Trance Essence Nectar Body Oils

Posted by:  Jordan

Photo from Trance Essence website

Trance Essence is a line of artisanal, natural perfumes made by Janna Sheehan, based in the Ojai Valley in California.  I was introduced to Trance Essence’s new bath and body line, Nectar, by one of my favorite natural beauty blogs, Scent Hive.  As the blog name suggests, Scent Hive focuses heavily on natural perfumes and scented oils.  Trish did an in-depth review of Trance Essence Nectar body oils including detailed fragrance nuances of each of the 4 body oils available, followed by a giveaway of some of the products.  I was lucky enough to win the giveaway for 3 small samples of body oils: Gabrielle, Ripe, and Amma.  The 100% natural oils are very moisturizing and rich, and while scent is very personal and I’m obviously going to like some better than others, all 3 of the scents I tried were lovely.  However, there is one that truly stands out in my opinion, and that one is Amma.

Amma is such an indescribably pretty, feminine, floral fragrance for your skin.  The components in this scent are essences of Bulgarian rose, linden blossom and tuberose, yet it reminds me only of the lilac bush we had in our driveway growing up.  This fragrance just screams “sunny Spring day” to me!  I am so tempted to buy it for myself, but at $46 for a 2 oz bottle it’s a bit of a splurge right now…but what a good excuse for a splurge!  I can’t imagine anyone not loving this soft, darling scent.

Gabrielle is a very jasmine-y sensual scent.  It starts out with a smack in the face of jasmine, but dries to a more subtle earthy floral that hints of tobacco, in my mind.  The other essential oils used to create this fragrance, aside from jasmine, are rosewood, Bulgarian rose and pine.  It’s a gorgeous scent, but a little too strong for my taste.  I prefer the subtlety of the ultra-pretty Amma.

Ripe is the sweetest of the three fragrances I tried, containing essences of neroli, mimosa and sandalwood.  I wasn’t very impressed by the super sweet floral scent at first, but Trish from Scent Hive was right on the nose (pun intended!) when she said the drydown is reminiscent of honey.

Prayer, containing frankincense, Bulgarian lavender and rose geranium, is the only scent I haven’t been able to sample yet, so I can’t comment on it, but judging by the other successes in this line, it sounds like the perfect calming, wind-down-from-the-weekend scent on a Sunday night before bedtime.  I’d love to sample that one as well, but in the mean time, Amma is on the top of my “want” list!

If you’re interested in any of these divine body oils for yourself, or a special gift, you can buy them online for $46 each on Beauty Habit.


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5 responses to “Trance Essence Nectar Body Oils

  1. So glad you are enjoying the oils Jordan! They are really amazing.


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  3. What a nice surprise to find this very tasteful, beautiful blog with a review of my Nectar Body Oils! Thank you Jordan. If you would like to do a give away please contact me.

    • Jordan

      Hi Janna!! So glad you liked the post–I LOVE your Amma body oil. I even saved the empty little glass sample tube so I could open it and smell it from time to time! We would love to do a giveaway so our readers could share in the luxury of your oils…how generous of you!!!

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