ideas, and agreed we’d see what happened.

Well, in the months since, this blog has become such a fun, important, rewarding part of our lives, and we’re so happy to get to share our thoughts with you. Thanks for reading!  In honor of this 100th post, we were thinking about the moments, things, and products that stood out for us over the past 8 months of blogging.

My personal favorite moment (aside from the time in February when Jordan, our husbands, and I went out to dinner and at the restaurant we checked our blog stats to find we’d had our first day with 100+viewers!) happened pretty recently and came from a reader named Andy–dare I say, one of our few male readers. On August 8, Andy wrote, in response to my “Just FYI” post:

I googled “whole foods fragrance free shampoo smells burnt” because while I originally liked this shampoo lately it smelled really bad and I was wondering if I got a bad batch. At least now I know it isn’t just me.

I was just tickled that someone could find us totally randomly by searching for something he actually needed to know, and, importantly, that there are other people out there who think, unprompted, that the shampoo smells burnt!  It was an amazing feeling– people are out there! People read this!  I’m not going crazy with my sense of smell!

At first, I think the people reading this blog were just our friends–and there’s nothing wrong with that!  Keep reading, please– but it’s nice to know that we’re “meeting” new people through this blog and getting readers who don’t just know us in real life and read because we’re nice people (which we are, but that’s not the point).

When I mentioned this favorite moment to Jordan, she showed me a list she’s been keeping (with her comments!) of funny searches people have done on-line that have led them to our blog.  To celebrate our 100th post, we’d like to share some of the wackier ones with you.  (And if any of these come from you, please don’t let it keep you from coming back to this blog!  We’re just so glad you found us, however it happened!)  And don’t worry– we can’t see who searched what, so keep anonymously searching for weird stuff, people.  We love it.

From Jordan:

  • “how do you become a writer for a magazine” (did we help you figure this out?  Best of luck in your career move, nevertheless!)
  • “rehab vodka challenge”  (what sort of challenge is this?  “Hey Carl, see if the folks in rehab can smell this vodka on your breath or not!”)
  • “gisele bundchen tips on clear skin” (Oh, that Gisele…she has the solution to all the world’s problems, doesn’t she?)
  • “oily body nude” (I think the person who came across our blog with this search may have been browsing for a different sort of site.  Sorry to disappoint you)
  • “why do junkies use citrus?”  (I didn’t know they did, but thanks to our well-chosen name, I’m learning a lot more about what junkies prefer)
  • “water with orange balls in the bottle”  (yum!  nothing quite like a tall, refreshing glass of orange balls)
  • “city brown – must be love”  (Well, clearly.  When the city is brown, that’s when I love it most too.  Give me smog and this is one happy lady!)

So, yes…this is part of my favorite thing of our blogging adventure.  I just LOVE to sit and think of the person who googled “oily body nude” and wonder if they’re a dedicated reader now.  I’m guessing not, but it’s entertaining nonetheless!
But my absolute favorite part of our blog and its 100 posts so far is the giveaways we’ve been able to do.  I’ve mentioned before that I have a very real addiction to entering sweepstakes, so it’s a delight for me to be able to be on the other side of a sweepstakes and giving fun stuff out to our friends–both new and old.  Well, if that’s not a perfect segue into a giveaway, I don’t know what is!  I’ve got a full size bottle of eau fraiche from Acorelle, a natural and organic fragrance company based in France.  An eau fraiche is a very light body mist–perfect for keeping at your desk for a quick, refreshing spritz without gagging your co-workers with heavy perfumes.  I also like to use my Lotus Bamboo eau fraiche as a linen spray before getting into bed.  The White Orchid fragrance, which will go to one lucky reader, is considered an Anti-Stress aromatherapy spray.  The ingredients are pure and simple:  Organic wheat alcohol, cornflower floral water, essential oils of orange, patchouli, santal, cedar and lemon.

If you would like to win this lightly sweet and floral stress-relieving body spray which retails for $29, simply leave a comment on this post by Thursday at midnight EST.  I’ll announce the winner on Friday!  And if you don’t win, go check out the other Acorelle fragrances here.  They’re all lovely!



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18 responses to “Our 100th Post! (Do I smell a giveaway?)

  1. Lynne

    Actually, I found this site totally by accident when I was confused and thought one of my favorite music artists was talking about natural deodorant in one of his tweets. So, I searched for “Rehab natural deodorant” and instead found your blog. I happen to also love all-natural, organic products, to this site is awesome for me. I later found out that Rehab was the name of his new CD and not his new deodorant. Ooops. Embarrassing! but now I’m a follower of your blog through Facebook, and I’m glad I found it–intentionally or not. : )

    • Jordan

      Welcome Lynne! That’s a cute story about how you found out about us–thanks for sharing! And you’re entered to win the Acorelle fragrance!

  2. Jamie

    Hooray! I really want to win this spray!!

    (OK – maybe I’m exaggerating, but I just want to win something wonderful from you ladies!! :))

  3. Tracy

    I won the other giveaway…can I still sign up for this one too? 😛 I feel greedy – hehe!!

    • Jordan

      Not at all greedy!!!! I totally support your addiction to contests, as I too am a contest-entering kindred spirit. You’re entered!

  4. Melissa

    Thanks for the great site, ladies! I found you today in my search for natural deodorant. Will be seeking out the Lavanila on this week’s shopping excursion. Really appreciate the info and keeping my fingers crossed that I win this awesome prize.

    Keep up the good work. I know you’ll be saving me hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in trial-and-error.

    • Hey, Melissa! Great to “meet” you! So glad you found us 🙂 You’re entered in the contest, and let us know how the Lavanila works for you!! –Emily

      • Melissa

        Just an update on the Lavanila deodorant — love, love, love it!! My pits are lovely all day and evening. Sure, they’re a bit pitty in the morning, but that’s what my shower is for anyhow.

        Thanks again for the wonderful recommendation.

      • Jordan

        So glad you’re liking the Lavanila, Melissa!!! That’s great news!

  5. Jane

    I love to hear what you have to say about the products you try out & its been very helpful. Thanks for all your hard work! Going natural has been quite an endeavor but well worth it.

  6. Congrats on reaching your 100th post!

    I found this site while googling natural deodorants (I’m trying out Dr. Mist, but am contemplating ordering some Miessence next, based on your experiences).

    Thanks for test-driving products all these different products — it saves me time and money on my quest to go green.

    • Jordan

      Thanks Jaime! So glad you found us–we know from experience how difficult finding a good natural deodorant can be, and it’s different for everyone, so hopefully the Miessence will work out for you like it does for me! How is Dr. Mist working out for you–is it all natural? I’ve never heard of it–I’ll have to look into it! Thanks for reading, and you’re entered to win the Acorelle body spray!

      • The Dr. Mist isn’t too bad — I read about it in a couple of green living books and decided to give it a try — it’s basically a Canadian version of those liquid crystal sprays, but it doesn’t quite hold-up during a work out (for me, anyway).

  7. Kneale

    Congratulations on the 100th post! Love your blog. Your reviews are so helpful. Here’s to the next 100!

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