MakeUP SmackDOWN #1

Posted by: Emily

Summer’s over, and I’m blue about it. (I hear it’s going to get hot again this week, but the days are getting shorter and that always makes me a little sad!) So, to cheer up myself and, hopefully you as well, I will write about lipgloss!  I’m starting a new regular column, MakeUP SmackDOWN, which will be a comparison between two (or more) brands of a similar product using several categories of comparison. Naturally, I will begin with my favorite thing in the world: Lipgloss!

In this corner, we have Revolution Organics Freedom Lip Gloss in Vibe!

And in this corner, introducing 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Gloss in Sheer Cherry!

Let the games begin!

Color: In a perfect test, I would’ve bought these products in very similar shades, so as to better compare the two. But who wants two nearly identical lipglosses? Not this addict! Each of these is a wonderful shade, even if quite different.

“Vibe” by Revolution, looks really orange in the container, but goes on so sheer and glam. Worn alone, it’s a pretty coral, and I’ve also used it with various lipsticks to amp up pinks or tone down mauves. The woman who sold it to me looked at me like I was insane when I said I wanted that shade, but once I tried it on, she agreed that it was subtle and pretty. I must say, for those of you like Jordan who don’t like shimmer in lip gloss, it has some nice sparkle, but, like the shade, it’s very subtle and classy. The color selection is small but diverse. There are only 5 shades, but each is pretty unique. I originally tried out “Integrity” which is a “shimmering golden rose” and is nice, but very, very subtle. Too subtle for me– might as well wear something clear. The other three shades are all sheers (no shimmer).

“Sheer Cherry” by 100% Pure also looks in the container like something I would never wear, but I took a chance and I’m SO glad I did. It’s the softest, sheer red, as the name suggests, and looks like I’ve just eaten a popsicle, but in a very grown up, sophisticated way. It has no shimmer, so Jordan will like it. It’s equally as subtle as Vibe, and equally as influential in terms of subtly punching up an underlying lipstick color. The selection of shades is almost double that of Revolution, but they’re all kind of similar in my opinion. The sheer fruits are all pretty close, and there are a lot of pinky browns and shiny reds. No complaints, as I love a good pinky brown, but I wish the line had some coppers and corals as well.

Verdict for Color: Tie

Texture: Both of the glosses are a little thinner than I remember MAC or Bobbi Brown’s lip glosses to be, but I think that’s because they are chemical free. I guess that’s just the trade off. They’re a little thinner than Bare Escentuals’ gloss, and slightly thicker than Vapour Organic Beauty’s, but all in all, Revolution and 100% Pure are almost identical in terms of texture. Both are very moisturizing, which is an amazing bonus for a lip gloss.

Verdict for Texture: Tie

Smell: Separate but equal. Love them both, but they’re very different. 100% Pure’s gloss has, as you might expect from this fruit pigmented brand, a very sweet, fruity smell. It’s divine, and I am always happy to wear it. Revolution’s smell is harder to describe– I am reminded of that old saying, which, of course I cannot remember or find on line, which is something about how difficult it is to talk about Art. I feel the same way about smells– how can you put it into words? Revolution’s smell is like something I’ve smelled before, and with which I have a very happy associated memory, but I cannot place or describe it. It smells clean and fresh and natural and sweet, but not like fruit, laundry, perfume, or food, or like any of the usual comparisons one makes. I can only say that I absolutely LOVE it. I can’t get enough of the smell, and yet I’m saving it, trying to make the tube of gloss last as long as possible!

Verdict for Smell: Almost a tie, but Revolution wins by a hair for originality.

Ease of Purchase: Both are available on line, of course, and each of these two lines is sold at a different store near my office in New York City. But that doesn’t help you, does it, unless you work near me 🙂 Both lines’ websites offer free shipping over a certain amount– %100 Pure is over $50, Revolution Organics over $75, and with the price difference, you’ll get to that $75 faster, so I say that’s about equal.

Verdict for Ease of Purchase: Neither is everywhere, but each is somewhere, and both on line. Tie.

Price: Yikes, here’s where the real difference sets in. 100% Pure retails for $13, and at a whopping $26, Revolution Organics Freedom Gloss is exactly DOUBLE. Yes, DOUBLE the price!! As I’ve outlined, they are almost identical, so it would be easy to say this is a no-brainer when deciding which to buy, but did I mention the smell of Revolution???? And the color selection of Revolution is a little more interesting to me, but that’s so subjective. Still, there is an undeniable winner in this category, hands down.

Verdict for Price: Definitely 100% Pure.

Naturalness: These are two incredibly exemplary lines. Revolution uses “only certified organic plant-based ingredients that meet the rigorous standards of the USDA to ensure the integrity and purity of our products” and 100% Pure is, well, 100% Pure. I didn’t see anything on the latter gloss description about being certified by the USDA, but I know that’s an expensive certification, and perhaps that’s how they keep costs down? Either way, both brands’ ingredients check out, and satisfy my need for healthy products. As always, only you can choose your level of comfort with ingredients, but I feel great about both these brands.

Verdict for Naturalness: Maybe Revolution, by a smidge, because it’s certified USDA organic. But really, mostly a tie.

Overall Winner: Tie! But you have all the data with which to make an informed decision based on your priorities!

There you have it, folks. The first MakeUP SmackDOWN. Stay tuned for such upcoming contests as Concealer, Tinted Moisturizer, and Facial Oils! Some will come with giveaways… Keep reading! And post in the comments to tell us what you think of these lip glosses if you use them! We love hearing from you.



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