The Replacements

Posted by: Emily

It’s confession time.

Until recently, I have been using a very non-natural beauty product. I don’t know why I couldn’t let this particular product go. It was nothing special. It did the job, but there was nothing about it that made it worth all the icky chemicals. I guess I was just comfortable– in a rut with it.

The product in question is Sephora’s FACE Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover. And the one thing I liked was how the liquid separated in the bottle and you had to shake it to integrate the emulsion. That’s not really a good reason to like a product, is it?

I didn’t feel any great rush to replace it. It’s so fun to find new makeup, to find new night creams and shampoo and all the other glamourous products, but eye makeup remover is so utilitarian and plain useful, I wasn’t moved to look for a new version at first.

And then one fell into my lap. Thank goodness! When the nice people at Melvita gave me their Eye Make-up Remover to try, I realized that even an un-sexy product such as eye makeup remover needs to be carefully selected. It basically goes in your eyes, for goodness sake! I was putting chemicals near my eyes because I was lazy!

Well, no more. I am hooked. I love Melvita’s remover so much! Like my old Sephora stand-by, this formula has to be shaken before use. It’s so cool how it foams up when you shake it, so you know you’ve mixed it enough because you can feel the difference in how the bottle feels as you shake. (I feel like I haven’t described that very clearly, but you have to just buy one for yourself and see what I mean!) The water and oil mix and get foamy and stop sloshing around the container as you shake.

This product works so effectively, even on my non-natural, waterproof mascara. (Confession, part 2: I still sometimes use non-natural mascara! I’m working on finding a replacement that can withstand my daily tears. I will keep you posted!)

Melvita’s Eye Make-up Remover has proven to be a gateway drug of sorts for me– it made me want to try everything they make! And I’m working on it– I will be posting more about Melvita soon, because it is absolutely fantastic. I’ve liked every product of theirs I’ve tried! It’s a French company, and Jordan and I had the pleasure of meeting its Founder, Bernard Chevilliat recently. They’ve just launched in the U.S., but have been the Number One certified Organic Beauty brand in France for some time now.

What a switch the Eye Make-up Remover has been for me: 99.24% of it is made with natural ingredients and  39.76% is certified organic! The people we met from Melvita explained to us that since water cannot be certified Organic, their products can’t be 100% organic ever, but they are pretty close.

Melvita is sold at tons of places on line, but my favorite is! How easy is that?! No more excuses for me. No more being lazy. I’ve gone Melvita, and I’m never going back!



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3 responses to “The Replacements

  1. Roz

    I love Melvita products! I have been using quite a few things from this company for a few months now and love them all. I am happy that there is a store near me in CA. They need to open more stores in the US.

    • Hi Roz, So glad you like Melvita!! So do we 🙂 Keep reading, because not only do we plan to review a lot of Melvita products in the coming weeks, but we also have a few giveaways planned… So great to hear from you! –Emily

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