Aubrey Organics Natural Missst Herbal Hairspray

Posted by:  Jordan

No, that’s not a trying-to-be-cute typo in the title of this post.  The actual name of this hairspray has 3 S’s in the name.   “Missst”.  Did Voldemort name this hairspray?  Call me a grammatical snob, but really, not a whole lot annoys me more than superfluous s’s, or superfluous letters of any kind, for that matter.  Just spell it normally, I’ll still buy it.  I’ll actually be more inclined to buy it if you don’t add the cutesy spellings.  It’s like when people exchange K’s for C’s thinking it’s catchy, like Kozy Korner.  Ugh, it’s revolting.  So, now that I wasted a good 45 seconds of your time by reading about my improper spelling annoyances, let’s get on with the review of this “missst.”

Unfortunately the review doesn’t get better from here.  The hold of this hairspray is almost non-existent.  Maybe that’s my fault for buying the “regular hold” instead of the “super hold” but that’s all Whole Foods had in stock.  In fact, this is the only hairspray at all that Whole Foods had in stock, and I was desperate.  It was the day before my friend Jamie’s wedding and I was out of hairspray, and there was no way I was wearing my hair down on that 95 degree day!  My fine hair doesn’t last 5 minutes without hairspray when it’s up, so out of necessity I was forced to buy this “missst” even though the name made me physically cringe.

So there I am in the hotel getting ready for Jamie’s beautiful garden wedding and I’m thinking my hair is looking pretty cute–curled in a little over the shoulder ponytail; the hairspray seems like it’s doing its job without the dreaded shellacked look.  But the smell was just awful!!!  It reminds me of an elderly woman’s perfume.  You know the kind–the sweet, musty scent that just refuses to exit your nasal passage.  I thought the scent would subside after a couple of minutes, but I kept being reminded of my “missst” throughout the evening!  I’ve read a lot of reviews about Aubrey Organic’s scent issues–a lot of their products apparently just don’t smell too great.  Sometimes a smell isn’t everything, but I won’t buy this hairspray again mainly because of the nauseating, lingering scent.  And, of course, the poorly chosen name.  Hey Whole Foods–give a girl in immediate need more than one natural hairspray choice, please!



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2 responses to “Aubrey Organics Natural Missst Herbal Hairspray

  1. Jane

    I don’t enjoy cutesy spelling either!

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